PUBLISHED: July 15, 2022

At least once in our lives, we might wonder: when is the best time to propose to our one and only sweetheart? Well, it seems like there is a hot favourite when it comes to the best season to propose – nearer the end of the year!

To think about it, it makes sense since the tail-end of the year is when most holidays and festivities occur. After all, who wouldn’t like to be proposed to under dreamy Christmas lights or the breathtaking canvas of New Year’s Eve fireworks ringing above?

If you are one of those who are thinking of popping the question in the coming months, here is a reminder to start planning right now! Never thought you would need to plan for a proposal? Well – you should, and – below are some things you can start thinking about!

Work out a budget

Let’s be realistic: getting married in Singapore is not a cheap affair. But your proposal and wedding do not have to burn a hole in your pocket if you plan things right. Establishing your available budget for the proposal itself can help you scope the scale of your event early on and avoid disappointments later.

An affordable proposal does not necessarily mean one that is any less memorable or meaningful, too! Most importantly, you should understand your partner’s preferences and win her over with your love and sincerity - do make sure to set aside enough for what you intend to do, which may include a hearty dinner, decorations, and a hired photographer to document the special moment and for the perfect engagement ring selfie, for example.

Plan out your event

There are as many types of proposals as there are couples – make it unique for you and your lover! Adventurous? Propose to her underwater while scuba diving! Food-lover? You can consider proposing with words written in icing or sauce during a special meal! Die-hard romantic? Pop the question amidst the backdrop of a beautiful sunset or under a sky full of stars!

You do not necessarily have to indulge in luxuries or grand events to propose. Some like it low-key, while others would like their closest buddies and family to be involved. If the proposal is meant to be a surprise, consider riding on a special occasion like your dating anniversary to set the mood right. Another fool-proof idea is returning to where you first met or had your first date and reliving the moment you first laid eyes on each other.

Above all, this event is meant to celebrate you as a couple and proclaim your wishes to take it to the next level. That said, do not forget to plan out what you want to say to your significant other, and make her feel like the princess of the night!

Find her dream ring

Find her dream ring

Besides you – the couple – and the ever-important words you have planned to say, the next singular most important thing to prepare is the engagement ring! Solitaire diamond rings have become so synonymous with the proposal that it’s as though you cannot propose without it.

These days, there are a multitude of styles and permutations of the classic diamond ring you can find. If you are going down the traditional route of presenting your beloved with a dazzling solitaire diamond ring, here are some styles that might be right up your (and her) alley!

LVC Precieux Promise (Slim) Diamond Ring in 4 prongs

LVC Precieux Promise (Slim) Diamond Ring in 4 prongs

As tightly as a nut and bolt hold fast together, so your union shall be! That is the theme of the LVC Promise collection, which makes up a meaningful wedding jewellery collection in Singapore. Elegant with a slight edge, this diamond ring is suitable for couples who want their ring to tell a story.

The crowning glory of this dazzling ring is the lab-grown diamond, ethically and sustainably made for you to have a guilt-free reminder of love. This version with four prongs lets the diamond sit atop the ring while showing off more facets of its sparkling beauty – best for ladies who want the most bling for their buck!

LVC Precieux Love Journey Carita Diamond Ring

LVC Precieux Love Journey Carita Diamond Ring

How sweet can you get with your engagement ring? Mini heart-shapes serve as the prongs that hold the splendid solitaire diamond in place, and another heart is hidden in the crown of the ring. Surely, her heart will flutter at the sight of this romantic proposal ring!

You know it is not a run-of-the-mill design with gentle curves and a subtle white gold accent on the band. For even more impact, pair it with a beautiful rose-gold diamond bracelet to complete the look. With this ring, you are also doing a favour to the environment and mining community by owning a lab-grown diamond, a win-win situation for all!

LVC Precieux Destiny Esme Diamond Ring

LVC Precieux Destiny Esme Diamond Ring

Fall in love with the graceful interplay of white-gold and rose-gold in this duo-toned diamond ring, representing the coming together of two into a harmonious union. From the top view, heart-shaped prongs frame the top-grade lab-grown diamond; from the side view, an infinity symbol encompasses your hopes for everlasting love.

Equally stylish and meaningful, your recipient is bound to be impressed with this detailed and thoughtful creation. Not to mention, if you look up 1-carat diamond prices in Singapore, you will notice that lab-grown diamonds are a fraction of the cost of their mined equivalents – so this will be a prudent choice that lets you save for your wedding, honeymoon, and future home!

LVC Pre Engagement Ring

LVC Pre Engagement Ring

Most gentlemen make the best guess when it comes to choosing their to-be fiancée’s engagement ring. But if you want to surprise her and let her choose her ideal proposal ring for herself, we have an alternative idea for you: a pre engagement ring!

This ring lets you propose with a piece of jewellery that is affordable and simple in style, keeping the surprise element of the proposal true to the end. After she’s said yes, you could both proceed to pick out an engagement ring that she truly loves. There is truly no getting it wrong with the pre engagement ring!


Now that you know how to start planning your proposal, you will have us to thank once she says yes! Begin today by booking an appointment and making a visit to our showrooms to select the perfect engagement ring for her, or browse through the styles in our online catalogue.

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