PUBLISHED: April 25, 2024

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to show appreciation for the incredible women in our lives. Whether you're celebrating your mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, wife, or even yourself, finding the perfect gift can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

To help you get started, Love & Co. has curated a Mother's Day gift guide featuring stunning jewellery pieces at every price point, making it easier than ever to find a meaningful and memorable gift for the special woman in your life. Precious yet sentimental, gifting someone jewellery allows them to carry a part of you close to their heart whenever they wear it, so you’ll always be with them no matter where they are.

Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts for Mum Under $300

To begin with, let’s explore an array of budget-friendly beautiful pieces that won’t break the bank. Buying women’s fine jewellery as a gift for Mum doesn’t always require you to empty out your wallet, and Love & Co. carries plenty of pieces under $300 to show your appreciation without overspending.

For Mums who prefer something simple, you can’t go wrong with a timeless charm pendant. The LVC 9TwentyFive Vintage Oval Charm Pendant (From $89), LVC 9TwentyFive Vintage Round Charm Pendant (From $89), and LVC 9TwentyFive Ava Oval Charm Pendant (From $99) are just some selections from our online exclusive 9TwentyFive collection, with price tags beginning from under $100. Made from 925 Sterling Silver and accompanied by a complimentary 925 Sterling Silver chain, these pendants are highly durable and easy to care for – perfect for everyday accessoring! Pair with the LVC 9TwentyFive Moi Embracing Bangle ($169) and Mum will have all she needs to add that final touch to her outfits.

On the higher end of the price list (though still within a $300 budget) we have the LVC Mod Memoire Bead Bracelet ($169), LVC Mod Vine Chain Bracelet ($199), and LVC Mod Dia Ball Charm Bracelet (From $299). Gleaming in 14K Rose Gold, they can be worn on their own for a subtle yet stunning effect – or stacked into dramatic layers with a touch of feminine softness. 

And of course, Mums who love a touch of dazzle in their wardrobes will love the LVC 9IN Esther Star 999 Gold Earrings ($219) and LVC 9IN Emma Heartlink 999 Gold Earrings ($299) – 999 (or 24K) gold beauties that are small but pack a brilliant visual punch.

Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts for Mum Between $300 to $500

For those looking to splurge a little more, these mid-range options offer timeless elegance and sophistication. From dainty pendants to classic gold rings, there's something here to suit every taste.

The LVC Promise Eternity Pendant’s ($339) bolt and nut design represents a promise of love – perfect for commemorating the unique, irreplaceable bond between mother and child. The design’s slightly industrial edge also marks it as a modern mainstay, elevating every outfit with an understated boldness. Another motif to consider is the Roman numerals-themed LVC Joie Decades Diamond Key Pendant ($469) from the LVC Joie jewellery collection, representing the passing of time and creation of memories with your loved ones.

If your Mum’s jewellery gift preferences lean towards traditional yellow gold, our LVC 9IN 5G 999 Gold collection won’t disappoint. 5G gold technology ensures every piece is as durable as it is beautiful, transforming them into priceless heirlooms that can be passed down to grandkids and even great-grandkids and beyond should you be so lucky! Begin with the LVC 9IN Classic Bloom 999 Gold Ring (From $309) a simple golden band with small floral details, and pair with the LVC 9IN Clover Key 999 Gold Pendant ($369) symbolising how Mum still has the key to your heart, even after all these years. 

Nothing says love more than the classic heart symbol, so go all in with the LVC 9IN Harper’s Harmony Heart 999 Gold Earrings ($339), LVC 9IN Lydia Heart 999 Gold Earrings ($339), and LVC 9IN Allure Heart 999 Gold Earrings ($419) where fine details elevate a classic silhouette into timeless treasures.

Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts for Mum Above $500

If you're looking to make a statement, these luxurious pieces are sure to impress. Centred around stunning diamond accents and exquisite craftsmanship, these gifts are perfect for showing your love and appreciation in a grand yet meaningful way.

If the Joie’s Roman numeral motif speaks to Mum’s aesthetic preferences, the collection also has higher-end pieces you can consider like the LVC Joie Centuries Diamond Earrings ($669) and LVC Joie Aeonian Love Diamond Key Pendant ($699). Crafted from 14K Gold, their numbered details symbolise the passing of time, and the preciousness of each moment you get to spend with Mum.

If you’re on the lookout for yellow gold jewellery instead, our 999 gold collection blends tradition with modernity, crafting this precious material into distinctly contemporary designs. Take the LVC 9IN Blessings Hoop 999 Gold Bracelet (From $522.75) for instance, which quietly incorporates the fortune ‘Fu’ symbol into an understated bracelet. Or the LVC 9IN Alexandra 999 Gold Ring (From $770.15), which reimagines vintage ring forms with a geometric flair. There’s also instant classics like the LVC 9IN Jayla 999 Gold Necklace (From $745.63) and LVC 9IN Revolving Barrel 999 Gold Necklace (From $891), which Mum will be able to dress up or down with ease.

Finally, if you’re really trying to leave Mum breathless in shock from her Mother’s Day present, why not consider a matching jewellery set? This way, she’ll always have a coordinating set of accessories on hand for those special occasions, adding a sentimental edge that’s singularly spectacular. The LVC 9IN Aurum Folium 999 Gold Earrings (From $556.37), LVC 9IN Aurum Folium 999 Gold Ring (From $750.20), and LVC 9IN Aurum Folium 999 Gold Necklace (From $1,004.58) are great choices for Mums who can appreciate fine filigree design or who want to channel old-school glamour. 

Whereas the LVC Promise Diamond Bracelet ($1,259), LVC Promise Full Diamond Necklace ($1,579), LVC Promise Diamond Earrings ($2,099), and LVC Promise Signature Large Diamond Pendant ($2,599) bear speak to more modern tastes, while bearing shades of White and Rose Gold that make them perfect jewellery for cooler skin tones.

Celebrate the Special Women in Your Life with Love & Co.

This Mother's Day, celebrate the extraordinary women in your life with a gift for Mum from Love & Co. Whether you're looking for something simple and heartfelt or luxurious and extravagant, our jewellery collections have you covered. 

Shop our wide range of everyday jewellery collections to see our full catalogue or peruse curated Mother’s Day jewellery selections specially picked out with Mum in mind. You can also accompany Mum to any Love & Co. boutique near you and let her pick out her jewellery of choice, allowing the two of you to share a special moment together you’ll never forget.