PUBLISHED: May 13, 2022

To most, Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of February. To some others who firmly believe the season of love should be celebrated more than once each year, they are definitely looking forward to the forthcoming Valentine's Day. In addition to the one commemorated in February, another Valentine's Day emerges on the special day of the 20th of May: the Chinese Valentine's Day.

Regardless, planning the perfect day exhibiting romantic love coupled with a meaningful gift is no easy feat, especially if you aim to nail all Valentine's Days! From seeking out the most chic pieces from jewellery shops online and in-store, to hours staring at a ring size chart to guide you in picking a ring size that best suits her finger - there are countless things to consider, no matter if it is for your first love or simply as a sweet gift for courtship couples.

Immersing yourself in the most romantic of occasions is perfectly normal, especially on 520, where the date represents ‘I Love You’ in Chinese. So if you are dealing with gift-hunting woes and feeling lost in the sea of many jewellery gift sets, fret no more as you have come to the right place. Whether you have just begun your hunt or have been up against a brick wall in your search for some time, read on as we share a surprise for her she will never see coming!

What does 520 signify?

As mentioned, 520 has a unique connotation for 'I Love You' in Chinese. Although the 'holiday' of 520 is not officially recognised, numerous couples celebrate this Chinese Valentine's Day. On a day where it celebrates love in all its unique forms, it is no wonder that the 20th of May is increasingly important as a day for men to express their eternal love for their sweetheart.

Rings: the classic Valentine’s Day gift

Rings: the classic Valentine’s Day gift

If you are looking to gift jewellery to your loved one but do not know where or how to start, then see that you can never go wrong with a classic diamond ring! Many couples rely on rings to express their deepest feelings to one another and the rest of the world, which is understandable given that rings are excellent Valentine's Day gifts since they have more significance than a standard jewellery gift.

Certain ring types rise in popularity each year – 2022 is no exception. This year, there has been an increase in the popularity of fancy shape diamond rings as opposed to their counterpart, the conventional round diamond ring. With its one-of-a-kind shapes, the fancy cut is especially popular among females who are looking for something more unique to don. However, a more personalised ring often means that they do not come cheap in terms of price. Enter a stunning but affordable solution in the way of Love & Co.’s newest edition: a mini precieux ring that is definitely the perfect gift to confess your love to her this 20th of May!

Revel in Love & Co.’s newest launch this Valentine’s Day: LVC Petit Precieux  Fancy Shaped ring

This coming Chinese Valentine’s Day, get inspired by Love & Co.’s latest edition of LVC Precieux – our very first petit fancy shaped Precieux ring collection! Featuring entry-level lab-grown fancy cut diamonds in 3 alluring shapes (emerald, pear, and oval) starting from $699, the solitaire ring collection is sure to surprise her, for she will never expect it on this special occasion.

LVC Precieux Classic Teardrop Diamond Ring LVC Precieux Classic Emerald Diamond Ring LVC Precieux Classic Ellipse Diamond Ring

Boasting stunning colours in white gold and rose gold, along with a weight of about 0.2ct per ring, the petit fancy shaped Precieux ring signifies the commemoration of one’s first love or even a celebration of a shared milestone! Perfect for courtship couples or as a gift to your first love. Not forgetting, this new edition is dainty yet eye-catching; suitable for her everyday jewellery and a statement styling piece which looks good on its own as a single ring or when stacked up!


This Chinese Valentine’s Day, gift something special from the heart to express your unconditional love. With a conflict-free significance from the gemstone of the future, what better way to opt for a new alternative that reduces harm done to wildlife and workers while not compromising the carat size and your budget than with the petit Precieux ring? With 3 different shapes and 2 colours to choose from, have your pick at a ring that fits her style! To learn more about our newest launch or have a look at other affordable engagement rings and jewellery pieces, book an in-store consultation with us and head down to our jewellery shop today!