PUBLISHED: June 25, 2021

Planning an elaborate and heartfelt engagement is no easy feat. From seeking out the most charming diamond shape that speaks to her, to matching it to the right metal choice, and even deciding and keeping to your ring budget – there’s a million things for you to consider to nail that big ‘I do’.

So if you’re experiencing ring-hunting woes and feeling lost in the sea of diamond ring designs and options, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’ve just started searching or been facing a wall in your search for a while now, here’s all you need to attain her dream diamond and the engagement of a lifetime!

What does a carat signify?

A carat is a unit of measurement for the physical weight of diamonds. And little did you not know that a carat value is not determine by the ‘size’ but in fact, it’s the weight that matters (1 carat equals to 0.2g). Traditionally, a larger carat ‘size’ means that the stone is said to be more valuable.

What’s the average carat size of an engagement ring?

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As one of the top considerations for a man who’s on his search for the perfect proposal ring to pop the question with, this comes to mind almost instantly. With worries whether the diamond isn’t big enough or if it doesn’t offer enough sparkle to dazzle your special someone, there’s always the question of what carat size is most suitable for an engagement ring.

And figuring out carat size can be tricky. It isn’t a simple choice between 1, 2, or 3 carats. It’s also commonly believed that the most popular carat size is 1 – but as a matter of fact, that’s just the average carat size! You don’t have to be ashamed of looking for carat sizes below 1 because many other partners have done the same. On the other end of the purchasing spectrum, some partners seek up to 3 carats simply because they can afford it.

Yet, even rings with smaller diamonds can be worn with the same air of elegance. If you’re struggling to choose between a 0.5 or 0.75 carat diamond, remember that for a similar brilliance seen by the naked eye, you’ll be able to save so much when you opt for the smaller carat size!

Then, why do many still seek out a bigger carat size?

Since a long time ago, many romantic lovers have used the carat size to measure their eternal love for their significant other. With a larger carat size and hence a larger diamond ring, he proves that he loves you even more! Sometimes, men can also be embarrassed to give their partner a diamond smaller than that of her friends’ rings.

But practically speaking, your diamond ring stands as a symbolic promise between you and your significant other. And if you burn too big of a hole in your pocket over the engagement ring, without enough savings left for other wedding planning costs or that luxurious honeymoon once the travel restrictions ease, spending beyond your ring budget would probably not be as romantic of a move.

The solution to getting the most out of your carat weight: lab grown diamonds

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Fortunately, with advanced technology came the introduction of making the smarter choice when it comes to a selection of a diamond: lab grown diamonds. With the same brilliance and sparkle as traditionally mined diamonds, these lab grown diamonds are here to offer you a bigger carat but at a fraction of traditional mined diamond’s price – getting more bang for your buck.

What’s more, lab grown diamonds are not diamond alternatives. They are as real as diamonds can get with the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds. You’ll also be relieved to know that they are certified with the same 4Cs (cut, clarity, colour, carat weight) as mined diamonds.

The difference lies solely in the diamond seed. But the origin of the diamond seed also means more cost savings passed on to you, the customer! Without the need for mining costs, this alternative new-age lab grown diamond can now fulfill both her 1-carat dream (or bigger) and your budget restrictions.

And of course, besides the price, lab grown diamonds have been gaining attention among younger shoppers because of their conflict-free significance. With more awareness of mined diamond’s environmental and labour impacts, new-age couples are more driven by the brand’s history and the ‘real’ cost of their purchase – that means opting for the new alternative that reduces harm done to workers and wildlife.

Your smart choice with Love & Co.’s Precieux Collection of brilliant lab grown diamondsWedding Rings, Wedding Rings Singapore

To attain a bigger carat size at a fraction of its usual price, revel in our extensive LVC Precieux collection, which features the unrivalled sparkle of stunning lab grown diamonds. For that perfect proposal solitaire ring you’ve been searching for, let us offer you the environmentally-friendly choice of affordable and jaw-dropping lab grown diamonds to sweep her right off her feet!

The quality of LVC Precieux are graded against the 4Cs – a set of globally accepted standards. On top of that, all our lab grown diamonds are Type II A, belonging to the top 2% of mined diamonds worldwide. For the same brilliance and shine, LVC Precieux is definitely your choice to fulfil her carat dream while spending within your budget as well.


So make the smarter choice today and bask in this new generation of lab grown diamonds! Choose LVC Precieux to go beyond the average carat size and gift her a bigger diamond that radiates your eternal love. Shop at our extensive collection of lab grown jewellery online and if you have further reservations about these new-age diamonds, book an in-store consultation with us. We’re more than glad to clear your doubts and kick start quality proposal ideas for that yes you’ve been dreaming of!