PUBLISHED: October 31, 2023

If you’re having a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, chances are that you’ll be receiving a set of Si Dian Jin (四点金) during the Guo Da Li (过大礼). This symbol of tradition and love holds a special place in any bride’s heart, serving as a physical representation of being welcomed by and into the groom’s family.

Do you know you can incorporate your Si Dian Jin into your everyday wardrobe? What if you could incorporate those breathtaking beauties into your daily outfits as a reminder of your most cherished moments? 

With Love & Co.’s latest LVC 9IN 999 Pure Gold Collection – a contemporary take on this treasured tradition – these wishes are now a reality. Made from our proprietary 5G gold, our version of 999 gold jewellery is designed to be both lightweight and high in hardness, ensuring everyday wearability. Reflecting the five pillars of Grace, Glorious, Gentle, Genius and Gusty, this modern Si Dian Jin collection redefines bridal jewellery to be both timeless and accessible, toeing the line between everyday accessory and heirloom.

Here are just some ways you can incorporate your 9IN 999 Pure Gold pieces (or any other Si Dian Jin you may receive) into your everyday wardrobe.

1. Pick a Design that Echoes Your Personal Style

The key to making your Si Dian Jin wearable and timeless is to opt for designs that suit your existing personal style. If your existing jewellery collection tends to be more minimalist and refined, you might not be the biggest fan of chunkier and bolder designs – and vice versa. The LVC 9IN 999 Pure Gold Collection offers a range of versatile designs that can be effortlessly incorporated into your daily ensemble. From more elaborate pieces like the LVC 9IN Oriental Lily 999 Gold Ring to the daintier LVC 9IN Classic 999 Gold Ring, discover elegant designs that will seamlessly blend into your everyday attire.

2. Embrace Golden Glamour

Gold never goes out of style, so why not fully dive into the lush tones of a yellow gold Si Dian Jin set? Play up the romance with the LVC 9IN Strings of Love 999 Gold Ring, or indulge in a little sparkle with the LVC 9IN Radiant Heart 999 Gold Necklace. Feminine yet bold, they add a touch of classic luxury to any ensemble.

3. Mix and Match Coordinating Pieces

One of the beauties of Si Dian Jin is that it already comes as a coordinating set. However, you don't always have to wear all the pieces together! Mix and match individual items to create different looks, or combine them with other gold jewellery collections for an eclectic aesthetic. You could even combine them with rose gold jewellery for an extra dimension of warmth, such as pairing the LVC 9IN Drop Clover 999 Gold Necklace with the LVC Charmes Clover Diamond Earring Studs. Don’t be afraid to mix metals in your rings and jewellery if you want to – after all, your personal style should be a reflection of you!

4. Stack for Maximalist Sophistication

If you love bold and extravagant styles, consider stacking your Si Dian Jin bangles and bracelets. Stacking not only adds a touch of maximalist sophistication but also showcases your treasured pieces. You can combine bangles of varying widths and textures for a unique and eye-catching effect, like the classic LVC 9IN Iris Beaded 999 Gold Bracelet, intricate LVC 9IN Kailey 999 Gold Bracelet, and elaborate LVC 9IN Lyndzi Beaded 999 Gold Bracelet with its two chain styles that serve as an excellent transition piece.

5. Keep Necklines in Mind

The necklace is often the centrepiece of the Si Dian Jin set. When accessorising your necklace or pendant, always consider how it’ll coordinate with your outfit’s neckline. Higher necklines could go equally well with slim chokers or longer statement pendants, while v-necks and scoop necks pair beautifully with more moderate necklace lengths. 

With options like the LVC 9IN Trinity Carla Heart 999 Gold Necklace, LVC 9IN Drop Circlet 999 Gold Necklace, and LVC 9IN Butterfly Lovers 999 Gold Necklace to choose from, there’s a necklace style available for everyone.

Reimagine Bridal Jewellery with Love & Co.

At Love & Co., we understand the importance of preserving the past while looking towards the future. That's the ethos we’ve kept in mind while designing the 9IN 999 Pure Gold Collection, a contemporary interpretation of Si Dian Jin. Crafted from 999 pure gold, this collection marries tradition with timeless style. The name "9IN" signifies "Always 'in' style," while the number '9' symbolises 长长久久 (Chang Chang Jiu Jiu) longevity, making it perfect for weddings and other celebrations.

Showcase the beauty of your Si Dian Jin through the 9IN 999 Pure Gold Collection. Such cherished pieces shouldn’t have to be locked away in a drawer after they’ve been bought – they should be celebrated as a meaningful milestone in you and your partner’s love story! Explore Love & Co.’s jewellery collections today and experience the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary elegance.