PUBLISHED: April 14, 2023

Whether you revel in the sustainable sparkle or have your fingers adorned with traditional gems, most people would undeniably think of engagement rings when it comes to diamonds. And that’s understandably so, considering diamond rings are a classic that never goes out of style. But there is more to these incredibly versatile gemstones – think beyond rings! In fact, there are various unique ways to incorporate diamonds into your jewellery collection.

Regardless of whether it’s a dazzling necklace or a stunning pair of earrings, here are four different types of diamond jewellery to explore here with Love & Co.!

1. Diamond necklaces

Diamond necklaces

Let your love story shine as you embrace the untapped potential of diamond necklaces that go beyond rings for the ultimate romantic bling. Necklaces adorned with dazzling gems are more than just your average jewellery piece; they are symbols of everlasting devotion and love. As you dance the night away with your special someone on your wedding night, picture the magnificent beauty of a diamond necklace gracing your delicate neckline and catching the light with its ever-so-brilliant sparkle!

Diamond necklaces as wedding jewellery are the height of luxury and romance, whether it's a classic solitaire pendant or its glamorous alternative: the LVC Eterno Quartet Diamond Necklace. But apart from your big day, they make for unforgettable gifts on special occasions like proposals, birthdays, and even anniversaries. The best part about diamond necklaces? They work equally as great, no matter as an accompaniment to wedding rings or as precious heirlooms that can be passed down through generations.

2. Diamond earrings

Diamond earrings

Don’t overlook the mesmerising beauty of diamond earrings! They make for a wonderful alternative to rings for expressing your love and adorning yourself with everlasting glimmer. There are endless options for earrings, ranging from classic solitaire studs to elegant diamond hoops like the LVC Charmes Eternal Love Diamond Earrings.

Visualise an enchanting sparkle of diamonds framing your face that sparkles with each step you take – diamond earrings are the perfect choice whether you’re adding a little class to your everyday style or dressing up for a fancy date. These earrings act as meaningful gifts that represent forever love, and they’re sure to leave your beloved breathless. And with their unmatched brilliance and timeless appeal, diamond earrings are the pinnacle of romantic indulgence!

3. Diamond bracelets

Diamond bracelets

Let your wrists do the talking with diamond bracelets! They are a sophisticated and timeless choice for enhancing your style and expressing your love. Diamond bracelets are a statement of enduring commitment and affection, whether in the form of a delicate and feminine bracelet like the LVC Charmes Tender Heart Diamond Bracelet or a dazzling diamond bangle. Since this memorable gift holds plenty of sentimental value, it will surely leave your loved one feeling truly cherished. So, elevate her (or your) romantic style to new heights and embellish her wrists with charming diamond bracelets!

4. Wedding bands

Wedding bands

For a love destined to last in this lifetime and the next, look no further than diamond wedding bands.

Though proposal rings often steal the spotlight, wedding bands are the perfect way to signify your eternal love and commitment for your one and only. They are a timeless reminder of your wedding vows, a reflection of your unshakable commitment, and a celebration of your shared journey. From a simple solitaire diamond wedding band to a full diamond-encrusted band like the LVC Promise Anniversary Wedding Band Full Encrusted with Round Brilliant Diamonds, diamond wedding bands are the ultimate expression of your love story. With the never-ending sparkle of diamonds encircling your finger, every glance at your hand will serve as a constant reminder of the love you two share and the promises you’ve made.

A testament to a love that knows no bounds, diamond wedding bands are the bling that transcends traditional rings with their profound symbolism and timeless beauty.


So, why limit the enchantment of diamonds to just rings? Let your love take centre stage with a stunning diamond necklace – or bracelet, earrings, even a classic wedding band, for that matter – that captures your heart forever and tells a tale of timeless romance. Perhaps it’s time to embrace the allure of diamonds beyond rings and unleash the true magic of romantic bling!

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