PUBLISHED: September 23, 2022

Say you have found the woman of your dreams, and you're so sure she's the one that you're ready to take the relationship to the next step: engagement! However, when deciding on the perfect engagement ring, you're torn between choosing a diamond that was mined or one that was created in a lab. And with a lot of recent discussion regarding the quality of lab-grown diamonds, you start to question whether it is the best decision for your beloved. Above all, which is the 'better' diamond for an engagement ring if such a thing even exists?

It's understandable and all-around admirable that you want the very best for your significant other, and part of that is finding out what she thinks about the engagement ring you're planning to get her. But that said, do women actually like diamonds that are mined traditionally? Would giving your sweetheart the sustainable alternative (in this case, a lab-grown diamond) make her disappointed? To help ease your worries, here's a glimpse into her thoughts!

1. She’s aware that a lab-grown diamond remains a diamond

She’s aware that a lab-grown diamond remains a diamond


The majority of individuals believe that lab-grown diamonds are comparable to other diamond simulants. This is nowhere near the case; laboratories have been able to mimic the Earth's natural pressure and heat conditions, which cause carbon seeds to crystallise into diamonds - all thanks to the modern technology of today!

lab-created diamonds


Furthermore, lab-created diamonds are graded using the same criteria as mined diamonds, using the 4Cs (Clarity, Cut, Colour, and Carat) to determine their quality. On the contrary, diamond simulations such as moissanite are created using alternative materials to replicate the appearance of diamonds. Though, of course, they may not necessarily have the same brilliance and sparkle as a mined or lab-made one.

In fact, if your partner is more concerned with protecting the environment, she's bound to be impressed by your ecologically conscious pick of the enchanting lab-grown diamond ring. Lab-made diamonds are environmentally-friendly as they are created in a lab that uses less energy and resources than a conventional diamond extracted from the Earth. Overall, diamonds produced in the lab have the same optimal, physical, and chemical structures as any traditionally mined diamond - as genuine as diamonds can be, they are!

2. She recognises the significance behind the ring

She recognises the significance behind the ring


Proposing to your significant other is more than just giving her a ring full of diamonds. In all seriousness, rest assured that she can see your dedication to living out the rest of your life alongside each other. Therefore, there's more to the ring than whether its diamond is mined or lab-created - it reflects your honest intentions towards her and the love you have for her.

When it comes to the cost or the size of the diamond, there is no doubt that she will understand the ring's significance and that quality is infinitely more priceless and valuable than whatever the price tag or the diamond’s carat weight.

3. She’s conscious of its affordability

The practical benefits of lab-grown diamonds are what one would call a win-win situation - you can get a larger carat, which delivers more brilliance, for the same cost as traditionally mined diamonds. By choosing a more reasonably priced option, you can avoid paying for an expensive diamond ring and instead put more money aside for your wedding or other future plans together. With the pandemic easing as of late, you can also use the savings for your upcoming honeymoon arrangements. The possibilities are truly endless with the extra cash you save by opting for a ring that’s more affordable yet offers the same sparkle (and perhaps an even bigger carat weight!).


Realistically speaking, it's the desire and commitment behind the reason for the engagement ring as opposed to the choice of diamond that matters more at the end of the day. Whichever diamond you opt for ultimately signifies your never-ending love for her as well as the commitments you intend to keep as a partner, and that's what matters most.


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