PUBLISHED: October 31, 2019

Trying to plan a magical proposal begins with the endless search for the perfect engagement ring. The good news is, there are unlimited opportunities to help reflect your deep, intense emotions for your significant other. Finding a one-of-a-kind design on the other hand, well, is far more challenging.

If you find yourself a little lost in your quest – here are 3 simple tips to add that wow-factor to your dream proposal, and is sure to have your bride-to-be feeling extra special!


Start off on the right foot and set the foundations straight from the beginning.

What is the right style and ring setting for the bride-to-be? Will she prefer a simpler design, or something flashier that makes her stand out in the crowd? Will she want a contemporary and chic design, or something more vintage?

Scoring a few key elements is really all you need – the center stone, ring setting and metal band. Just these elements alone spring a huge number of combinations, so you don’t have to worry about getting a ring that is cookie-cutter.

There are plenty of ways that you can embellish the ring to build contrast – the LVC Destiny Engagement Ring features the Lovemarque diamond resting atop a crown head with a meaningful infinity symbol.

Even if you have no experience in design, working with a reputable jeweler such as Love & Co. can act as the valuable guide needed to steer you towards the right direction throughout the entire buying journey.

Cut to perfect proportions, our Lovemarque diamonds will ensure a ring that is befitting of the beautiful bride-to-be – with every ring fulfilling Love & Co.’s stringent 50 Promises of Quality and boasting unique designs that goes beyond the typical diamond solitaire.

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Colors add a touch of mesmerizing flair and character to proposal rings – making it pop and a definite one to treasure. Precious gems such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds are beautiful in their own right, and if the bride has a favorite color, you got the choice already sorted for you!

The best part about adding colour is that you get to decide how subtle you want it to be. Other than choosing colours that correspond to your soulmate’s birthstone or anniversary month, two-tone metals also offer a visually unique aesthetic – simply pick out two different metals such as white gold and rose gold to complement your centre stone. (Tip: Rose gold has a warm, blush tone that suits any complexion!)

Our stunning LVC Promise collection features engagement rings that flawlessly combines rose gold with white gold elements, carefully crafted with five signature grooves on the band to represent the core elements of a match made in heaven.



A sure way to get brownie points for a remarkable milestone moment – taking the time to build a custom engagement ring for your bride-to-be allows you to zero in on the tiniest details to truly make it your own.

At Love & Co., we provide the option for couples to co-create their one-of-a-kind engagement rings. Whether it’s incorporating your signatures, significant dates, romantic sayings, or even thumbprints – adding small, symbolic details to your ring adds far more sentimental value and priceless emotion that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

Adding a personal touch doesn’t just have to apply to the ring – surprise her with the proposal by incorporating elements that only you and her know about, or recreate her favorite memories from your love story.

The time spent picking out a one-of-a-kind engagement ring is definitely well-worth it – and it doesn’t have to be hard! Complete your proposal with a glass of champagne and a date under the starry night, and you will be more than ready to take the plunge and pop that burning question!