PUBLISHED: April 24, 2024

The types of Mother’s Day gifts we get for Mum change throughout the course of our lives. 

As kids, we often DIY cards, drawings, or other art, making the most of our limited budget. As teens with our own pocket money or earnings, we can save up to get Mum items that we know she’ll love, imbuing each purchase with meaning and thought. Now, as adults, it feels like we should be taking our Mother’s Day 2024 gifting game one step further – but how?

If this dilemma resonates with you, we have a suggestion: 999 gold jewellery. 

Gifting Mum 999 gold jewellery not only means she’ll have a beautiful trinket that reminds her of you every time she wears it, but it will also be an enduring investment that will appreciate over time.

Encapsulating Love in Lasting Creations

So why choose 999 (or 24K) gold? After all, there are so many jewellery options out there.

Simply put, 999 gold offers the highest purity of gold at 99.99%, making it the best gift for the best woman in your life. This high purity boasts an excellent appreciation value over time, transforming any 999 gold piece into a beautiful heirloom that can be passed down through generations.

Love & Co.’s 999 gold pieces are also crafted using 5G gold technology, which enhances the toughness and brilliance of the gold without compromising on weight or craftsmanship – resulting in durable pieces perfect for everyday wear. Not only will these pieces not tarnish over time, but they can also be effortlessly dressed up or down to suit any occasion, rather than being stored away in Mum’s jewellery box and saved only for the most special of days.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Get You Started

To help you find the perfect Mother's Day gift, here are some exquisite pieces from Love & Co.'s 5G 24K/999 gold collection to consider.

If you have a new Mum in your life (or maybe you’re one too!), the first Mother's Day always holds a special significance. Commemorate this milestone with pieces that reflect the new love that’s come into their life and the intertwining of their life and soul with the most precious additions to their family. Designs like the LVC 9IN Duo Twist 999 Gold Ring, LVC 9IN Oria 999 Gold Bracelet, and LVC 9IN Amelia 999 Gold Bracelet symbolise her new connections in this world while still being simple enough to wear without needing to worry about grabby toddler fingers. There’s also classic heart-shaped motifs reimagined in the form of the LVC 9IN Carla Heart 999 Gold Bracelet, LVC 9IN Tender Heart 999 Gold Necklace, LVC 9IN Koharu Heart 999 Gold Earrings, LVC 9IN Lydia Heart 999 Gold Earrings, and LVC 9IN Emma Heartlink 999 Gold Earrings – perfect for adding a touch of romance to even the simplest outfits.

For Mums whose hobbies include gardening or enjoying the great outdoors, sneak a cheeky nod to their pastimes with nature-themed jewellery. The LVC 9IN Golden Lily 999 Gold Ring and LVC 9IN Sunset Rose 999 Gold Ring are great contemporary designs, while the LVC 9IN Square Floret 999 Gold Ring and LVC 9IN Petit Floral 999 Gold Bracelet have signet-inspired designs that honour tradition while remaining alluring. You could also gift Mum the LVC 9IN Heart Clover 999 Gold Pendant to symbolise your well wishes for her good luck and fortune or the LVC 9IN Blooming Bouquet 999 Gold Dangling Earrings for your hopes that her gardens (and dreams) continue to flourish.

Mums who are the life of the party will love intricate designs that are just as extravagant and exquisite as they are, so why not go all out and get her a matching jewellery set? Dress up her trousseau with the LVC 9IN Aurum Folium 999 Gold Ring, LVC 9IN Aurum Folium 999 Gold Earrings, and LVC 9IN Aurum Folium 999 Gold Necklace channelling classic glamour and elegance with a touch of opulence. There’s also the LVC 9IN Ginkgo 999 Gold Ring, LVC 9IN Ginkgo 999 Gold Earrings, and LVC 9IN Ginkgo 999 Gold Necklace, which reimagine the traditional ginkgo flower motif with delicately beautiful woven gold threads symbolising resilience, longevity, luck, and happiness. The LVC 9IN Blossoming Clover 999 Gold Ring, LVC 9IN Blossoming Clover 999 Gold Earrings, and LVC 9IN Blossoming Clover 999 Gold Necklace likewise symbolise good luck, fortune, and abundance, channelling your most earnest desires for Mum’s future to be full of the best things life has to offer.

Find the Best Gifts for Mum at Love & Co.

When it comes to expressing gratitude and love for our Mums on Mother's Day, there's no better way to convey our appreciation than with a timeless and meaningful gift from Love & Co. 

By opting for 999 gold pieces, we ensure that Mum receives only the best – as befitting of the woman at the centre of our world. Whether it’s a delicate bracelet, a stunning necklace, a pair of elegant earrings, or a new gold ring for daily use, each piece in Love & Co.'s collection is designed to capture the essence of maternal love and celebrate the special bond between mother and child. So this Mother's Day 2024, show your appreciation for all that Mum does with a gift that truly reflects the depth of your love and gratitude.

Browse and order Mother’s Day gifts online, or make a date out of it and invite Mum to visit any Love & Co. boutique near you to choose her favourite pieces.