PUBLISHED: December 20, 2019
‘Tis the season to show your significant other just how much she means to you – and what better way to do so than to present her with a sparkling piece of jewellery to represent your love that shines bright like a diamond!

To inspire your gifts this year – we have rounded up some of the most captivating jewellery pieces to get her this holiday season, featuring some of Love & Co.’s most fun, elegant and exquisite jewellery collections!


Keeping your love forever young and sweet is the LVC’s latest Teddy Bear collection – a symbol that is widely known for a companionship filled with tender care and never-ending cuddles.

Featuring an adorable teddy bear charm that is presented in an exquisite collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings – surprise your lover with the range of cute and subtle jewellery pieces that are versatile enough to wear every day!

With names such as Heartfelt Confession, Cuddle Me and My Companion – each endearing design is carefully crafted with 18k rose gold as well as 925 silver options, and built to be a reminder of your promise to be her beloved companion for years to come.



Another timeless and romantic gift to get for your other half this giving season is the iconic LVC Promise collection.

The luxurious range represents Love & Co.’s excellent craftsmanship and creativity – featuring statement pieces made with 18k white and rose gold that is bold enough to make a statement, and meaningful enough to cherish for years to come.

The intricate design draws from a bolt and nut aligned perfectly together – signifying the strength and unity of two people coming together to become one. Each ring is sculpted with 5 grooves representing the ingredients of an enduring relationship: Love, Devotion, Commitment, Bond and Happiness.

This collection definitely deserves a special place in her heart – and her jewellery box.



You can never go wrong with a unique piece of jewellery – even for the woman who has it all. Love & Co. now offers a bespoke experience to all couples looking to get a customized ring to call their own. Whether she is a minimalist-at-heart or a passionate businesswoman – you are sure to find a design that fits her to a tee.

If you wish to get a bigger solitaire as compared to your current ring – the LVC Diamond Concierge offers you the unique experience of customizing your own engagement rings! Choosing from precious materials and a host of meaningful details, keep the love alive with 30,000 permutations to mark your everlasting union.

Choose your own ring head, band, bezel, colour and diamond – designing an unbreakable and unique gift that is filled with pure love and devotion. You can even choose to engrave a personal message or important date on the bezel – a small detail that instantly elevates the basic solitaire ring.

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be as difficult as finding the one – but choosing something that symbolizes your unconditional love and passion for your lover can never go wrong! Browse through the products mentioned in this guide on our online store, as well as a whole list of other stunning proposal rings and wedding jewellery to skip the holiday crowds and shop in the comfort of your own home!