PUBLISHED: June 18, 2021

Upon entering that post-proposal high, with the need to divide yourself between the items on a lengthy wedding planning checklist, it’s understandable to miss out on that dazzling piece of jewellery you’ll need to say ‘I do’ with at the altar – the wedding band.

And after nailing that breath-taking engagement ring, many couples are stumped by the hunt for a wedding band. Naturally, you’ll search for an engagement ring while brainstorming for proposal ideas; but when is the right time to hunt for a wedding ring?

Engagement rings vs weddings rings – what is the difference

Wedding Rings, Wedding Rings Singapore

The key difference between engagement rings and weddings rings lies in the time they are given. While engagement rings are gifted during the huge proposal scene, wedding rings are exchanged during wedding ceremonies to mark the beautiful union between the married couple.

Although the rings signify different romantic stages you and your partner are at, both the engagement and wedding ring radiate eternal love and commitment!

On top of that, you might be confused between wedding rings and wedding bands. But, both terms are actually used interchangeably; it’s just a matter of which you prefer to use. Wedding rings or wedding bands are exchanged along with the marital vows and donned on beautifully by the newly-wedded couple.

When should you start hunting for your wedding rings

Wedding Rings, Wedding Rings Singapore

As exhilarating as the ring hunting process can be, it also takes some time to find the perfect pair that you like in terms of comfort and design. With other time-sensitive wedding planning duties on hand, it can be challenging to find the time and headspace to attain the perfect wedding bands. For that, check out these various points you can fit ring hunting in your schedule.

The days leading up to your wedding day

Perhaps you haven’t made up your mind which band style to go with or are diligently saving up for a gorgeous diamond ring. If you’re planning to start this hunt on a later date, that’s perfectly fine! But, bear in mind that it’s best to start searching about three to four months before the big day. This is so that you’ll have the ring in pristine condition at least a month before.

Here at Love & Co., if you’re eyeing a gorgeous wedding band with a ready-made design, you can expect to collect it within two weeks of the order. On the other hand, we’ll provide a lead time of at least ten weeks for a bespoke wedding band. With sufficient lead time, you’ll be able to wrap up your wedding planning with a peace of mind.

Right after the question has been popped

As a highly emotional time of your life, some couples prefer to ride on the proposal bliss and start the hunt right after the big question. When you’re bubbling with excitement, ready to spend the rest of your life with your true love, these overpowering feelings can drive your ring shopping experience. It won’t be long before you and your partner discover the wedding ring that radiates your love for each other.

Traditionally, the bride pays for the wedding rings and purchases the groom’s ring on his behalf. But this isn’t the case anymore in modern times! Whether the couples has pulled together a wedding expenses fund or prefer to share the cost in proportion to individual incomes, it’s up to the both of you on how to bear the ring cost.

Deciding on getting both engagement and wedding rings at the same time

Arguably, to make the stack on your fourth finger stand out as a stunning set, the smartest choice is to shop for your engagement and wedding rings at the same time! Whether it’s complementing the ring metal or diamond cuts and shapes, looking for the right pair of martial rings is best done at the same time. You’d want the symbols of your love to be a match that she can wear effortlessly.

But, if you were to purchase the rings separately, considering factoring in time for careful comparisons between them to recreate that timeless combination. Many achieve this by choosing a dazzling diamond ring for the proposal ring, and a sleek wedding band to pair.

Revel in Love & Co.’s intricately designed women and men’s wedding bands

Wedding Rings, Wedding Rings Singapore

At Love & Co., we regard the significance of wedding bands highly and have curated an extensive collection just to celebrate the sacred bond of your marriage! It’s time to gift her the promise of a lifetime: check out our signature LVC Promise collection or let our experienced consultants know you’re looking for a bespoke ring that is uniquely yours. Right from the conceptualisation to the ring creation stage, you’ll be roped in to bring your dream designs to life.


Going back to the question of ‘When is the right time to shop for your wedding bands?’, the answer ultimately lies in when you and your partner feel is right! This is in accordance with the personal timeline of the couple.

Take your time to bask in the ring hunting experience with your partner. Explore our brilliant jewellery online and when you’re ready, you can book a personalised consultation with us. Share your budget and what you envision to wear on the ring finger with us; it’s time to let our experienced consultants dispel your ring hunting woes!