PUBLISHED: June 04, 2021
Engagement Rings, Classic Engagement Rings

Imagine the most romantic proposal scene: she enters a room full of stunning balloons, only to find that you’ve been eagerly waiting for her entrance. As you flash a smile and get down on one knee with that jaw-dropping diamond ring, it’s all perfect. She beams and tells you it’s the perfect design and fit for her finger. But before you continue to indulge in this sweet proposal, you probably can’t help but wonder – is this romantic way of popping the question still possible in Singapore today?

As things progress between you and your partner, instead of sweeping off her feet with a surprise, you might be debating whether to ask a simple ‘want to apply for BTO?’ Especially in the face of the current pandemic, a newly wedded home would take four to five years to be ready. So it’s natural for couples to see the importance of popping the BTO question early, even at the risk of ruining a sweet proposal.

But, is there really no way to hold onto the romance when perfecting the proposal? At Love & Co., we say there is and have just the solution to your proposal plans! Whether it’s about preserving that magical surprise or getting the right fit and design for her – our specially curated pre-engagement rings are here to dispel any proposal woes.

What is a pre-engagement ring

Engagement Rings, Classic Engagement Rings


 As far back as the sixteenth century, pre-engagement rings have been known to be highly romanticised. Lovers would engrave sentimental poetry on these rings or leverage on gemstones to spell out the word of their choice. But apart from the romance, what exactly is a pre-engagement ring and how important can it be for you?

A pre-engagement ring, as the name suggests, is a thoughtful gift that is given before the engagement ring. This meaningful jewellery piece carries much weight: they signify a huge step in a couple’s commitment, much before the actual engagement. Perhaps, even as you and your significant other know you’re right for each other, the both of you might still be considered too young for marriage or a little cash-strapped at the moment, and hence wish to take things slow.

So if you fall in any of these categories – don’t take a back seat but let your intentions be heard! They say actions speak louder than words: gift your partner a meaningful pre-engagement ring as a gesture of your eternal love.

What does gifting a pre-engagement ring mean

Engagement Rings, Classic Engagement Rings

Gifting or accepting a pre-engagement ring is a beautiful promise that sits just below engagement – this means a commitment to future marriage. Even if the day you exchange vows hasn’t been set, you’ve created an understanding that the both of you are in it for the long haul. It’s just a matter of waiting for the right time to say ‘I do’!

Also, more than bringing your relationship to the next level, the pre-engagement ring solves practical issues. Worried that the surprise engagement ring won’t fit, or afraid that your partner be disappointment at the ring design? If these worries have crossed your mind, the pre-engagement ring removes all your concerns and allows you to choose the engagement ring together! What’s more, Love & Co. offers fully customisable bespoke rings; you’re sure to craft one that speaks of your unique love story.

How to attain your perfect Love & Co. pre-engagement ring

Here at Love & Co., our team hears your need for a sincere pre-engagement ring that doesn’t get in the way of the surprise. With the beauty of the pre-engagement ring, you’re sure to secure that proposal of a lifetime with these four simple steps!

Step one

Choose the highly affordable pre-engagement silver ring (at the retail price of $299), crafted in dazzling 925 sterling silver and with the golden question of ‘will you marry me’ engraved beautifully on it. Along with the pre-engagement ring is also a compact and exclusive ring box to fit in your pocket perfectly; she won’t realise you’re all ready to pop the question.

Additionally, with the purchase of the Love & Co. pre-engagement ring, you’ll receive an exclusive $200 cash voucher to be used in your engagement ring order. This voucher can be used even for our special bespoke engagement ring services, to customise the ultimate ring according to what she likes.

Step two

Without the need to break a sweat over the price or the diamond type,  it’s time to pop the question with your pre-engagement ring! Ensure you’ve secure the location, flowers, balloons while leaving your ring woes behind.

Step three

Engagement Rings, Classic Engagement Rings

Now’s the time for you to get her dream ring right. After the big yes, our Love & Co. consultants will assist you and your partner in perfecting your engagement ring. Be sure to let our experts know you’ve received a $200 voucher from your purchase of a Love & Co. pre-engagement ring, to be used in your order of the engagement ring.

Step four

Whether you’re carefully choosing a ready-made diamond ring or customising a bespoke ring, our experts will help you craft the one true engagement ring for you! Right down to the wedding band, Love & Co. offers you the chance to curate a personalised ring that speaks of your love.


So for those of you who are preparing for the perfect proposal, alleviate your ring hunting woes with Love & Co.’s thoughtful pre-engagement ring today! Tell your significant other that the romance is very much alive when you successfully nail that proposal surprise and include her in the journey for the most stunning engagement ring.

It’s time to focus on the proposal moment: shop at our jewellery shop online to choose either a dazzling white gold or rose gold Love & Co. pre-engagement ring. See to it that your significant other is first swept off her feet. Then, book an in-store or virtual appointment with our highly experienced consultants to tailor that diamond ring your partner has been dreaming of!