PUBLISHED: March 31, 2021

The key to elevating any outfit is in your jewellery. And often, your jewellery pairing can either make or break the deal – mastering the art of jewellery wearing isn’t easy. You’d want to look sophisticated, while not appearing too over-the-top.

Looking for a stylish yet modern way to make your simple jewellery become a statement? Here are some tips for you to stack and layer your jewellery while making it look effortless at the same time. Nail that sophistication while keeping true to your style!

1. Stacking your jewellery well requires some balance


Stacking your jewellery is more than wearing one bracelet after the other. To accentuate your look, you would want to create not a clash but a vibrant contrast. Play around with variations to create that contrast! It’s always fun and exciting to match mesh and sleek hand accessories together.

For the modern look, treat yourself to a pair of rose gold bangle and bracelet! The clip chains on the LVC Carla Ovale Chain Link Bracelet in Rose Gold offer textures for a bolder statement. On the other hand, the LVC Moi Embracing Bangle in Rose Gold, which is highly polished, brightens up and completes your look. Coupled together, this matching set of rose gold jewellery is sure to catch the eye of anyone!

Another small tip is to wear your wrist jewellery loosely. Whenever you move your arms, the movement from your bracelet and bangle is sure to add some visual interest.

2. Add your unique touch to jewellery

The best way to let your jewellery speak for you is by personalising it. Engrave your initials on your charms, bracelets or signets. Ring engraving is also a popular choice as inserting the couple’s initials adds to the significance of the gift.

If you are looking to engrave an anniversary or birthdate, check out the LVC Moi Horizon Bar Necklace in Rose Gold. This vertical bar necklace is designed for personalisation and will sit nicely across your neck to present a special message. With a maximum of ten characters across a choice of three fonts, you can even carve your favourite memory that has kept you going!

Another jewellery worth checking out will be LVC Moi Chic Heart Ring Besides being a practical fit, did you know that adjustable rings allow you to customise your look? Because of their ability to glide and fit on different fingers, you can always change the order of your rings. Switching your accessories up is a small but significant way to create a new style!

3. Layer your necklaces in your style

Apart from the artistic side, there is also a science behind layering your necklaces. The most straightforward one would be: creating a balance so that your chains won’t block or get twisted together!

Start with the shortest piece first. As you add extra layers, play with textures, mix up chain styles and add unexpected accents with personalised pendant styles. But the science here isn’t that complex. Simply ensure you don’t wear too many chunky ones together. And don’t worry about matching perfectly. The beauty lies in a vibrant and exciting feel – use a variety of chunky and delicate necklaces.

For instance, you can easily pair the LVC Charmes Heart Pendant Necklace with the LVC Carla structured Chain Link Necklace for that perfect silver sparkle! Don the shorter heart pendant first. The heart will sit as an enchanting centrepiece on your neck. Next comes the chunky chain. The LVC Carla structured Chain Link bounds the heart pendant and features it elegantly. The variety of cable and clip chains also adds to the textures on your skin.

4. Mix and match with a range of charms

While layering and stacking create an alluring look, it’s understandable that sometimes you just can’t find the right arrangement yet. Then it’s time to experiment with jewellery charms! In fact, the best part of playing with charms is the variety. These are symbols, birthstones and alphabets – all at your pick. Each charm is unique and brings a different personality to your image.

A fast and easy rule at arranging charms is in the spacing. Ensure there is a sufficient amount of space between so that the charms can individually show and emphasise your personality. Be creative with your charms selections.


Styling your jewellery right boosts the confidence of any woman. Whether it’s a classic signet ring or a dazzling adjustable silver ring, there are so many possibilities for customising your look! Engrave your initials or switch up the way you wear your silver jewellery – it’s easily a different look that shouts your personality.

One thing to note while playing with your silver jewellery is the care needed to maintain them. As sterling silver is an alloyed metal that tarnishes easily, it’s a good practice that when you wear them, remember to keep them out of direct sunlight as well!