PUBLISHED: February 21, 2020

By now, you might have heard of the emerging jewellery trend that has been shaking up the market. That’s right – we’re talking about lab-grown diamonds! Jewellery makers and brands worldwide have been hopping on the bandwagon for lab-grown diamonds recently, and for good reasons, too.

The alternative diamond source is reputed to be a more affordable and sustainable option to natural mined diamonds, which makes it perfect for the growing generation of young, environmentally and socially conscious jewellery buyers. That is why at Love & Co., we are proud to be one of the first to present lab-grown diamond wedding rings in Singapore as an accessible and quality jewellery option, through our LVC Precieux range.

If the idea of lab-grown diamonds appeals to you, we warmly welcome you to drop by for a chat with our friendly Love & Co. jewellers to learn out more about them. In the meantime, here are some quick fun facts about them that might just pique your interest in this shiny new diamond trend!


What does jewellery fit for royalty look like? Well, it seems, lab-grown diamonds fit the bill just as well! England’s Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has been spotted with lab-grown diamond earrings during her first public appearance last year at a charity event. Down Under, wildlife advocate Bindi Irwin – better known as the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s daughter – has also shown off her lab-grown diamond engagement ring from her longtime boyfriend, Chandler Powell.

With numerous eco-conscious celebrities already championing ethical diamond alternatives, there’s no reason to say lab-grown diamonds are in any way lacking in style or substance as compared to natural mined diamonds. If anything, your conscience will thank you for choosing a lab-grown diamond product, knowing that it is ethically procured from a 100% traceable source.



If we have to sum up lab-grown diamonds in a matter of numbers, it would be this: twice the size, or half the price. That’s right – lab-grown diamonds are on average 50% the price of natural mined diamonds, making them wonderful choices for those looking to get an affordable engagement ring.

The lower price point is possible thanks to the production method which doesn’t involve as many changes of hands as with the mining and refinement of natural mined diamonds. In just a matter of weeks, a lab-grown diamond can be produced from scratch, requiring significantly lower costs than needed during the mining process.

What this means for you is a bigger pool of options to choose from, instead of being limited by your budget. You may wish to own a larger diamond, or enjoy vast savings sticking to the same carat count. With the lower cost of diamonds, you can also splurge on luxuries on other aspects of ring design. How does a platinum band, pave diamonds, or even designs with two or three centre stones sound like to you?



The idea of natural mined diamonds might sound romantic because they were created through billions of years of subjection to extreme temperatures and pressures – which many take to be a poetic depiction of a love that perseveres throughout all odds.

But what if we told you that lab-grown diamonds are how diamonds would have been made in the stars? Yes, astronomer Carl Sagan’s famous line ‘We’re made of star stuff’ doesn’t just apply to us – it applies to diamonds, as well! The commercial production method of lab-grown diamonds, chemical vapour deposition (CVD), is thought by scientists to be how diamonds form in interstellar gas clouds, with hydrocarbon gases as the main ingredient.

And indeed, wouldn’t you want your love to dazzle on brightly like the diamonds in the sky? Love & Co.’s LVC Precieux range of lab-grown diamonds are IGI certified in the same way as natural mined diamonds would be. With the affirmation of their exceptional purity, you can enjoy sparkling gems right here in your hands.

With the exciting advancements brought about by lab-grown diamonds, the diamond industry could be set to change forever – hopefully, for the better. You, too, can be a part of it by choosing a lab-grown diamond to complete your wedding band or engagement ring! Discover the endless charms of our LVC Precieux range in our web store or by booking an appointment with our lovely jewellers at our Love & Co. stores!