PUBLISHED: May 06, 2022

The month of May is finally here, and that only means one thing – Mother’s Day is right around the corner! While we may honour Mom in our own way every day, Mother's Day is a wonderful opportunity to call Mom, grab her a card, and of course, sneak in a cheeky gift. What better way to show your appreciation than with something most mothers would appreciate: some of the best jewellery in Singapore!

Celebrating mothers and commemorating motherhood

With a day dedicated to celebrating mothers and commemorating motherhood, it only makes sense to thank them for all the wonderful shared moments; whether it be through the highest highs or lowest lows of our lives. But for all that mothers have done for us, it might seem near impossible to find a gift that holds value. In this specially curated gift guide, we at Love & Co. Singapore share the perfect gift ideas from the LVC Mother’s Day collection that best reflects your #MyThankfulMOMents.

Because she was there for me

Because she was there for me

If anything can be said about mothers universally, it is that they are virtually always there for whoever needs them most. When we have a bad day, mothers are mostly the first to console us. While a mother's intuition is real, it does not take away from the fact that they are there for us regardless; listening to our troubles and finding ways to help us go through them.

LVC Joie Centuries Diamond Pendant White Gold

So, what could be better than to show thanks to Mom with our LVC Joie Centuries Diamond Pendant? A timeless pendant boasting Roman numerals in either 14K white gold or rose gold; the LVC Joie Centuries Diamond Pendant makes an exquisite gift for every anniversary spent with each other. The 12-diamond LVC Joie pendant is ideal as a means to show appreciation for the shared moments with your beloved mom throughout the years.

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Because I’m blessed to have her

Because I’m blessed to have her

Mothers are a huge blessing disguised as a human form. Remember the hardships she faced for you, the sacrifices she endured in raising you – it is time to shower her with the same love and blessing she has lavished upon you with the LVC Charmes Clover Diamond Necklace!

LVC Charmes Clover Diamond Necklace Rose Gold

The 6-diamond jewellery features an 18K rose gold necklace guaranteed to wow your mom at first sight. With each leaf clover representing positive omens for faith, love, hope, and luck, the LVC Charmes Clover is ideal for wearing alone or layered with other pieces of jewellery.

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Because her love is eternal

Because her love is eternal

A mother's love is unconditional and truly eternal – a lifetime bond formed by the union of two bodies and souls from the moment the child is birthed. It is always present to fill our hearts when we most need it. The LVC Eterno collection represents just that, and then more.

LVC Eterno Line Diamond Earrings Rose Gold

The 18K white gold or rose gold LVC Eterno Line Diamond Earrings feature 16 diamonds in total, lined perfectly below one another. Standing high with quiet confidence, the stylish and elegant Line Diamond Earrings bring a sophisticated sparkle to anyone's everyday attire.

LVC Eterno Elegance Curved Diamond Necklace

If you seek something more, consider pairing the earrings with LVC Eterno Elegance Curved Diamond Necklace! Boasting a delicate curve of 16 pave round diamonds, the diamond necklace is a classic jewellery piece guaranteed to impress your mom. Talk about donning effortless pieces to spruce up her day-to-day look!

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It is a mother's love that strengthens us, her care that prepares us to face the challenges that the world brings, and her hands that assist us in conquering all of life's difficulties. In return, make a statement this Mother’s Day by letting the love you have for her be heard loud and clear with gorgeous pieces from the LVC Mother’s Day collection specially crafted with the most heartfelt intentions. Express your affection and appreciation in a way that you know she would enjoy. If you require any assistance in selecting the ideal present, you can also book an in-store appointment and visit our leading jewellery shop in Singapore.

Celebrating precious #MyThankfulMOMents with Mom has never been easier. Let Love & Co. be a part of your Mother’s Day celebrations this year!

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