PUBLISHED: July 01, 2021

As the one true symbol of your lifetime commitment, your wedding ring deserves much more attention than you might realise – even more so than attaining that luxurious bridal package or stunning floral centrepiece. In fact, it’s one of the most critical wedding purchases and making the call for your one true wedding band needs some careful consideration.

To craft a ring that you’d want to wear forever, here at Love & Co., we say that the ultimate consideration should be the fit and feel of this precious ring on your finger! With that, here are some considerations to bear in mind while seeking out a wedding band that is not only alluring, but most compatible with you and your partner.

Secure that comfort fit for your fingers

Undoubtedly, getting the best fit is important for wedding rings you’ll be wearing day in and day out. But this means so much more than finding the right size; it’s about making sure the ring is highly comfortable for you.

And with the rise of comfort fit bands, you’re in luck. So what exactly are comfort fit bands? These are specially curated bands that have an additional piece of metal on the inside of the ring. With this extra piece, the inside of your wedding band becomes a domed shape, making it more comfortable and easier on the fingers.

Typically, comfort fit bands are sought after by men or those with larger hands. That’s because these bands can be slipped on and off more smoothly, especially over the larger knuckles. As such, just as the name suggests, comfort fit rings make it easy to leave the wedding band on for a prolonged period. This is compared to standard fit rings that offer a flat interior, without the extra support found in comfort fit rings.

Pick a stunning yet functional ring design

Wedding Rings, Wedding Rings Singapore

With an extensive range of wedding bands in the market, it’s easy to get lost in the most eye-catching designs. But, many couples forget that they need a ring design that is compatible with them! So when you choose the design, it’s helpful to look at the craftmanship before setting your heart on it. This is especially important to determine the level of comfort you feel towards wearing this valuable band.

Large, chunky rings with embellishments are drawing attention with the modern and chic look they offer. But, pause to imagine wearing them daily – they may not prove to be the most comfortable as a wedding band but perhaps better as a regular ladies ring. So as you’re staying on top of the latest design trends, think about how the band would feel on your ring finger, pinkie and middle finger. You wouldn’t want your dazzling diamond-studded ring to rub against your other fingers or clothing frequently with its claw settings. When you are trying on the rings, here’s a pro tip for the ultimate test of the ring’s comfort: clench your fist or use your phone while keeping the ring on.

Lastly, when it comes to design, the choice of metal can’t be overlooked. While pure gold wedding bands has been an all-time classic, it’s also now available in various tones. From yellow gold to rose gold, there are so many options to celebrate your love. So, consult your significant other on the tone he’s most comfortable to carry – the metal choice can be a crucial factor in crafting the comfort ring for him!

Find a ring that complements your lifestyle

Wedding Rings, Wedding Rings Singapore

And for you to carry this bold yet delicate jewellery effortlessly, the wedding ring needs to sit well with your lifestyle! That one true ring needs to fit seamlessly with both your finger and lifestyle needs. If you carry an active lifestyle, perhaps due to your occupation or a contact sport you play regularly, it’s time to reconsider that bulky ring you’ve been eyeing.

Instead, even for the fanciest designs, seek rings that are smoothly finished with round edges; you won’t need to worry much about its sharp edges catching onto surfaces or loosening a gemstone or two from heavy impact. But more than your occupation or interests, if you’re certain you’d take off your delicate wedding band when necessary, then by all means go for that jaw-dropping band! 

Matching your wedding bands with your engagement ring

Wedding Rings, Wedding Rings Singapore

Many couples wear the wedding band and engagement ring together in a beautiful stack on the fourth ring finger. If this is one tradition that speaks to you, then your rings have to match as a stunning set! More than how they look adjacent to each other, what about how they touch and feel on your fingers?

Having both chunky bands may overwhelm your finger, and the combined weight might make wearing them feel uncomfortable. One key tip is to strike a balance between your marital rings. For instance, if you’ve been gifted a dainty proposal ring, then a simpler wedding band would complement it well. Apart from that, classic solitaire diamond rings have been known to flawlessly pair with a diamond pave wedding band.

Ultimately, the trick is to look for the same metal choice and similar widths to complement your engagement ring rather than overpower it. And, if you still can’t find the perfect match, why not go ahead with bespoke ring services! This alternative is sure to offer you a ring stack that interlocks and completes the other ring perfectly.

Love & Co. offers you wedding bands for the promise of a lifetime

Wedding Rings, Wedding Rings Singapore

To kick-start your wedding band hunt, check out our signature LVC Promise collection. Influenced by the steady action of a nut and bolt interlocking and seamlessly forming a solid integration, this is the collection that truly celebrates the union of marriage. With a rounded band for these wedding bands, the LVC Promise collection promises you utmost comfort in your daily wear.

Here at Love & Co., be assured that our highly experienced team won’t let you settle for an alluring ring that doesn’t fit you perfectly! Beyond measuring your ring finger size, our friendly consultants will advise which ring size would be comfortable based on your lifestyle, environment and even finger type.

With the high precision of CNC machines, Love & Co.’s rings are specially crafted to ensure a comfort fit among our exquisite collections of wedding bands. In particular, our LVC Promise collection that is made with cutting-edge CNC technology, offers you an exclusive range of wedding bands – a rare sight to have thick bands with intricate designs and made in comfort fit. So whether you’re going for a ready-made design or for our bespoke wedding band services, we prioritise how the perfect wedding band feels on your hand – intricately designed with the wearer in mind.


So as you begin your search for the most heartfelt wedding band as a couple, keep these tips in mind to find the rings best suited to your comfort level. After all, wedding bands are for you to wear for a lifetime – be sure to choose that one fit you’ll fall in love with, over and over again!

At Love & Co, we believe that you don’t need to sacrifice either the ring style or fit, especially when it comes to your sacred wedding bands. To accompany you on your journey for the most ideal bands, browse our extensive jewellery online and when you’re ready, book a consultation with us. We’ll be happy to customise a ring that encapsulates your love for each other!