PUBLISHED: June 03, 2022
The elegant: Oval cut diamond

A diamond ring is a valuable piece of jewellery that, while seemingly small, symbolises many things at once: beauty, internal strength, eternal love, and so much more. For all the meanings that it holds, it is not surprising that a diamond ring is considered by many as the perfect engagement ring – or the ideal ring for any occasion, for that matter. With its natural beauty and elegance, a sparkly diamond ring will surely put a smile on the face of anyone lucky enough to receive it.

The beauty of diamond rings is that it does not have to necessarily come paired with a fancy occasion, such as a proposal or wedding. In fact, it makes a wonderful gift for just about anything, including the sweet ‘just because’ moments. But while you do not have to wait for a fancy moment to celebrate with these stunning rings, who’s to say you should settle for less? No matter the occasion, it would mean so much more when you make sure everything about the ring suits perfectly to her liking, such as the cut of the diamond, which frankly makes a world of difference.

With many fancy cuts available on the market, here are 5 breath-taking diamond ring cuts to consider for your beloved (or yourself!).

1. The glamorous: Emerald cut diamond

The glamorous: Emerald cut diamond

The emerald cut diamond is among the most timeless of all diamond cuts and is usually preferred for its Art Deco aesthetic – perfect if you seek a more antique look! This popular cut is often characterised by an open table, cropped corners, and a rectangular step cut. It has more of a subtle sparkle that gives off a hall of mirror effect, and its angular lines and long silhouette perfectly capture the clarity of the diamond. This distinctively stunning cut is the ideal choice for those who desire a larger stone without the hefty price tag.

2. The elegant: Oval cut diamond 

The elegant: Oval cut diamond

Aside from having the distinctive shine of the round cut, oval cut diamonds stand out with an elongated body. It is definitely the one for individuals who adore the brilliance of a round diamond but want something a little different!

Oval cut diamonds generally have 58 facets and a ratio of 1.33 to 1.66. They may also be found in a range of proportions, enabling these versatile oblong diamonds to complement most finger shapes since their extended form makes the hand and fingers look slimmer. Among all, they are the elegant choice to pick.

3. The romantic: Pear cut diamond

The romantic: Pear cut diamond

The pear cut diamond, known more commonly as a teardrop diamond, is designed to allow light to 'dance' through it. This cut, like the oval, is a blend of the marquise (boat-shaped) and round forms for an extended and sophisticated appearance. But there is more to this pear cut diamond than meets the eye: its symmetrical curves add to the cut's allure. Talk about a romantic shape!

4. The stylish: Princess cut diamond

The stylish: Princess cut diamond

The princess cut is another popular style that you have definitely seen. Princess cut diamonds, which have the same optimal clarity as round cut diamonds, are another top pick. Fun fact: when viewed from the side, the diamond, also known as a square cut with pointed corners, may seem like an inverted pyramid – making it undeniably the most stylish cut.

5. The classic: Round cut 

The classic: Round cut

The round cut diamond, also known as the traditional cut for the classic diamond ring, is the most popular form on the market. In fact, it is estimated that two-thirds of diamonds sold worldwide are in this category. Its symmetrical design cut with 57 facets is regarded to sparkle most vividly – its brilliance is unlike any other.


It is no secret that the cut of the diamond makes a significant difference when choosing the perfect ring for any fancy celebrations or even 'just because' moments. Each diamond cut sparkles in its own way, and determining which one appeals to her the most is an excellent place to start your search in getting it right with her dream diamond ring.


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