PUBLISHED: July 13, 2023


In a world where “less is more” is becoming the style mantra, minimalism is thriving in fashion. Minimalist style has never meant dressing in a way that’s tedious or drab. Instead, it’s about making intentional choices to convey your unique personality, while also focusing on the quality of the garment or accessory. When it comes to accessorising, the mini jewellery trend is the perfect match for achieving a simple and minimalistic aesthetic. Here are some ways to incorporate mini and micro jewellery pieces into your fashion ensembles to instantly accentuate your everyday outfit.

1. Opt for Subtle Shine and Sparkle with Diamonds

You can always go right with diamonds if you’re aiming to achieve an elegant yet understated look. Whether it’s a single stone or a collection of tiny micro gems, the classic brilliance of a diamond is all you need to achieve unparalleled grace. Take your cue from the LVC Charmes Fluttering Ribbon Mini Ring Pendant featuring three petite diamonds totalling just 0.03 carats. A dainty 10K White Gold tied onto the Mini Ring pendant design makes a subtle statement about love and commitment while coordinating seamlessly with any outfit.

2. Experiment with Two-Tone Jewellery for Versatility

Versatility is key when maintaining a minimalist jewellery collection that works for you. Two-tone jewellery made from complementary materials is a great way to achieve this, like with the LVC Charmes Love Journey Carita Mini Ring Diamond Pendant. Crafted with interlocking prongs of 14K White and Rose Gold, the design of the pendant itself symbolises the intertwining of two loves in an eternal embrace. Its two-tone feature also blends effortlessly into any outfit or style, whether you’re dressed in cooler neutrals or richer hues.

3. Layer and Stack for Visual Interest

Layering has become a big trend in jewellery in recent years, allowing you to mix and match different pieces to express your one-of-a-kind fashion style. Using smaller and more delicate pieces in your layering helps you create an aesthetic that subtly catches the eye, without getting too ostentatious. For example, pair the LVC Charmes Modern Mini Ring Diamond Bracelet with other slender bracelets and bangles to achieve a chic, refined look. Shimmering diamond accents on the two interlocking mini rings also make a distinguished statement about romance and commitment, without overwhelming a minimalist outfit.

4. Speak Volumes with Understated Earrings

Adopting a minimalist style doesn’t mean you have to fade into the background. The LVC Charmes Mini Ring Diamond Earrings are a perfect example of how to stand out with subtlety. Their clean lines can complement any outfit, while the 10K White Gold and Rose Gold studs allow you to instantly dress up the simplest of outfits. Six diamonds (totalling 0.05 Carat) formed into a mini heart also give this dainty piece a romantic allure.

5. Showcase a Single Statement Piece

Who says statement pieces and minimalist style can’t go together? After all, a statement piece does not have to be large and extravagant in order to convey a genuine sentiment. A petite pendant – with just the right amount of flair – can still shine with elegance and quality. The LVC Charmes Grace Mini Ring Diamond Pendant is one such piece to add to your jewellery box. The centerpiece dancing diamond is haloed by 24 more perfectly cut stones, adding an undeniable brilliance to your look. Opt for 10K White Gold as an everyday accessory, or 14K Rose Gold for a more feminine flair.


Uncover the Beauty of Minimalist Jewellery with Love & Co.

The key to nailing a pared-down minimalist style with mini or micro jewellery lies in understanding that it’s about the thoughtful selection of pieces that speak to quality and sustainability. The LVC Mini Ring collection by Love & Co. provides the perfect selection of petite pieces that hold to our reputation for unique designs and unrivalled quality. This collection reimagines new ways to wear your favourite rings, offering you a dazzling array of designs that are both sophisticated and understated.

Whether it’s a classic diamond ring or more contemporary two-tone diamond necklace, each piece adds a subtle touch of refinement to your minimalist style. Additionally, Love & Co.’s commitment to lab-grown diamonds ensures that each and every piece is sustainably sourced – transforming your minimalist collection into an evergreen heirloom. Shop our bespoke and ready-to-wear collections online, or visit our jewellery shops in Singapore to see our pieces in person.