PUBLISHED: March 03, 2022

As you get busy planning your wedding and checking off the seemingly endless to-do list, without a doubt, the feeling of excitement and anticipation comes flushing. After all, it is not always you get to walk down the aisle with all eyes on you - it is understandable how you would want to take more time in ensuring your wedding day goes smoothly with minimal to no disruptions.

However, amidst the chaos and busy days, you might find yourself unknowingly shoving the task of looking for the ideal wedding bands down the bottom of your list. While it is normal to want a perfect wedding, you should ideally prioritise this special process instead! It might not seem like it now, but wedding bands are tangible depictions of the commitment and love you have for each other. While the other tasks might be those that suit the needs of your guests, the intimate task of searching for your wedding bands is something you do for yourself, as well as your significant other.

With that, here are valuable tips to consider when going through this very significant and memorable element of your wedding.

Before anything else, do your research first

As you would with classic diamond rings or stunning engagement rings, doing research prior to buying will make a massive difference to your wedding band shopping experience due to the knowledge you have obtained to make informed buying decisions. When you have relevant and enough information, the chances are that you would enjoy the process so much more.

To begin, you can spend a few months looking at jewellery shops and taking the time to scroll through websites and view jewellery online to find inspirations and see which of those you tend to gravitate towards.

To help you in your research process, here are some questions you may ask yourself as you decide on the ideal bands:

- Are you into simplicity or extravagant?

- Which metal choice do you find most appealing for your wedding band?

- What type of band suits both you and your significant other’s finger?

- Are you looking to include stones in the band?

Determine a suitable budget

Determine a suitable budget

When it comes to jewellery, it is always good to set a budget so that you are clear in the options you have and that you do not exceed the amount of money you initially set aside. This helps you keep track of your expenses and ensure you stick to your budget allocated. While the cost varies depending on several factors, such as the carat weight of the diamond, type of metal used, and the overall ring design, you’d want to ensure you get the wedding bands that reflect your personalities and suit your preferences. Since this would be a significant investment that would last a long time, you can consider getting bespoke wedding bands for a personalised twist, should you have the means to do so.

Make it an enjoyable time spent together

While planning for a wedding can be undeniably hectic, shopping for the perfect wedding bands as a couple should not be something you do hurriedly to get the task ticked off quickly. Instead, this time together should ideally be seen as an activity that bonds the both of you together; after all, wedding bands might just be the most enduring symbol of your love.

Shopping for wedding bands together can be a special occasion in which you start with a hearty breakfast before taking the time to browse in various places. The whole experience can be deemed more romantic and relaxed as you begin the process earlier. Since wedding bands are something you will both seemingly wear for the rest of your lives, it would be nice to be reminded of the moments you spent together picking the right wedding bands each time you have a glance on your finger.

Revel in the LVC Promise collection

Revel in the LVC Promise collection

As you search high and low for the wedding bands of your dreams, you might want to find a pair that reflects the highly sacred bond between you and your significant other - as a mark of your steadfast commitment and eternal love to one another.

This is where LVC’s signature Promise collection comes into play: specially curated wedding bands that encapsulate the unbreakable bond between two lovebirds destined for forever. With 5 distinctive grooves that signify the core elements of an enduring relationship, this collection is specially made for the romantics who are deeply, passionately in love and would like to have them proudly shown through their rings; the happiness, bond, commitment, love, and devotion. Inspired by the flawless integration of the nut and bolt, this signature Love & Co. collection represents the union of a couple ready to spend the rest of their lives together. 


Wedding bands carry a sentimental value; they should be something that best represents your personality and overall boasts the best reflection of you. Thus, your wedding band purchase should ideally be meaningful - one that you will remember for the rest of your life. As you crack your head for the wedding bands that represent you, let the beauties in our LVC Promise collection accompany you on your wedding journey.

At Love & Co., let us ensure that you and your partner wear bands that bring the most significance to you, such as the ones from our signature LVC Promise collection. Designed to be worn for a lifetime with maximum comfort, with a timeless design that never goes out of style. Have your pick from our signature collection made with love, for love. Wait no more and book an in-store appointment to kick-start the next chapter of your love story!