PUBLISHED: February 01, 2023


There's more to a diamond than its worth. Whether buying a wedding ring or a diamond bracelet, you'll always want to make the perfect decision. What if, however, the steep price of diamond jewellery exceeds your budget, or you prefer a piece that has more significance than the traditional diamond? In that case, a diamond alternative might just do the trick! Like lab-grown diamonds, there are several alternatives to a mined diamond that provide outstanding value at a far more affordable price point. According to The Wedding Vows, that's where Love & Co. steps in as one of the best jewellery shops for lab-grown diamonds in Singapore! Learn more about what they have to say about us below.

Diamond jewellery specially designed to symbolise love

A jewellery brand signifying romance and love, the elegant jewellery designs by Love & Co. – carefully crafted by the best artisans – depict significant milestones in one's unique love journey. From dainty earrings to stackable rings in Singapore, all our jewellery pieces are sure to make anyone's heart sing, especially yours!

With our bespoke services, we can assist in crafting your dream jewellery, whether you choose sustainably produced lab-created diamonds or ethically sourced traditional diamonds to go along on your jewellery piece. For an even more personal touch, we're also able to engrave meaningful texts on your jewellery. But as far as our diamond collection goes, The Wedding Vows is confident that our Say Love™ diamond is the best diamond in our collection thus far.

Nothing beats the Say Love™ diamond – the most romantic

Nothing beats the Say Love™ diamond – the most romantic


When choosing the perfect diamond, don’t miss out on our Say Love™! The Say Love™ diamond, exclusively available at Love & Co., is the pure embodiment of contemporary love. The beauty of the diamond is in the fact that it enables you to express your love deeply and meaningfully without having to use words. A ground-breaking amalgamation of the heart-cut diamond and the classic round-cut diamond, it reflects the romanticism in the union of two individuals in love. The end product is undoubtedly the most romantic diamond in the world of diamonds, which includes an iconic, sparkling heart reflection visible from the diamond's top. The good news: the International Gemological Institute (IGI) certifies this expensive diamond as having the highest superb cut grade.

Fantastic, committed customer service

After purchasing your jewellery, rest assured that your journey with us doesn't end there. We provide a post-purchase service specifically designed for you, in addition to our friendly jewellery specialists who can help you with anything and everything you require. Moreover, we provide free lifetime cleaning services for all our jewellery pieces, as well as perform inspections and upkeep as needed.


From wedding jewellery to the most romantic diamond, Love & Co. is your one-stop jewellery store for all things jewellery. According to The Wedding Vows, we are among the 11 best shops to purchase lab-grown diamonds to help you find the best diamond alternative to add to your jewellery collection. If anything, that alone should speak volumes about what we have to offer here at Love & Co.!

Looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift but overwhelmed by our extensive range of jewellery pieces and collections? Simply book an in-store consultation, and our friendly jewellers will guide you to the perfect gift for your beloved.