PUBLISHED: May 05, 2021

When on the hunt for your engagement ring, you’ll be looking out for the most magical ring – one that is gorgeous, dazzling and most of all, one that screams you! Let your engagement ring design be as wide as your imagination can be, and one that can truly radiate the personality of you and your significant other.

Instead of hopping from one jewellery shop to another, save yourself that trouble and go for a bespoke ring instead! Here at Love & Co., we believe that each engagement story is special and different. Let us help you craft customisable rings that holds true to you and your partner. Here’s a quick look at how to attain that one ring to sweep her right off her feet.

Made for you, by you - dream BIG with Love & Co.’s bespoke ring

Here at Love & Co., we want to craft a ring that your significant other will fall in love with, over and over again. For that, you’re included in the detailed ring making process, right down to these five aspects! Our bespoke service is a visual and hands-on experience like no other.


Customising your ring metal is so much more than choosing between white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. You’ll also get to choose your surface finish to insert some personality into the design!

Ring Head

Take control of how your diamonds are set: choose your diamond solitaire shape and tell us the number of prongs you wish to hold your diamonds. Getting your ring head right is key to emulating your overall ring look and design.

Ring Body

Making a bespoke ring goes right down to how you wish your ring body will feel around your finger! Be treated with different options such as vintage twisted patterns or the classic cathedral design – we leave the ring style up to you.


You don’t need to stick to the classic round diamond shape. When you’re pulling out the most gorgeous engagement ring, wow your significant other with fancy diamond cuts and colours.


And of course, what is a bespoke ring without engraving something special for you and your partner? Share with us if you wish to engrave something meaningful or valuable to you, such as your initials or date of a special occasion.

Why Love & Co.’s bespoke suite services is here for you


Crafting a ring from scratch doesn’t mean you need to burn a massive hole in your pocket! Keeping the cost within a friendly budget is possible – let our experienced consultants know your budget and our team will work around it.

At Love & Co, we believe that sustainably created or ethically sourced diamonds are the way to go. Made with the same material and properties as earth mined diamonds, the LVC Precieux diamonds offer the most stunning lab grown diamonds. For the same radiance, you make a choice that doesn’t require mining of conventional diamonds or a dent in your wallet!

Unique designs and quality craftsmanship

Your dream design will be drawn out in detailed sketches for our consultants to craft that one true ring design you have in mind. From design to creation, every stage and process is held to exceptional standards. Thus customers will have full assurance to the craftsmanship and quality of our engagement rings.

Personalised experience

Finally, you’ll be immersed in a personal and intimate consultation experience with our experts! Don’t hold back even the tiniest request; our team is here to journey with you for that ring only for you. You will receive a personalised consultation where our experts will run you through a short diamond education and help you select the perfect diamond ring distinctly suited for you.


Creating your customised engagement ring here at Love & Co. is hassle-free and easy with our dedicated team ensuring that you find one that is truly yours. Fret not if you have little or no experience in diamonds, or have not decided on the type of engagement ring you like, our experts will advise you accordingly based on your finger type and run you through our wide range of designs to find something that suits you perfectly.

As you’re busy crafting proposal ideas, let us ease your load and craft the perfect ring you can pop the question with. Looking for inspirations for your ideal ring? Check out our Love & Co. jewellery shop online, book a consultation and we’ll start creating your dream engagement ring right away!

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