PUBLISHED: August 06, 2020

Everyone’s love story is different, and many couples love to celebrate that fact with an engagement ring or wedding bands that are just as unique. Love & Co.’s LVC Diamond Concierge is a bespoke ring customisation service that allows you to do just that!

Designing your own ring may seem like an intimidating task if you have no design experience whatsoever. But there’s nothing to worry about as Love & Co. makes it extremely fuss-free and fool-proof for you to customise your ring. In fact, with the range of value-added services, designing your own ring can be a highly fulfilling and valuable experience in itself!

Many couples have crafted their ideal rings through LVC Diamond Concierge, and you can, too. Here are all the things you can look forward to during this bespoke customisation journey.


Based on a mix-and-match system, the LVC Diamond Concierge offers over 30,000 possible permutations of ring designs. Coupled with the option of adding your own personalised engravings, you are sure to end up with a ring that is distinctively yours.

The customisation journey will take you starting from choosing the ring head, prong position, prong material, and ring material, to the choice of bezel and personalised engraving. With 3 options of materials – 18K rose, white, or yellow gold – you can choose your preferred aesthetic without compromising on quality.



The centrepiece of any engagement ring has to be the shimmering diamond! Couples will appreciate that Love & Co. offers two highly attractive diamond options for their bespoke proposal ringslab-grown diamond LVC Precieux, and the exclusive Lovemarque diamond. Both diamond collections fulfil Love & Co.’s stringent 50 Promises of Quality.

LVC Precieux is ideal for those on a budget, as its lower price point means you get to enjoy more bling for your buck. The IGI-certified lab diamonds are comparable to natural diamonds in terms of quality, visuals, as well as chemical and physical makeup. Eco-conscious couples will also love that lab-grown diamonds are a more sustainable choice compared to their mined equivalents.


But if you still love the idea of mined diamonds, you can’t go wrong with Love & Co.’s signature Lovemarque diamonds. These diamonds are certified with De Beer’s Institute of Diamonds. Every Lovemarque diamond bears a unique identification number inscribed on its table and girdle. With quality that only 0.1% of the world’s diamonds are worthy of, every Lovemarque diamond shows off spectacular sparkle with its perfect cut.



When it comes to something as momentous and meaningful as your engagement or wedding rings, you’d definitely hope the experience of obtaining it is a seamless one too. With Love & Co., rest assured it won’t just be a smooth experience, but it might also even be enjoyable!

To begin your customisation journey, all you have to do is book an appointment with any of our jewellery shops. Customisation can commence during the appointment itself, during which our jewellery specialists will walk you through the entire ring creation process. You can expect to collect your completed rings 10 weeks later.

For a truly premium experience, the flagship store at Jewel Changi is the place to go! Work on creating your dream ring in the comfort and privacy of the spacious booths – you can even sip on a cuppa while designing your rings, as they have a special beverage bar in the store itself! Decked out in marble and gold-trimmed interior design, the store presents a lush and Insta-worthy backdrop that’s perfect for couples with a millennial sense of style.


You can assemble a mock-up of your desired ring design on the spot, and see how it looks and feels on your hand. From ring size to ring material, you are welcome to try out the various options until you find something you’re satisfied with. For something you’re likely going to wear for the rest of your life, this service definitely gives you more peace of mind in knowing exactly what you’ll be getting.

With the LVC Diamond Concierge, you can design something that aptly represents your love story. Say goodbye to the uncertainties and hassle of designing your own ring; plenty of options and a streamlined process awaits you here at Love & Co.! Begin your customisation journey by booking an appointment at our stores today.