PUBLISHED: September 10, 2021

The hunt for that one true engagement or wedding ring to sweep her off her feet has always been challenging, but all with good reason! Whether it’s ensuring the perfect fit or aligning the ring’s detailing with her lifestyle, and then proceeding to fit these factors within a reasonable budget, ring shopping for your significant other can be quite a tall task.

Yet, despite its various difficulties, many men still carve out time to sieve out that gorgeous diamond ring for her – so much so that this careful search can be seen as a time-honoured tradition on its own! Especially for those highly romantic partners out there, it’s definitely a smart move to surprise your forever person with the perfect proposal ring.

Here at Love & Co., we understand that packaging a sweet proposal involves many considerations. With that, we’re here to offload your biggest ring-hunting woes with these top picks, as voted by both our consultants and customers.

For the timeless romantics: LVC Eterno collection

Proposal Rings

Carefully curated for life’s greatest milestones, eternity bands are undoubtedly a classic piece of bridal jewellery that has withstood the test of time. Truly befitting of its name, the endless diamonds on these bands reflect both your eternal love and how the eternity design will forever be trending and loved by many!

Boasting sparkles from every curve and angle, explore our extensive range of alluring designs from our LVC Eterno collection. Gift your significant other a statement piece that captures her heart: she can choose to wear it on its own or stack with other everyday pieces to enhance its radiance! With such versatility, it’s no wonder this charming piece has been the choice for true blue romantics.

If you’re feeling a little stretched for budget but still looking to offer that dazzling eternity ring, then be sure to explore our LVC Petit Precieux. Flaunting just as many diamonds with unrivalled brilliance, these lab grown diamonds are the more wallet-friendly option to melt her heart.

At Love & Co., we take the eternity band up a notch, spoiling you with the choice of white gold, rose gold or even dual-toned wedding bands – you’re sure to find one that matches your significant other’s style seamlessly.

To accentuate her elegant beauty: LVC Perfection & LVC Desirio collection

LVC Perfection

Proposal Rings

There is much truth in the traditional saying ‘all good things come in pairs’. You and your partner are meant to be, so let the LVC Perfection collection illuminate the wonderful union between the two of you!

By marrying the beauty of a duet, all the wedding bands in this collection are perfectly proportioned and tapered to complement her engagement ring – all for a more stunning bridal stack. This one’s for those girls who prefer to wear a sophisticated band with the most subtle detailing on it; she’s sure to wear these designs most effortlessly.

LVC Desirio

Proposal Rings

Haven’t found that eye-catching band she’ll adore forever in the LVC Perfection collection? Then, perhaps our next meaningful set of bands will do the trick. Enter the  LVC Desirio collection: encapsulating confidence, style and independence, this collection offers bands to illuminate her uniqueness and beauty.

One look at the exclusive designs in the collection and you’ll find that the intricate detailing was only possible with the highest quality of craftmanship, curated by the most experienced designers. Be treated with an array of exceptional designs, each illustrating a special inspiration behind its ring concept!

For the modern couple with an edge: LVC Noued collection

Proposal Rings

These are not (noeud) your typical wedding bands. This latest, specially curated collection is for couples looking for that edge – it’s time to explore our LVC Noeud collection! This series balances what it means to be both unique and trendy, offering stylish matching wedding bands for him and her.

Rest assured that any ring from this refined collection offers immense visual interest and captivates the eyes of any on-looker. Keeping true to its name (with noeud referring to knot), every band includes an intricate knot detailing. If you find yourself tugged by this idea, it’s time to tie the knot with our distinct LVC Noeud wedding bands.

To gift her a symbol of your eternal love: Love & Co.’s signature rings

LVC Promise

Proposal Rings

If you’ve been shopping on our online store, you couldn’t have missed our signature LVC Promise collection. Illustrating love beyond conventions, the LVC Promise collection is one of our signature wedding bands, highly exclusive to Love & Co. only.

In this collection, we’re all about that comfort fit: using the latest cutting-edge CNC technology to ensure your LVC Promise band offers her maximum comfort for daily wear. Before releasing any of these wedding bands, they undergo multiple rounds of polishing to gift you only smooth ring surfaces for that optimal fit.

Taking inspiration for the exceptional interlocking of the bolt and nut, these bands encapsulate the perfect union and everlasting bond between you and your partner. Let any stunning band from this special collection speak volumes of your blissful marriage. When exploring this collection, be sure to also look out for the thicker wedding bands that boasts both a contemporary design and sit well as a statement piece on her fingers.

LVC Destiny

Proposal Rings

Bearing the infinity symbol, this brilliant collection allows your everlasting commitment to shine through! Bask in our LVC Destiny collection, an iconic series specially crafted by Love & Co. for a love of a lifetime.

Love & Co.’s Destiny engagement ring is here to let your love take flight! Besides being a heartfelt gift, the designs are also too gorgeous to decline. Each ring has the infinity symbol tastefully crafted below the pave diamond setting – giving you the perfect combination of maximal sparkle and that twist to your band design. What’s more, this thoughtful infinity symbol is formed by the rose gold piece looping around the white gold metal; this band encapsulates what it means to have an engagement of a lifetime!

LVC Love Journey

Proposal Rings

Last but not least, the LVC Love Journey is another signature Love & Co. collection that narrates the love story you hold dear. More than emphasising that irreplaceable connection you have with your true love, the heart design within the ring setting elevates the centre stone and creates that extraordinary shine on her finger!

It’s time to let Love & Co.’s Love Journey engagement ring chime in life with your forever person; this dreamy ring tells her that you’re ready to take your treasured love story to the next level.

For couples to engrave their love story: Love & Co.’s bespoke wedding rings

Proposal Rings

Even with our wide array of meaningful and more than gorgeous engagement rings and wedding bands, we want you to have a say in your ring designs! With the belief that rings should be ‘made for you, by you’, we’ve carved out a bespoke suite of ring services.

Here at Love & Co., the possibilities are endless. Fancy a princess cut or a stunning halo design with diamonds encircling the centre stone? Let us know your dream diamond shape, band design, ring setting and style! More than offering you double bands or twisted bands, our diamond experts are also ever willing to walk you through the different permutations of ring designs, to craft the one to call your own. Whether you choose from our signature designs or curate one from scratch, your dream ring can be fulfilled with us.

Get your one-of-a-kind wedding rings at Love & Co.

As one of the top bridal jewellers that specialise in wedding rings, be assured that our proficient experts can assist you in finding wedding rings of a lifetime. From advising on the basic diamond terminologies to sharing the must-know tips in looking for diamonds and wedding bands, we believe in letting our customers make informed decisions, offering you a stake in the ring design! So, what are you waiting for – book an in-store appointment today and allow us to kick-start the next chapter of your wonderful love story.