PUBLISHED: June 09, 2020

The pandemic situation has foiled many plans, from weddings to honeymoon trips. Perhaps you had already made the trip to a jewellery shop for the ideal 1-carat diamond ring, but the current situation makes it hard to carry out the picture-perfect proposal you had been planning for. Even as Singapore rolls out Phase 1 of the circuit breaker exit plans, a full-on proposal in a lavish restaurant or scenic spot is probably still out of the question.

If you don’t want to wait too much longer to pop the question, there are still ways you can do so – right in the comfort of your home! Here are some of the best wedding proposal ideas you can use to propose at home:


Don’t we all love our food? Even if your significant other is not a foodie, you probably know some foods that can work their way into his or her heart. If you are up for the challenge, you can put on your chef’s hat and whip up a luxurious meal for your better half. After the main course, present your partner with a covered dish on the pretext of dessert. Watch their look of surprise as they uncover the dish to find the proposal ring inside, and you know it’s time to make your speech!

What if you’re not so much of a cook yourself? Food deliveries can save the day! Look for places that welcome food customisation, or order the food slightly earlier and do the customisation yourself. Cupcakes with letters that spell out ‘Will you be mine?’ are easy to find, or you can call for pizza and add on ingredients to form out your proposal message.



You don’t need to have complicated activities to propose. Sometimes, all you need is the right vibes to get you in the mood to spill your love confession with utmost sincerity. Bring together some candles or fairy lights to lend some dreamy, warm lighting to your home. If you have a rooftop or veranda, you can make good use of it too.

Balloons, flowers, and streamers are the ultimate classic decor items, but you can also use your creativity to style it beautifully. What will make it even more personal is if you display prints of your favourite memories together. You can place them chronologically from first date to your most recent, and take them through a sentimental photo walk. At the end, a lovely way to pop the question is to ask them to continue this story together in marriage for the rest of your days.



Surely, you’ll know if your significant other is a die-hard Star Wars fan, or an avid Potterhead. Or perhaps they just can’t get enough of sappy chick flicks and rom-coms. Well, now’s the chance to set up a movie date so they won’t suspect a thing, but get ready to transport them into the scene of their favourite film! You can dress up, style the room, and prepare a playlist of the movie soundtrack as your background music.

Propose as if you were a character of the movie, or weave in memorable quotes from the films for an instantly memorable proposal! It doesn’t even have to be a romantic film, either. Throwing in a witty pun like ‘Yoda Obi-Wan I want’ is a sure way to have a proposal worthy of recounting over and over again to your future children.



Want to involve your loved ones in your special moment? Although you can’t gather everyone in the same place, you can definitely still have them witness this life-changing moment! Video-conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype also let you involve your loved ones who are out of Singapore. Give your close family and friends a role to play in the proposal by having them each write out one letter of your proposal message. At your cue, have them hold up the letters that spell out ‘Will you marry me?’

Knowing that you’ve spent the time and effort to liaise with everyone will touch your partner’s heart even more, and the unexpected platform will definitely catch them off-guard! A bonus of this proposal is you can video it all down easily via a screen-recording function as well, ensuring you capture the precious scene for reminiscing back on years down the road.

Now that you have these wedding proposal ideas down, all that’s left is to pick one, and execute it! If you have yet to prepare your proposal ring, head on to our online store at Love & Co. to explore our 2 diamond collections. Products with available stocks will reach you within 7-10 working days, leaving you just enough time to plan the perfect proposal. Our virtual consultation service also allows you to get important information and helpful tips which will aid you in getting the most suitable and splendid engagement ring for your partner.

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