PUBLISHED: November 11, 2020

On top of customising your engagement ring and wedding bands, another way to make it even more personal is to inscribe a secret message that’s special to the two of you. Not only is this a wonderful way to celebrate your relationship, but it is also a brilliant way to identify your rings easily!

The thought of having a pair of unique wedding bands, perfectly matched to each other, is super sweet and romantic. But it can be tough to decide on something that will stay on your rings virtually forever! If you’re having trouble thinking of something you won’t regret down the road, you can begin mulling over it with these ring engraving ideas – ranging from the traditional romantics to cheeky quotes!


There’s something cryptic about using numbers – no one will ever know what the digits stand for, but the two of you! The most common numbers to use are that of the day you first met, your first date, first kiss, or wedding date.

A slightly more unorthodox idea would be to engrave the geographical coordinates of somewhere that is significant to the two of you – perhaps the town you met in, or a dream place on your ultimate bucket list? If you get a little creative, you can even use numbers as code to symbolise almost anything, like your names, your birthdays combined, a message, and so on.



A relationship is marked by two individuals coming together, and what better way is there to commemorate it by sealing both your names together? Although an obvious route, it is still a meaningful way of symbolically connecting two souls – not anyone else, but only these two specific persons by name.

You can opt to use just your initials for a more subtle touch, or even get your nicknames for each other engraved for deeper personal significance.



Some couples prefer to use the engraving space to inscribe a message, like a romantic vow, popular saying, or religious verse. These mark your commitment to each other, serving as a reminder of love throughout your relationship.

Quotes about love are easy to find, but finding the one that resonates best with you can be quite a feat! Song lyrics can be a great source of inspiration; or you could look to quotes in other languages for something different.



Why so serious? If the traditional ring engraving ideas don’t float your boat, you can get whacky and go the humorous route! A cute inside joke can be a fantastic ring engraving as well!

Taking it up a notch further, coordinating different messages on each ring will give you plenty of room to play with cheeky messages. For example, one ring could read ‘To infinity’, and the other, ‘And beyond’ – how cute is that?



Ring engravings don’t have to stop with words. Depending on the engraver or jeweller you are working with, they may be able to accommodate even hand-drawn graphics and images!

Here at Love & Co., our ring customisation services offer the possibility of engraving your fingerprints, couple portraits, or handwritten signatures. If you feel that words aren’t enough, let pictures paint the perfect message for you!


By now, you should have more than enough ideas for ring engraving messages! To get the ideal ring you envision, you should also note several things during the process of getting your rings engraved.

• Not all jewellery shops do engraving: Find out beforehand if the jeweller provides engraving services. Otherwise, you might need to spend additional time looking for an engraver.

• Keep in mind that engraving takes time: Ask the engraver about the lead time, so that you can make the necessary preparations to receive your rings on time.

• Decide where you want the engravings to go: The most common engraving location is on the inner band of the rings, but some engravers can do it on other parts of the ring as well.

• Triple-check your engraving design before approving it: No one wants to live with a mistake in their diamond ring due to a typo or miscommunication!

• Longer messages or special fonts may be more expensive: The pricing system varies across engravers, but be prepared to pay more for longer texts and customised fonts.

Deciding on your ring engraving might seem like the hardest part, but it will be all worth it for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or a pair of wedding bands like no other. Before you even get to ring engraving, you’ll also have to select the perfect rings for the occasion. Explore diamond rings, wedding rings and bridal jewellery here at Love & Co. – we also do bespoke ring customisations!