PUBLISHED: February 09, 2021

The season of love is here again, and it’s time to go Valentine’s gift shopping! Even if your significant other is the kind who assures you time and again that it’s the thought that counts, having a great gift is always better than having none. After all, it’s a once-in-a-year affair, and you’ll want to go all out to make them feel extra special.

Besides the usual flowers and chocolates, what makes the best Valentine’s gifts for your sweetheart? If you’re up to impress your significant other, we’ve got just the list for you.

Add a special shine to your gifts this year with our suggestions of Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her, ideal for gifting to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband – or anyone special, really!


Rings aren’t just for wedding days and engagements! Looking for a unique twist to this symbolic jewellery classic? You can remind your significant other of your commitment and everlasting love with these adorable mini rings. The LVC Mini Ring Necklace features a miniature ring as the pendant, giving her a different way to wear her rings!

As you would have with the usual rings, the LVC Mini Rings also come in a range of style variations and gemstones. Whether you want to show off your romance with a heart shape, add a girlish touch with a ribbon bow, or match her favourite colour with a blue topaz gem, you can do that.

This Valentine’s Day, you could also gift the LVC Mini Ring as a promise ring to someone you love, or a thoughtful gift to renew your wedding vows to your lifelong partner.

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Looking for a set of couple jewellery? You can consider LVC Andro. Sporting a braided band design, this casual-chic bracelet comes in a myriad of colours to suit any mood and style. The sterling silver band – which comes in your choice of rose gold or white gold plating – can be customised with a memorable quote that represents your relationship.

While the name suggests that these bracelets are fit for gifting to your friends, there’s no stopping you from gifting these to your significant other as well – men included! After all, your significant other should be one of your best friends, too!

There are other jewellery pieces in the newest Love & Co 925 sterling silver collection that are also worth checking out.

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If you love Love & Co’s iconic collection – LVC Promise, you can consider checking out this collection in store or online. This jewellery collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and not forgetting the popular wedding rings range. These statement pieces exude elegance and luxury. It is definitely a classic jewellery piece that you can wear on a daily basis.

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The intricate design of LVC Promise collection draws inspiration from a bolt and nut aligned perfectly and when joined together, exudes a positive synergy. It also features five grooves which represent the main pillars behind a steadfast relationship – love, devotion, commitment, bond and happiness.

You can make it even special this Valentine’s Day by getting a pair of anniversary wedding bands from this collection to celebrate your love.


For some extra bling on their fingers, the LVC Signum rings should be up on your list. Bearing a prestigious history, these rings will have your significant other feeling like royalty!

The LVC Signum rings strike a bold look with their sharp lines and thick bands, yet they remain small enough for casual, everyday wear. Besides, the raised surface is perfect for engraving your initials, horoscope, or other unique symbol that will remind the wearer of you. You can wear it together with your wedding ring and engagement ring. It is a trend to wear several rings in one hand. Be creative and stack them!

You can get these lovely signet rings in 925 sterling silver with the option of rose gold plating in our physical or online stores before this Valentine’s Day.

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Spring a little surprise to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with our specially curated gifts at Love & Co.! No matter their style or your budget, our collections won’t leave you without a suitable gift this year.

Explore more gift ideas at our stores or online, and get recommendations from our jewellers. If you are planning to take your relationship to the next level, we also carry a vast variety of wedding bands and engagement rings you can choose from. Celebrate Valentine’s Day differently this year with Love & Co.’s gifts!