PUBLISHED: September 16, 2021

As the mark of everlasting love and steadfast commitment, marriage stands as a highly sacred bond between any couple. For better or for worse, it is a lifelong promise to embrace each other even on the darkest nights and to love your significant other forever and always. As such a heartfelt union, the act of taking your relationship to this next level is celebrated with a wedding band – one that represents an undying love, lasting to infinity and beyond.

So, to embark on your new future together, it’s time to win your partner’s heart over with Love & Co.’s alluring LVC Promise collection! Boasting a dazzling array of wedding bands, each exquisite band is crafted from the strongest metals to withstand a love of a lifetime.

Regardless what you wish to convey to your other half, our promise rings can perfectly encapsulate these sentiments. Inspired by the devotion between two lovers and designed with your love story in mind.

Commemorate your love with the signature LVC Promise collection 

Proposal Rings

There is nothing more beautiful than uttering the magical words ‘I do’ at the altar, for it is the beginning of a lifetime of bliss. As such, to commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime affair, it is best welcomed with a stunning wedding ring that highlights the beauty of your romance.

At Love & Co., our signature LVC Promise collection comprises of specially curated diamond rings that embody the unbreakable bond between a couple. We believe each style is perfect for marking this monumental milestone, offering you breathtaking designs that signal our wishes for your marriage.

Drawing inspiration from the seamless integration of the bolt and nut, our stylish rings exhibit a solid and unwavering union that will last through thick and thin. Also, as a charming touch, the bands bear five distinctive grooves which pledge the true meaning of marriage: love, bond, devotion, happiness and commitment.

Whether a ring adorned with glistening diamonds or a classic band exuding timeless elegance, each bold design comes in either an 18K white gold or 18K rose gold finish, after 21 rounds of fine polishing for that exceptional brilliance and fit.

Besides their alluring beauty and deep symbolism, the LVC Promise rings are also intricately crafted using cutting-edge CNC technology – all to ensure maximum comfort for your daily wear. Ready to dive in and explore this brilliant collection? Here are the top

LVC Promise Eternity Wedding Band in White Gold with a Center Solitaire Diamond

Proposal Rings

Propose to the love of your life with the LVC Promise Eternity Wedding Band in White Gold with a Center Solitaire Diamond. Set in 18K white gold to instantly sweep her off her feet! Whether for a proposal or wedding ring, this iconic design is bound to take your breath away. With about 32 dazzling diamonds, let your significant other bask in the glory of Love & Co.’s signature solitaire diamond with this lavish ring!

Held firmly at the heart of the band, the solitaire diamond takes centre stage as a declaration of your everlasting love. It also doubles up as the core of your shared journey ahead. Indeed, this design adds significance to your proposal, for it speaks volumes of your heart’s sincerity. If you are looking for a ring that encapsulates your love story, this is the one to go for.

LVC Promise Interlocking Wedding Band in Rose Gold with Diamonds 

Proposal Rings

When it comes to marriage, it is the intertwining of two lives into one. As you pledge to spend eternity with your partner, the harmonious promise is best materialised through the LVC Promise Interlocking Wedding Band in Rose Gold with Diamonds. Express the many facets of your love with the ring’s stunning blend of 18K rose and white gold, topped off with 21 glistening gems!

The row of radiating diamonds is undoubtedly a visual feast as you slip the ring on her finger. We recommend this romantic design for a woman who stands out from the crowd – let her beauty be enhanced by the splash of feminine tones on this ring. Trust us, this is an oh-so-sweet addition to her jewellery collection, a staple piece she will treasure forever.

LVC Promise Trio Wedding Band in White Gold with Three Brilliant Diamonds

Proposal Rings

Celebrate your love with LVC Promise Trio Wedding Band in White Gold with Three Brilliant Diamonds Set in 18K white gold, this wedding band is perfect for partners looking for something more contemporary that is just as jaw-dropping. A classic piece that emanates grace and glamour, this wedding band engagement ring is incredibly mesmerising. Featuring a set of diamonds elegantly studded on the sturdy metal band, this ring complements a woman who appreciates the beauty of the simpler things in life.

Defined by simplicity and sophistication, we dare say this wedding band is a no-frills design that will never go out of style. And upon first sight, it is one that she will love and cherish for a lifetime – even when you are celebrating your 50th anniversary! Just like your wedding vow, “till death do us part”, this ring is an accessory that will accompany you for many years to come.

LVC Promise Anniversary Wedding Band Full Encrusted with Round Brilliant Diamonds 

Proposal Rings

Your bride-to-be is the star of your life, and that sentiment is best expressed through a swoon-worthy ring that boasts a multitude of gleaming diamonds. What better way to let her know that she is the woman of your dreams than with the LVC Promise Anniversary Wedding Band Full Encrusted with Round Brilliant Diamonds? Embellished with approximately 327 gemstones, this luxurious ring speaks to a bold woman who will carry this piece with confidence and personality.

Amongst the other designs in the LVC Promise collection, this one takes the cake as the most glorious of them all. Suited for any special occasion, this band serves as a precious reminder of your ardent passion and devotion. Plus, it is sure to turn heads with its shimmering sparkles – what’s not to love about it?


Proposal Rings

Immortalise the moment you seal your love with our stunning proposal rings. As you crack your head for the ultimate proposal to gift your soulmate, let the sparklers in our LVC Promise collection accompany you on your momentous pre-wedding journey.

At Love & Co., our LVC Promise collection is a specially curated range of wedding rings that are made for love and with love. Be it for her everyday wear or bridal jewellery, this collection is sure to let her fall in love again, and just at first sight! Book an in-store consultation with our passionate consultants today, and let us ensure you and your partner don bands that are of utmost significance to you.