PUBLISHED: December 30, 2022

For some, ushering in 2023, accompanied by a countdown event and fireworks galore, feel just right. The not-so-lucky others, however, might be a little bit busy wrecking their brains for an alternative proposal idea – that is, if their surprise Christmas proposal moment did not work out for any reason. But fortunately for these hopeless romantics, the good news is that everything post-Christmas seems to be building up to the next big thing: New Year's!

While there are many unique ways to offer her the proposal of a lifetime, none compares to the added intimate touch that New Year's Eve naturally comes with. Signalling a fresh start, New Year's Eve brings with it love, possibilities, and hope – expect to amp up the romance factor, for couples could dream of and anticipate joyous moments together. If you're thinking about popping the big question this New Year's Eve, here are some sweet ideas for a surefire proposal to help you get that yes.

Romantic New Year’s Eve proposal ideas

Romantic New Year’s Eve proposal ideas

1. A proposal with a view

If your significant other enjoys taking in lovely, picturesque views, the best way to go is by finding a location with a scenic view of nature or the city.

Perhaps a glamping tent by the seashore would be ideal for nature lovers, while a rooftop bar or restaurant would be a better suit for the city girl. You can never go wrong by starting with a romantic meal, looking back at the wonderful year spent together. If the view does not seem to take their breath away by the end of the night, when the moment feels just about right, your fairy tale romance proposal surely will!

2. Exchange resolutions for New Year’s

For a proposal they definitely won't see coming, this is the perfect time to get up close and personal with an exchange of New Year's resolutions. To do so, simply pick a cosy, beautiful, and private space. From there, you can begin engaging in a conversation about your resolutions and goals for the New Year's before building up to the right moment. When it feels right, bring up your desire to marry your beloved. By the time they realise what was said, the chances are that you are already on one knee with that stunning engagement ring in hand!

3. Craft a wholesome ‘year in review’ scrapbook

Everyone deserves a year-end reward of some sort – while some might be impressed with a new sparkly diamond bracelet, others prefer something more home-made. All there is to it is to print photos of memories the both of you created with one another over the past year. For an extra touch, you can include movie tickets, date night receipts, and other lovely memorabilia that you saved throughout your dates!

On each page, you may write loving and funny captions that ultimately lead to the last page, where you keep it simple with the classic million-dollar question: "Will you marry me?"

4. The magic of midnight

When the clock strikes midnight, a New Year's kiss is a tradition hard to resist. But why not bring it a step further with a proposal ring instead? Take this moment to tell your partner the reasons you love them, and as the clock strikes midnight, get down on one knee and seal the romantic night by popping the big question! After all, it is the perfect way to end the year and start the next.

Ring in the new year with these unique engagement rings

If you’ve got the proposal idea down but not so much the ring, fret not! These one-of-a-kind engagement ring options are more than the classic solitaire ring you see at jewellery shops in Singapore;

1. Create your very own bespoke ring

Create your very own bespoke ring

There is no better way to express your storybook romance than by building your own bespoke proposal ring – one that only speaks to you and your partner! At Love & Co., we dedicate ourselves to ensuring you have that heartfelt space to celebrate your joyful moments in love through exquisitely crafted jewellery, even if it means taking the collaborative approach. Here, you have the option to customise your ring entirely, from the selection of your preferred material type, casing, prong setting, diamond shape to the size; one you don’t get too often with jewellery stores in Singapore. And as far as wedding ring prices in Singapore are concerned, you can always mention your preferred price point with our jeweller so that we can craft the perfect ring for you.

2. Pre-engagement ring

Pre-engagement ring

Worried that your lover will be disappointed with the engagement ring's design or that the surprise ring won't fit? The pre-engagement ring allays any worries you may have and allows you to shop for the engagement ring together! As the term suggests, a pre-engagement ring is a thoughtful gesture presented prior to the engagement ring. But worry not, for this significant jewellery item also holds a lot of weight as it denotes an important step in a couple's commitment before the actual engagement.

Here at Love & Co., we understand your desire for a sincere pre-engagement ring that won't ruin the surprise. So, sit back and relax; you can be guaranteed to get that once-in-a-lifetime proposal thanks to the brilliance of the pre-engagement ring.

To ‘wrap’ it up

Regardless of how you choose to go about it, we can all agree that a New Year's Eve proposal is a fantastic way to wrap up 2022 and kick-off 2023. But before you put your plan into action, book an in-store consultation with Love & Co. and browse through our gorgeous wedding jewellery collection in Singapore to match your perfect engagement ring, guaranteed to wow your one and only