PUBLISHED: October 25, 2023

Engagement rings carry profound symbolism. They represent love, commitment, and a shared future, encapsulated in a beautiful band designed to withstand decades ahead. Yet, when it's time to select that meaningful ring, a timeless question emerges: is it best to go traditional or non-traditional? Is it a good idea to select something classic or to explore more unique options?

Read on to delve into the subtleties of both styles so you can make a well-informed choice that resonates with your unique love story.

What are Traditional Engagement Ring Designs?

When one thinks of a ‘traditional’ engagement ring, they might be picturing features such as:

  • Round or cushion-cut diamonds: Traditional rings typically showcase round or cushion-cut diamonds. These cuts are renowned for their brilliance and ability to reflect light, making them a sparkling symbol of eternal love. Their simple shape also makes them highly versatile, able to coordinate with any outfit style or occasion.
  • Solitaire diamond settings: The solitaire 4-prong setting and solitaire 6-prong setting both allow a single diamond to take centre stage, which is a classic hallmark of traditional engagement rings. The solitaire design emphasises the purity and rarity of your love, drawing attention to the clarity and sparkle of the diamond centrepiece.

While variations like pavé bands and side diamonds help add a touch of flair, a traditional solitaire engagement ring is instantly recognisable as an engagement ring at any distance. Their timeless silhouette never goes out of style and maintains its elegance throughout the years. Solitaire rings can also be easily stacked with more elaborate milestone jewellery or engagement ring upgrades further down the line. Explore our classic solitaire diamond engagement ring designs today and discover jewellery that symbolises the singular and enduring nature of your love without any additional fuss.

What are Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Designs?

Non-traditional engagement rings are all about breaking the mould. They may feature:

  • Uncommon diamond cuts: Non-traditional rings may embrace unorthodox diamond cuts like princess, radiant, heart, marquise, or pear-shaped. These cuts make a bold and striking statement and may even evoke vintage vibes for a lasting impression.
  • Multi-stone settings: Multi-stone settings like the two-stone ‘toi and moi’ style engagement ring are unorthodox yet sentimental, reflecting the union of two individuals in a marriage or commitment.
  • Use of coloured diamonds: Diamonds don’t always need to be colourless, and getting a coloured diamond engagement ring is certainly one way to help you stand out from the crowd. Love & Co.’s diamond range includes blue and pink diamonds to add a unique twist to traditional silhouettes, elevating your engagement jewellery further.
  • Non-gold bands: Alternative metals like platinum, titanium, or tungsten, as well as non-metals like wood or rubber, form a small but growing percentage of engagement rings. These may serve a practical purpose in everyday life (e.g. rubber rings for people who work with their hands) or simply to set your ring apart from the rest.

Couples seeking to reimagine historical conventions and forge new traditions together may want to consider a more unconventional engagement ring design or bespoke engagement ring. Such styles allow you to express your individual and creativity, through personalised touches that echo your own one-of-a-kind aesthetic tastes.

So is a Traditional or Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Better for Me?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to picking out an engagement ring, traditional or otherwise. Many jewellers today, including Love & Co., present couples with a wide array of designs, giving clients plenty of options in crafting their personal proposal story.

For those who find themselves torn between the two styles, one option to consider is Love & Co.’s Say Love™ Diamond

The LVC Say Love™ collection fills the gap between the unorthodox yet romantic cut of a heart-shaped diamond and the desire for a traditional silhouette. Timeless symbolism and contemporary romance collide in the form of a patented modified round brilliant cut with a dazzling heart reflection nestled within its core. The heart reflection adds a unique and sentimental touch to this timeless gem, while the round cut maintains its versatility and adaptability for everyday wear. While diamonds have long been associated with love and romance, there’s no other diamond that encapsulates this sentiment more dearly than the Say Love™ – a way to say “I love you” without words.

Whether you lean towards classic engagement rings or non-traditional designs, the perfect ring is the one that captures your love story. At Love & Co., we understand that your love is one-of-a-kind, and we're here to help you find or create the ring that represents it best. Make an appointment with us today to explore our engagement ring options for men and women, and let your love shine through.