PUBLISHED: October 22, 2021

Forging new paths with lab-grown diamonds

Forging new paths with lab-grown diamonds

As a relatively new entrant to the Singapore market, lab-grown diamonds are an excellent choice that is rising in popularity. The process of growing a mined diamond is replicated in the lab, hence creating a lab-grown diamond that exhibits the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a mined diamond. Essentially, lab-grown diamonds are as real as diamonds can get!

Cultivated rather than mined, lab-grown diamonds are a popular wallet-friendly alternative that gives you bigger stones for that unrivalled brilliance. Talk about a bang for your buck! With the naked eye, expert gemologists, too, do not have it easy when tasked with differentiating a lab-grown diamond from a naturally mined diamond. With the same chemical composition as natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds provide zero compromise in lustrousness and enduring durability.

What’s more, many modern couples are leaning towards lab-grown diamonds because of their sustainable benefits. Without the need to mine this precious stone, it reduces both environmental (without the need to use fossil fuels) and labour costs in the production — making it more highly sought after today.



A fitting symbol of enduring love and commitment that encompasses your love story, a resplendent blue diamond proposal ring is an obvious romantic choice. Its feminine luminosity and grace are meant to last a lifetime — just as your hands in marriage.

As you prepare to speak your vows, explore our LVC Precieux collection that flaunts a diverse range of stunning lab-grown diamonds. Let Love & Co.’s elegant lab-grown blue solitaire ring speak volumes of your love for her! With the same brilliance but at a fraction of the price of a mined diamond, this gorgeous gem is sure to let her heart take flight. To get you started on your next love journey, book an in-store appointment with our experienced consultants who will guide you on your road to forever.

You’ve found true love. From adoring every bit of your partner to embracing their little quirks that you never necessarily understood, you’ve found your forever person — and you’ve both decided to commit for eternity. And what makes it even sweeter is when promises of eternal commitment come with a symbolic rock to seal the deal. After all, as the cliche goes, diamonds are and have long been a girl’s best friend.

When it comes to the heartfelt significance of an engagement ring, there’s a sort of universal acknowledgement that society just seems to get. Not only does an engagement ring symbolise your eternal commitment to your significant other, but it also doubles up as a beautiful everyday piece of jewellery to be worn for the rest of your life!

Here at Love & Co., we know how important it is to choose the most enchanting, dazzling and timeless engagement peg that perfectly befits the deserving bride-to-be. And we’ve got you covered with our magical range of lab-grown blue diamond rings to help you with your proposal of a lifetime.

What is a blue diamond?

The allure of these blue diamonds derives from their dreamy exclusivity and striking opulence. Not only does it offer an unrivalled sparkle to the eye, but its unique blue shine also provides an assertive air of femininity and luxury that is bound to make your significant other feel extra special.

A perfect showcase of beauty in purity, blue diamonds earn their striking blue from the presence of boron in the natural carbon composition of a blue diamond. Rest assured, these remarkable hues are not colour-treated or enhanced, hence emphasising its scarcity and natural beauty fit for the belle of the ball on your wedding day.

The breathtaking, exceptionally rare sparkle on her finger is bound to impress and serve as a celebratory symbol sure to captivate the eyes and hearts of any onlookers! Even the classic colourless diamond blue sapphires can’t match up — so you’ll be offering her a gift that reflects your unique love story.

The symbolism of blue diamonds

Blue diamonds are often associated with devotion, eternity and trust — characteristics in a marriage that every girl dreams of. Needless to say, proposing with a blue diamond engagement ring is a heartfelt declaration of the big “I do.”. Additionally, it’s a profound reflection of the road to forever that you’re building with your significant other.