PUBLISHED: January 08, 2024

With the new lunar year set to arrive in mid-February 2024, it may feel like there’s not a lot of time left to figure out what to wear during Chinese New Year celebrations. After all, you have to figure out your outfits for all of the family gatherings and visits you’ll have on your plate – on top of prepping red packets for the kids, decorating your home, and organising reunion dinners! 

However, don’t worry if you haven’t finished your CNY clothes shopping yet. There are some timeless traditions out there that make it easy to embrace the spirit of auspiciousness while still looking fashionable and celebration-ready. Read on for our jewellery styling tips guide that will help you put together a perfect ensemble this CNY, and get you ready to wish your loved ones “新年快乐” (xīn nián kuài lè, “Happy New Year”)!

Jewellery Styling Tips for an Auspicious Chinese New Year

1. Wearing red

Red is one of the most auspicious colours in Chinese culture, and during Chinese New Year the colour can be seen everywhere, from apparel to home decor to accessories. The colour is meant to scare off the evil ’nian’ monster, ensuring good fortune for the new lunar year ahead. 

Of course, if the bright red shade doesn’t fit into your typical wardrobe colour palette, opting for it in your choice of auspicious jewellery is a subtler alternative! From bold crimson to softer rose gold pink, you can still adorn yourself with a touch of prosperity while expressing your unique style. Embrace simple stackability with the LVC Carla Ovale Chain Necklace in Rose Gold, made from 925 Silver and coated in beautiful rose gold. Or usher in the new year with the Roman numeral-themed LVC Joie Millennium Diamond Earrings in 14K Gold, and accentuated with 0.05 carats. For a romantic touch, embrace the LVC Charmes Rose Mini Ring Diamond Pendant, which reimagines our signature mini ring with a rose-shaped pendant echoing pastoral sweetness.

2. Wearing gold

Apart from red, gold is the other major colour associated with fortune, prosperity, wealth, and success in the Chinese tradition. Whether in the form of solid gold bars, gold-coloured clothing, or adjacent shades like yellow and tangerine orange, gold’s significance can be traced to several myths and legends in Chinese folklore.

Turn any outfit CNY-ready with a set of auspicious 999 gold jewellery to match. The LVC 9IN Blessings 999 Gold Bracelet and LVC 9IN Blessings Hoop 999 Gold Bracelet include stylised "福" (fú, good fortune) charms perfect for Chinese New Year celebrations, while the LVC 9IN Hulu 999 Gold Drop Earrings feature a pair of “葫芦” (hú lu, bottle gourds) symbolising happiness, prosperity, and good fortune.

Other minerals or elements considered auspicious for jewellery include jadeite, pearls, and diamonds, as well as gemstones in shades of gold, orange, or yellow – all of which are considered to bring fortune and well-wishes in their own right. Accentuate your outfit with the LVC Charmes Halo Diamond Pendant featuring 0.04-carats set in 18K Rose Gold, add an orange-amber hue with the LVC 9TwentyFive Carre Citrine Gemstone Charm Pendant, or declare bold intentions for the year ahead with the LVC Eterno Elegance Curved Diamond Necklace’s 0.46-carats in 18K Rose Gold.

3. Gifting gold

Another way to bring auspicious wishes to your loved ones this Chinese New Year is by gifting them high-quality gold gifts as investment pieces. Love & Co.’s 9IN 999 Gold Jewellery collection is made from 5G 999 (or 24K) gold, a stronger, more durable version of traditional 999 gold that can be worn as everyday jewellery as well! 

For mum, the curved silhouette of the LVC 9IN Double Circlet 999 Gold Necklace channels a dreamy look for a touch of timeless glamour. Dad can complement her with his LVC 9IN Revolving Barrel 999 Gold Necklace, featuring a golden barrel design that combines masculine motifs with rugged elegance. 

For siblings and your nearest and dearest, consider stackable pieces like the LVC 9IN Classic 999 Gold Ring, LVC 9IN Radiant Tag 999 Gold Necklace and LVC 9IN Chain 999 Gold Bracelet instead. This way, they can mix and match with their own accessories set for a more versatile look suiting their own personal aesthetic.

Look Forward to an Auspicious Year Ahead with Love & Co.

Whether you’re donning a statement 999 gold necklace or slipping on a pair of simple gold hoop earrings for women, there’s no one way to accessorise for the Chinese New Year. And with Love & Co.’s thoughtfully-designed jewellery collections made from the highest quality gold, you’ll be able to find jewellery that isn’t just appropriate for CNY but can be worn year-round.

Take a peek into our extensive selections of stylish gold jewellery, dainty gold rings, and more, and prepare for a truly unforgettable Chinese New Year celebration with the ones you love and hold dear.