PUBLISHED: May 17, 2024

Besides Valentine’s Day in February, did you know that there are several other couples’ days throughout the year?

In Japan, for instance, there’s White Day on March 14th, meant to be a counterpart to Valentine’s Day a month prior. 

And for couples in Singapore and China, there’s “520”. 

Falling on May 20th (hence, 5-20), this date gained traction on Chinese social media in the 2000s as an ‘unofficial’ Valentine’s Day. Why? Because in the Chinese language, the numbers "5-2-0" (wǔ èr líng) sound similar to the phrase "I love you" (wǒ ài nǐ), making it an auspicious date to express affection and devotion. The tradition has evolved over the years, too, with some even giving their partner gifts on the next day, “5-2-1” (wǔ èr yī), as it sounds similar to “I do” (wǒ yuàn yì).

If you and your significant other find meaning (or fun!) in celebrating “520”, commemorate this adorable occasion with the perfect jewellery gift from Love & Co. Discover our exquisite collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that symbolise the precious bond you share with your partner.

Commemorate how Precious Your Bond is with 999 Gold

If you’re looking for a jewellery gift that’s grand, timeless, elegant, and versatile, you can’t go wrong with 999 gold. Not only is the high-purity gold a visual delight, but Love & Co.’s 999 gold has been specially made with 5G 999 gold technology for heightened durability — ensuring your love can wear their gift proudly for years to come.

Crafted with interlocking rings, the LVC 9IN Duo Twist 999 Gold Ring symbolises the intertwining of two souls in a lifelong journey of love and togetherness. Pair it with the bold geometry of the LVC 9IN Carissa Knot 999 Gold Earrings, featuring an intricate knot design to represent the strength and resilience of your relationship.

Or go for something simple yet sweet with heart- and star-shaped motifs in the LVC 9IN Mila 999 Gold Earrings, LVC 9IN Esther Star 999 Gold Earrings, LVC 9IN Lydia Heart 999 Gold Earrings, and LVC 9IN Serenity Heart 999 Gold Pendant. They’ll add a sparkle to any outfit, radiating promises of your bright, infinite future together.

(Psst, 999 gold’s grandeur and radiance also make it a perfect choice for anniversary gifts or any gold ring gift for wives and husbands, commemorating all of the years you’ve spent together – with many more to come!)

Tie Your Fate Together with Ribbon and Eternity Motifs

For a timeless tribute to your dearest, why not consider ribbon motif jewellery gifts from Love & Co.’s LVC Noeud collection? Representing the tying of the knot, the petite bows you’ll find here are feminine and chic while still deeply meaningful.

Build your love their own matching jewellery set with the LVC Noeud Delicate Diamond Bangle, LVC Eterno Noeud Diamond Necklace, LVC Noeud Bow Diamond Stud Earrings, and LVC Noeud Dainty Diamond Bracelet. The Bow Diamond Stud Earrings and Dainty Diamond Bracelet are also available as rose gold jewellery, making it an ideal jewellery gift for warm undertones – or to give your partner even more options to mix and match.

If you prefer a more unisex jewellery design, the LVC Destiny collection is a better choice. Centred around the infinity symbol, each piece of jewellery in the collection celebrates you and your partner’s eternal, everlasting, undying love in sweet simplicity. Build a matching set with the LVC Destiny Infinity Diamond Earrings, LVC Destiny Infinity Diamond Bracelet, and LVC Destiny Infinity Diamond Necklace and show your partner just how deep your commitment runs.

Cherish Being Two Halves of a Whole with Two-Tone Jewellery

Love & Co. carries a variety of mixed metal rings and two-tone jewellery gifts to effortlessly convey your commitment to the love of your life.

The LVC Noeud Bond Ring with Rose Gold Bow and Diamond Encrusted Knot and LVC Destiny Forever Love Diamond Necklace in White and Rose Gold bear ribbon and eternity symbol motifs, respectively, perfect for fated lovers and those who’ve found their forever after. The LVC Noeud Ribboned Love Diamond Necklace even bears a layered chain and two pendants, so your partner can carry your love close to their hearts all the time. For a more modern, slightly industrial touch, the LVC Promise Diamond Bracelet from our flagship collection carries a nut and bolt design representing the closeness of your bond.

Some people find the idea of couples’ days to be silly – but hey, what’s wrong with finding an excuse to shower your sweetheart with love a couple of extra times a year?

If your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife isn’t the kind of person to think about “520”, maybe getting them a meaningful jewellery gift can be a unique, romantic way to surprise them and bring a smile to their face.

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