PUBLISHED: August 20, 2020

Choosing a wedding band can be a tough decision to make. Most couples would want something meaningful that captures the essence of their relationship, yet there are so many beautiful rings on the market that makes choosing the perfect one a lengthy quest.

Here at Love & Co., we know how hard it is to scour through pages of web stores or even physical jewellery shops in search of the ideal pair of wedding bands. As such, we've come up with a simplified list that showcases 5 wonderful wedding ring collections from our brand!


As most people believe, marriage is when two lives intertwine in a promise of commitment for the rest of their lives. This beautiful promise is encapsulated in LVC Promise's design, inspired by the steadfastness of a tightly bound bolt and nut. Couples will find rings from this collection a meaningful celebration of their promise for eternal love, devotion, bond, commitment, and togetherness, represented by each of the five grooves on the band.

Interlocking Promise

For an alternative take on the style, couples can opt for the wedding bands which feature interlocking 'L' shapes, like the tight embrace of two lovers to symbolise eternal love.

Bold and modern, the LVC Promise wedding bands are suitable for both men and women with contemporary sensibilities. If you prefer a more feminine touch for the lady's ring, a version with channel-set diamonds adds just the right amount of bling to bedazzle you.

Baby Promise

Prefer a slimmer, low-profile style of this collection? The Baby Promise might just be what you're looking for! Available in white gold or rose gold, this take on the LVC Promise design flatters all wearers regardless of skin tones.

The ladies' version is adorned with a perfectly cut diamond, showing off 8 hearts and arrows in a display of remarkable optical symmetry. With the right balance of elegance and boldness, these rings are excellent for modern, everyday wear.



Tying the knot with the love of your life is definitely a dream come true for many. The LVC Noeud collection presents a poetic take on the nuptial knot – an ancient Celtic ceremonial practice that saw couples literally tying their hands together with cloth.

This handfasting ceremony, as it is called, represents the coming together of two to become one. Capturing this idea of unity and bondedness, the LVC Noeud rings are befitting for romantic lovers. The dainty ribbon knot will suit the taste of sweet ladies, paired with a classic wedding band for the groom.



Diamonds are a classic on engagement rings, but they are also well-loved on wedding bands! Rightfully so, as diamonds are gemstones that last practically forever. Seal your eternal love with these diamond studded rings from the LVC Eterno collection, whether in a half or full eternity band style. Arranged along the circle formation of the ring, the diamonds bear the story of the circle of love and life.

Choose from styles with pavé, claw or channel-set diamonds for a radiant wedding band you'll love. Dainty, glitzy, yet not overbearing, LVC Eterno is surely a classic one that minimalist lovers will appreciate. It will also match wear with your diamond ring if you are intending to wear it together.



Perfection is when your engagement ring and wedding band sits nicely together on your finger! Indeed, the LVC Perfection rings are designed with this purpose in mind, made for design-conscious gents and ladies. The curved wedding bands let engagement rings with a compass prong setting ensconce perfectly to the groove of the wedding band for a seamless look.

Fluid lines that flow and intertwine exude gracefulness that is tastefully modern. There are a variety for couples to choose from.



Is gold too 'mainstream' for you? For a rarer and more precious ring, opt for platinum! Tougher and less common than gold or silver, platinum is the material of choice for couples who wish to stray from the path most taken. Honour your pure love with the LVC Purete platinum rings, crafted from Platinum 950 – that's 95% pure platinum!

Lovingly shaped and designed to showcase the dense material's beautiful silver-toned sheen, the rings also come with options paired with diamonds according to your preferred style. Truly, get inspired by the strength and preciousness of platinum, for a marriage that stands unshaken by adversities.

Every ring has a story to tell. Which collection resonates best with your story of love? If you wish to have even more personalised rings, we offer bespoke customisation services as well at our LVC Diamond Concierge.

We welcome you to our stores for a fitting session, or simply to browse through our vast selection of rings. Speak to our lovely jewellers at our stores to find the perfect fit for you!