PUBLISHED: July 13, 2023


Nothing spells glamour and sophistication like a carefully curated matching diamond jewellery set. Whether it’s for your wedding, a formal occasion, or simply to mark a milestone moment, the art of creating a perfectly harmonised necklace and earring set, sometimes referred to as a demi-parure, adds an effortless elegance to your look. Plus you’ll always be able to instantly coordinate your accessories, making getting dressed up a breeze. Here are some steps to help you begin building your very own matching jewellery set with Love & Co. pieces.

Step One: Choose a Central Theme

First things first, deciding on a central theme for the jewellery set will guide your choice of jewellery. This theme can be a particular shape, symbol, material, or motif, and can even revolve around a special event or meaning that’s personal to you. For example, the LVC Destiny jewellery collection incorporates the infinity symbol to celebrate everlasting love, making it a fitting theme for a demi-parure dedicated to celebrating relationship milestones or anniversaries

Step Two: Expand with Matching Pieces

Once you have your central theme, you can find a key item to build the rest of your choices around. If you like the LVC Destiny collection, for example, a good starting statement piece would be the LVC Destiny Eternity Diamond Pendant. This captivating 18K White Gold necklace for women is beautifully fashioned with a solitaire lab-grown diamond resting on an infinity symbol, representing your relationship lasting for a lifetime. Heart-shaped prongs add a subtle sweetness to the pendant, crystallising the sentimental message within.

Pair with the LVC Destiny Infinity Diamond Earrings to carry the infinity sign motif through and through. These delicate diamond studs are crafted with 18 stones totalling 0.07 carats, and set in an 18K Rose Gold loop design. The two-toned Rose and White Gold body provides just the right balance of glamour and simplicity, matching perfectly with the pendant, and embodying the unique designs that set Love & Co.’s jewellery collections apart.

Step Three: Add a Touch of Elegance with a Bracelet

To further enrich your diamond demi-parure, introduce a matching bracelet into your collection. The LVC Destiny Infinity Diamond Bracelet is a sublime choice for a small and understated accent. This elegant bracelet features an infinity symbol in 18K White and Rose Gold, embellished with nine diamonds totalling 0.04 carats. Simple enough to wear everyday while sophisticated enough for a special night out, it adds a hint of luxury to your ensemble while also carrying the meaningful message of eternal love.

Step Four: Incorporate Layering Pieces

While matching jewellery sets are all about easy and effortless coordination, they should also provide some room for personalisation and layering. The LVC Eterno collection, with its endless rows of diamonds, can seamlessly blend with your LVC Destiny pieces to fully bring out the beauty of your ensemble.

Consider the LVC Eterno Contour Diamond Necklace or the LVC Eterno Quartet Diamond Necklace as time-honoured alternatives to a more contemporary pendant. Both necklaces feature scintillating curves of diamonds set in 14K White Gold, offering an extra dose of sparkle and style to truly shine the spotlight on you. The Eterno Contour comprises an elegant v-line design made from 11 identical diamonds, perfect for accentuating your neckline and decolletage. Whereas the Eterno Quartet contains Baguette, Marquise, Pear, and Round diamonds for a more updated take on a diamond necklace, adding a chic and modern flair to your outfit.

These pieces not only celebrate eternal love (hence tying them thematically to selections from the LVC Destiny collection) but also reflect Love & Co.’s commitment to crafting stylish jewellery that can withstand the test of time. Pair with matching rings from the LVC Eterno wedding band collection to complete your look, while being able to coordinate with your significant other too.


Start your Jewellery Journey with Love & Co.

Creating your personalised jewellery set, from selecting a central theme to playing around with complementary alternatives, can be a fulfilling and meaningful journey. The best part of putting together a matching set is that it does not have to happen all at once either. You can collect the different pieces over years or even decades, transforming each piece into a milestone that’s part of your journey.

Start building your own dazzling jewellery set with Love & Co., creating a stunning testament to timeless style and everlasting love. Our bespoke wedding bands even let you take personalisation a step further, while honouring you and your significant other’s commitment to each other. Visit a Love & Co. jewellery store near you to see our jewellery in person, or browse everything from anniversary gift ideas to diamond pendants on our online store.