PUBLISHED: January 30, 2020

Is a wedding proposal in the cards for you in 2020? If yes, you’ll be glad to know that you now have an added option when it comes to diamond engagement rings.

Rather than the good ol’ diamonds mined from natural sources, you now have the option to select lab-grown diamonds for your engagement ring! These refer to a type of diamond that is cultivated rather than mined. With its revolutionary production method and emphasis on sustainability, the much-anticipated new entrant to the market has already turned some heads in the industry.

Here at Love & Co., we have very own LVC Precieux range of lab-grown diamonds that are worth checking out. Every diamond in the collection features a friendly price tag and IGI-certified quality, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to purchase a diamond wedding jewellery item.

If this is your first time hearing about lab-grown diamonds, not to worry! Here are some things you need to know about them to decide if they’re for you:


To put it simply, the world’s resource of natural diamonds is finite. Although generations of humans have enjoyed diamond jewellery mined from the hearts of the earth, this would not be the case forever.

At Love & Co., we seek to do our part by sourcing diamonds only from ethical suppliers that carry out socially and environmentally responsible practices. Lab-grown diamonds mark another step forward for us, giving consumers another option when it comes to reducing their environmental impact.

Another big reason for the launch of lab-grown diamonds now is the shift in consumer preferences. In other words – we hear you! As the cost of living rises without any sign of relenting, millennials are increasingly opting for more affordable weddings, which also means more affordable rings. Lab-grown diamonds fit the bill perfectly, with its more affordable price tag allowing you to own a larger diamond at half the price.



Believe it or not, lab-grown diamonds have in fact been around for more than 60 years, with its main application being to make diamonds for machinery parts (e.g. cutting tools). It is only with recent advancements in production technology that has seen an increased interest in lab-grown diamonds as gemstones.

For a long time, the method to create synthetic diamonds was through subjecting a diamond seed to high pressure and high temperature in a press (‘HPHT method’). Then came the chemical vapour deposition method (CVD), which heats hydrocarbon gas until the carbon is extracted and deposited on a diamond seed to grow the diamond.

Today, the CVD method is the premium option for manufacturing lab-grown diamonds, due to its ability to produce purer, clearer diamonds than HPHT diamonds. As it is grown layer by layer, there is also no fixed restriction on the size that the diamond can be. For precisely these reasons, here at Love & Co. we work with some of the best suppliers of CVD-grown diamonds for our new LVC Precieux range.



Currently, lab-grown diamonds make up just 2% of the entire consumer market for diamonds, but industry predictions set it to grow at 22% each year to become a $14.9 billion industry by 2035. This optimistic outlook is founded in the attractive features of lab-grown diamonds: Affordability, sustainability, and quality.

If you have always wanted to own a huge, brilliant diamond, now’s the time to do so. Lab-grown diamonds are not a compromise in terms of quality – whether you’re talking about purity, clarity, or brilliance.

Chemically, and physically, lab-grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds through and through. For a stamp of confidence, every diamond from the LVC Precieux range is also certified by IGI, meaning they are subject to the same stringent standards as natural mined diamonds.

Add to that their sustainable production method and cost-effectiveness, and you’ve got a winner on your hands. As an alternative to natural mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are set to make diamonds more accessible to everyone. Now, you can own a larger diamond without breaking the bank.

While the time-honoured tradition of diamond engagement rings is set to stay, ongoing innovations like lab-grown diamonds will ensure there is always something new for consumers with shifting preferences. You can satisfy your curiosity by exploring the LVC Precieux range of lab-grown diamonds, or by finding out more with your friendly Love & Co. jewellers. If you’re ready to take the leap, you can be a part of the revolution by having a lab-grown diamond for your proposal ring!