PUBLISHED: July 13, 2023


Love is, indeed, a beautiful story that takes us on a journey filled with countless moments of growth, understanding, and joy. Soon, promise rings will be replaced with wedding rings during the proposal, and wedding rings will be stacked with wedding bands during the big day.

At some point in this romantic journey, many couples reach a crossroads where they begin pondering about the timing of sealing their commitment with the exciting exchange of wedding bands. But the decision to embark on the next chapter of your love story is deeply personal – it is crucial to consider various factors before taking this momentous step. Here, we explore the significance of timing in love and provide insights on when might be the perfect time to seal forever with wedding bands.

Understanding the commitment

Before anything, it is essential to recognise the significance of the commitment you are about to make. Marriage is not something you’d want to do on a whim; instead, it is a sacred bond and a promise to stand by each other’s side through thick and thin. Understanding the depth of this commitment and its symbolism of partnership, unity, and a lifelong journey of shared experiences will guide you in your decision-making process.

Intuition and gut feeling

Sometimes, the best guidance simply comes from within. When it comes to timing your love, it is important to listen to your intuition and trust what your gut is telling you. Pay attention to the level of contentment you feel and the emotional connection you share. If your heart tells you it’s the right time, perhaps it may be well worth considering!

Financial stability

Love may conquer all, yes, but financial stability is what gets you far when thinking about – and committing to – marriage. After all, financial stress could eventually break even the strongest of relationships.

It would be best to evaluate your financial situation first individually and then as a couple. To find out if you are financially stable, these are questions you should ask yourself:

– Am I financially responsible?

– Am I capable of managing joint finances?

– Do I have a solid plan for the future in terms of long-term, investments, and savings goals?

– Do we have enough money to purchase the diamond wedding jewellery we truly want? Or is there still a long way of saving to go?

Financial stability is one of the keys to a secure and harmonious partnership. Before even jumping into marriage as a whole, finances should be discussed between your partner and you, no matter how sensitive the topic may be.

Communication is key

Recognising that your partner is the one you want to spend forever with can often indicate that it’s time to start considering purchasing an engagement ring. But when it comes to wedding bands, many couples tend to begin searching for them during the wedding planning process. That said, it is also not uncommon for the search to be delayed until a month or two before the wedding day.

At Love & Co., the preparation of wedding bands takes an average of two months. For that, it would be great to purchase them when you feel ready – this could mean buying the bands shortly after the proposal, somewhere during the wedding planning, or even deciding on a matching engagement and wedding ring set simultaneously. However, communication is key during this stage. The search for wedding bands is an intimate task; thus, it would be great if both of you could set aside a certain day to prioritise the wedding band purchase. All things considered, a meaningful and significant wedding band purchase is always one you will never regret prioritising. In fact, it could also be a core memory for years to come!



Ultimately, the decision of when to buy the wedding bands is entirely yours. Communicate openly with your significant other, and let love guide you on this beautiful journey. When the time is right, your love story will unfold, and your wedding bands will symbolise the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in your life filled with everlasting love and commitment.

Need an advice or two regarding your wedding band purchase? Feel free to book an in-store consultation with Love & Co. and visit any of our jewellery shops in Singapore near you for help from our friendly jewellers today!