PUBLISHED: June 24, 2019

Here is a scene that’s familiar to many: Muster up your courage, kneel on the ground, reveal the proposal ring, pop the question and you would have gotten her hand in marriage. That may happen in romance movies but in real life? Maybe.

In reality, it takes a lot more than bravery to make the proposal a successful one.


The star of the show is definitely the engagement ring.

With your spouse in mind, the engagement ring has to be thoughtfully considered. After all, she will wear it on her finger every single day, for the rest of their life. It could be an enchanting diamond on a rose gold engagement ring. Just be meticulous and keep a look out for her likes and dislikes, and you will have a rough idea which ring design she would most likely adore.

From fancy-shaped diamonds to gemstone engagement rings, there’s a plethora of designs and styles to pick from. But when it all comes down to it, your words and heartfelt emotions are the keys to your significant other’s heart.


Before going into the proposal, you should receive the blessings from your new parents-to-be as it is a form of respect. Furthermore, they’re probably the best people to ask in regards to the entire planning of the proposal. Hence, it is recommended to put aside a day before your penned proposal date to meet your partner’s parents and tell them your plan.


Once you have settled the date, mark it immediately on your calendar. Next, you should make sure that there is sufficient preparation time leading to the big day. It is best to plan ahead and make sure you have everything that you need when the time comes.


We all know that the classic way to do a proposal is to kneel down and present the ring. But there’s more than just that one traditional way to propose.

Input your partner’s perspective when you are brainstorming. Have the entire proposal revolved around her.

Would your partner like it to be a little more personal where it’s just the two of you when the proposal is happening? Perhaps you could have a movie marathon and hide the ring with your bowl of popcorn.

Or would your partner prefer to be surrounded by loved ones and be pleasantly surprised? Well, scavenger hunts always seem to do the trick. Intrigue your partner with a few difficult hints and have her go on an adventure - then hit her with a surprise by having those dearest to her pop up at the end of the hunt.

Create a moment that is unique and distinctive to you and your significant other, a story to reminisce on and to share with your loved ones.



Anyone would love a little compliment, but nothing is better than a long and heartfelt note from their partner.

If preparing an entire page of words is too hard, how about coming up with a list of reasons on why you love your partner? It may not be an easy thing to do but it’s a nice gesture to let her know the littlest traits you like and appreciate about her.


When you’re all set and done with the big proposal idea, it’s time to get ready your to-do list.

While we know that the engagement ring is a must, what are the other things you need? Do you have to book a restaurant in advance? How about a bouquet of flowers to go with the proposal?

Ultimately, it depends on the type of proposal you are doing. If it’s an intimate stay-in dinner, then you might want to shop for ingredients and cook up a feast. But if it’s a hidden ring proposal, make sure it stays out of her sight before you pop the question.

Get everything listed down at the start so you don’t miss out on anything.

Planning a proposal can be pretty exciting. With enough effort, preparation and heart put into it, you are sure to confidently propose to your significant other and look forward to a delightful outcome.