PUBLISHED: March 26, 2021

To prolong that brilliant sparkle, your silver deserves the tender loving care it needs. This is especially the case for sterling silver, which is used across most jewellery brands. This precious metal is prone to developing a layer of tarnish when exposed to components in the air. And with a layer of grey-black tarnish, your bracelet or necklace can no longer add that alluring radiance to your everyday outfits.

There are ways for you to prolong its gleaming quality. Use these five tips to steer your dazzling jewellery away from tarnish!

1. Make silver your everyday accessory

Though hard to believe, one key solution is to wear your silver accessories daily! Don’t let your silver sit in your jewellery box for long – it remains its shiny best when worn often. This is because when you put the jewellery on, the friction between your skin and the silver slows down any tarnish from forming. Indeed, that’s why many women manage to keep the shine on their favourite everyday bracelets!

2. No household chores, showers or swims with silver

It can be easy to forget to remove your accessories in your day-to-day activities. But precious silver tarnishes when coming in contact with salt, chlorine, sweat and sulphur.

Make it a point to remove your silver jewellery before you proceed to do any of these activities. And since it is a soft metal, you wouldn’t want to risk your silver ring getting scratched or knocked. Direct sunlight is another possible cause of breaking down the silver coating, so keep your precious accessories out of direct sunlight.

3. Always accessorise last

When you dress up, it’s best to make accessorising your finishing touch. Only put on your jewellery once you’ve finished applying make-up, perfume and hairspray. That’s because sterling silver has been known to be tarnished when exposed to chemicals in common cosmetics. Be sure to accessorise last so you can preserve the shine on your everyday jewellery!

4. Eliminate all moisture when storing

If you’re storing your sterling silver, make sure you put them in an air-tight ziplock or an anti-tarnish bag. This helps your accessories avoid oxidisation and tarnish.

So the next time you purchase a new handbag, don’t throw out the silica gel packs that come with it! These silica packs are handy moisture-absorbents – throw them into your jewellery boxes instead.

6. Keep to a regular cleaning schedule

Finally, polish your silver regularly with a special and non-abrasive silver cloth. This silver cloth removes tarnish and ensures your everyday silver jewellery have their shine restored. When using the cloth, gently wipe your jewellery several times in a single direction.


When it comes to your treasured and most adored silver, tender loving care is crucial for you to extend the life of their sparkle! The work will be worth it for these pieces which you have absolutely fallen in love with. And for sterling silver, which tarnishes easily due to its composition, treating these pieces well is a priority in prolonging their dazzling brilliance on you.

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