PUBLISHED: July 16, 2021

Planning the perfect proposal may seem daunting at first. You are all ready to tie the knot and commit to the love of your life after understanding your partner’s little quirks and their adorable nitty-gritty preferences in daily life. But, a proposal still represents uncharted territory. Without the right plan carefully sketched out, you may not know how to navigate these exciting yet new, unfamiliar waters.

While details such as the date of the proposal and location are easier to sort out, there is another big question to answer — how can you make the ring entrance truly memorable and meaningful for her? Presenting the ring has to be a smooth and effortless process that will easily sweep your bride-to-be off her feet.

There are many romantic ways to propose with the engagement ring, so fret not if you do not have a plan in mind yet! Rope in a few of these sweet proposal tips that are sure to help you develop a creative, surefire proposal to impress your partner. And as you plan the entrance of your sparkling engagement ring, be sure to make a list of the necessary props to help you secure that yes.

1. Surprise her by concealing the ring well

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The element of a sweet surprise is the perfect way to inject romance into your proposal. It is the best way to sweep your bride-to-be off her feet as it gestures to a great deal of planning and effort put into pulling off a thoughtful proposal. What’s more, reframing the question will add intimacy and memorability to your proposal, so you’d want to plan your proposal right down to the speech!

There are many ways to hide your ring in inconspicuous places, so start by considering your location and your bride’s interests. Additionally, a surprise proposal will involve more coordination with the help of family and friends or external factors such as the weather. So, always be flexible and craft a plan b in case your original ideas are not feasible on the day of the proposal. Keep her loved ones in the loop to prevent anyone from giving it away with an accidental slip of the tongue!

If you plan on the most dreamy proposal by the beach with a gorgeous sunset or sunrise as your backdrop, hiding the ring in a seashell is a creative, unexpected way to propose. You can either hand her the seashell yourself or perhaps lead her to find joy in searching for it herself.

But if your partner is more of a bookworm, sneaking the ring into a hollowed-out book would be a heart-warming scene straight out of a romance novel! Not only will the sturdiness of the book protect the ring just like how a ring box would, but you can pass her the book while casually drawing her attention to a specific page the ring is beautifully positioned in.

Another classic and traditional idea would be to slip the ring into a locket. Packaging a diamond ring in an extra piece of jewellery is unexpected and would surely impress your significant other. You can also customise the locket with her initials or pictures. This allows your proposal gift to serve an additional purpose: a gorgeous, romantic accessory with a story of its own.

2. Rope in the help of your adorable pets

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If you’ve secured a BTO and started looking into wedding venues together, she might already be expecting you to pop the big question anytime soon. But fret not; the goal doesn’t necessarily have to be all about that ‘surprise’. Perhaps it’s time to get her mind off the question for a moment to deliver that equally memorable and romantic proposal.

If your partner owns a pet, involving her furry friend will definitely make the proposal a lot more intimate. However, getting a dog or cat to cooperate may be a little tricky, so keeping things simple is best to prevent the proposal from heading south.

Attaching the ring to a pet collar is a creative, subtle way to show off the ring as your partner greets and embraces her pet. This furry friend is sure to help you pop the question and swiftly slip the ring on her wedding ring finger! Otherwise, you can also include a tag on the collar with a thoughtful ‘will you marry me?’ message beautifully engraved on it.

3. Play to the strengths of your location

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This one’s for those of you set on going all out; display your ring in style and a myriad of ways! Trust us, a grand and elaborate set-up will set the stage for a successful proposal. If you’re planning to propose outdoors, a wooden box will complement nature’s beauty while also serving as a sturdy support to protect your fragile diamond ring. Made with natural resources, the sleek surface of the wood adds class and elegance while showing her that you care for the environment.

For a late-night proposal outdoors, a lighted wedding band box will draw all of her attention to your gorgeous engagement ring. It casts the spotlight on the sparkling diamond, reflecting its shine and fire most brilliantly. If your bride is more of an old-school romantic, dried flowers will serve as the perfect embellishment for your ring box design and to match the natural backdrop.

And if you’re looking for the most luxurious proposal at an expensive establishment, the Love & Co. Crystal Box is all you need. If you want to dazzle your bride, go all out with this elegant box! The glass-like facade of the box with the ethereal shimmer of the crystals would play to the brilliance of your ring, adding glamour and luxury to your proposal. One look at this stunning crystal box and she won’t wait to say yes!

4. Offer a thoughtful ring box as the perfect backdrop

While engagement rings represent a bride’s style and personality, the box plays just as big a role in helping the ring shine. You’d want to secure a thoughtful box that offers the perfect backdrop while keeping it safe from any weather elements. For that, consider our sturdy Love & Co. pocket ring box.

More than presenting your significant other the perfect ring, this highly compact box will gift her the biggest surprise! The Love & Co. ring box is designed to fit into your pocket perfectly – allowing you to hold onto that surprise element for the crucial moment. Upon opening the box, the inner part of your box will unfold sleekly to present your gorgeous engagement ring most beautifully. As you drop one knee while saying the magical words, let this creative pocket ring box do the rest to sweep her off her feet successfully.

If you are looking for a compact, sturdy ring box that can be effortlessly whipped out during the proposal, the Love & Co. pocket ring box is perfect for you. At only $29, it is a highly affordable purchase that will help hide your ring for that proposal of a lifetime. But, if you purchase a Love & Co. pre-engagement ring from us, you’ll also be gifted with this complimentary and compact ring box! Here at Love & Co., we say nothing should get in the way of your proposal’s surprise element; we’re here to journey with you, throwing in a $200 cash rebate for your engagement ring after the thoughtful pre-engagement ring purchase.


Engagement Ring Price, Engagement Ring Price Singapore

Wedding proposals are only the beginning of a lifetime of romance and commitment to your soulmate, so start strong and complete your proposal by drawing up the right plan specially tailored for your partner.

If you’re in search of romantic ideas to complete your proposal, check out our stunning LVC pre-engagement ring! As a quality sterling silver ring with a sleek cubic zirconia stone to accentuate the beautifully engraved message ‘will you marry me’, this ring will be the necessary touch of elegance to finish off your romantic proposal. Packaged in a compact box to slip in your pocket without ruining the surprise, let the LVC pre-engagement ring radiate your eternal commitment.

Then, to personalise her dream diamond ring after the big yes, book an in-store consultation with our experienced consultants who will help turn those dreams into reality. As you embark on a journey of a lifetime together with your partner, let Love & Co. help you realise the romance you have always dreamed of.