PUBLISHED: September 23, 2021

As the one, true person who has stood with you through thick and thin, it’s time to switch things up to tell her just how much she means to you! But more than words, you’d want to gift her a token of your everlasting love, something that constantly reassures her of the place she has in your heart. And to reflect how your love has stood the test of time, the LVC Promise collection is here to radiate and speak volumes of your most heartfelt intentions.

At Love & Co., we understand the remarkable significance of a romantic promise and have specially curated the LVC Promise collection. We say, let her wear (your) heart on her sleeve and, in style! Choose from our extensive range of contemporary designs that accentuate her beauty – whether it’s necklaces, bracelets, earrings or wedding rings – and shower your forever person with the sparkle she deserves.

Top LVC Promise jewellery pieces to elevate her style with

With various stunning pieces all inspired by the seamless interlocking of the bolt and nut, and its resolute strength when integrated, this is the one collection that encapsulates what it means when two soulmates come together as one. Loved by many couples, here are our top favourites to help you get started on the pieces that best complement her beauty!

LVC Promise Full Diamond Necklace

This one’s for ladies who effortlessly wear that elegant look; reel in the LVC Promise Full Diamond Necklace as the finishing touches to her everyday look! Whether it’s pairing this beautiful piece with a flowy evening gown or a casual T-shirt and jeans look, this statement piece is one of the most versatile gifts she can wear anytime and anywhere. Set in 18K white gold and present 46 ravishing diamonds, this stunning necklace is sure to win her heart over instantly.

LVC Promise Diamond Earrings in White Gold

Flaunting a total of 84 dazzling diamonds on the LVC Promise Diamond Earrings in White Gold, the endless diamonds on this pair is sure to make her feel incredibly special! A sophisticated jewellery gift, these jaw-dropping earrings add that extra edge to her look. Even with so many diamonds, this gift manages to steer itself away from being over-the-top with the classic style of the loop earring. Who says rings are only worn on the fingers or across the neck? This gift brings attention to her delicate ears as they carry the promise of your eternal love!

LVC Promise Diamond Bangle in White Gold

The LVC Promise Diamond Bangle in White Gold is more than perfect for ladies who enjoy stacking and styling their bracelets. With a sleek bracelet body coupled with the signature symbol of the LVC Promise collection (the seamless integration of the bolt and the nut), this lovely bracelet tastefully combines various textures and draws attention to her wrists! Similarly, set in 18K white gold and flaunting 46 dazzling diamonds, let her don this everyday piece and radiate with greater beauty.

LVC Promise Diamond Bracelet in Rose Gold

The LVC Promise Diamond Bracelet in Rose Gold is perfect for both fairer and darker skin tones – as long as you know she’ll adore this vibrant shade of rose gold! Let her bask in the five grooves on this diamond bracelet, representing devotion, bond, happiness, love and commitment. These highly polished grooves will remind her of your steady and eternal promise. What’s more, the textured chain on this jewellery piece offers an edgy look and easily stands alone as a statement piece.

LVC Promise Diamond Bracelet in White and Rose Gold

Can’t decide if she’ll prefer white or rose gold? Then the LVC Promise Diamond Bracelet in White and Rose Gold caters to your request with the seamless combination of both metal types! In fact, this mixture of colours allows the bolt and nut symbol to stand out on her wrist – telling anyone whose eyes land on this piece that she is very much loved and appreciated. Wearing 46 diamonds on the centrepiece, this gift is excellent as a daily reminder of your romantic promise to her.

Gift her your intentions with the LVC Promise wedding band collection

Finally, when speaking about your unique love story that has stood the test of time, we can’t leave out precious anniversary rings. At Love & Co., we curate diamond rings that speak from the heart and capture the meaningful milestones in your marriage. Celebrate another love-filled year with the thoughtful bands in our LVC Promise wedding band collection. With promise rings that stand as the steadfast symbol of loyalty and fidelity, any piece you select from this range will let your intentions shine through!


Have yet to find that heartfelt piece that carries your sentiments most beautifully? Then, browse our wide variety in the LVC Promise collection, available in-store and at our online jewellery shop, for the one that befits your everlasting love! If you need a second opinion, book an in-store appointment with our highly experienced consultants and share your ideal gift message. Here at Love & Co., we believe in curating jewellery inspired by love and created for love – share with us your one-of-a-kind love story and we’ll see to it that she’s dressed in love!