PUBLISHED: July 13, 2023


There’s something uniquely transformative about the journey of love – every shared moment turns into a timeless memory, the smallest inside jokes and experiences now a milestone etched in eternity. This concept forms the soul of Love & Co.’s breathtaking LVC Joie jewellery collection, a testament to the everlasting power of love and commitment. If you’re looking for the perfect milestone jewellery to commemorate an engagement, anniversary, or special occasion, this collection is the perfect choice for you.

Classical Aesthetics for Everlasting Enchantment

When we talk about a jewellery collection, it is so much more than just a curated selection of beautiful pieces. It’s about capturing the essence of unforgettable moments, symbolising those shared stories of love. As Love & Co’s latest collection, the LVC Joie jewellery series brings to life this very philosophy.

Rooted in classical aesthetics, the Joie collection features timeless elements like Roman numerals gracefully juxtaposed with elegant forms. This design language isn’t just beautiful but also steeped in a rich history of passionate emotions and bold declarations. Each pendant necklace or diamond necklace from this collection is a nod to love’s timeless nature and an ideal way to subtly – yet unmistakably – express your devotion to your partner.

Additionally, each and every piece showcases our expertise as diamond specialists, evident in our stringent diamond grading process. Beyond ensuring that our diamonds meet the 4Cs, we evaluate our gems on four additional parameters – Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire, and Light Symmetry – to ensure that only the best make it through to you. Through this stringent grading process, we ensure that every Love & Co. diamond can serve as a breathtaking heirloom to last a lifetime.

LVC Joie Centuries Diamond Pendant

The stunning LVC Joie Centuries Diamond Pendant features a unique design that commemorates the beauty of eternal love. Twelve diamonds surround Roman numerals meant to represent the twelve months of the year. Made from 14K Gold and accompanied by a complimentary 10K Gold chain, this pendant conjures up the dreaminess of spending a day, a month, a year, and an eternity with your loved one.

LVC Joie Aeonian Love Diamond Key Pendant

The LVC Joie Aeonian Love Diamond Key Pendant is the epitome of grace, manifesting as a white gold necklace with a key-shaped pendant. Adorned with a halo of twelve stunning diamonds, this piece comes without a chain so you can fashion it the way you wish. A small heart-shaped detailing on the key is another subtle romantic touch, allowing you to truly wear a symbol of your shared love close to your own heart.

LVC Joie Decades Diamond Pendant and Bracelet

A celebration of love’s journey, the LVC Joie Decades Diamond Pendant and LVC Joie Decades Diamond Bracelet are a perfect set to embody the spirit of passing time. Set in 14K White Gold, these pieces are perfect for those in search of a white gold bracelet set that radiates effortless elegance. The Decades Diamond Bracelet also includes elements in 18K Rose Gold, elevating the piece for a timeless appeal.

LVC Joie Centuries Diamond Earrings

Finally, the LVC Joie Centuries Diamond Earrings pair perfectly with any white gold jewellery you might already have in your collection. Delicate, enchanting, and radiant, the diamond-encrusted Roman numerals on these earrings honour the tender memories from every day spent together. Add a simple and understated dash of charm to any look while epitomising Love & Co.’s commitment to unique designs and unrivalled quality.


Eternalise your Love Story with Love & Co.

When you select a piece from the LVC Joie collection, you’re not just purchasing a piece of jewellery. You’re capturing a shared moment, an eternal promise, a milestone in your journey of love. Whether you’re celebrating 500 days together or your first anniversary (and beyond), Love & Co.’s varied jewellery collections make sure every detail of that story is uniquely yours. As the first jeweller in Southeast Asia to offer lab-grown diamonds, Love & Co.’s exquisite selection of diamonds isn’t just a symbol of your love but a reflection of your conscious choice to support sustainability.

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