PUBLISHED: August 13, 2021

It’s the moment you’ve finally been waiting for – your significant other has popped the million-dollar question, slipped on a stunning engagement ring on your finger, and now you’re officially engaged! But before you dial up your loved ones to share the good news, what better way to mark this once-in-a-lifetime affair than with a memorable proposal ring selfie?

To represent the exhilarating beginning of a soon-to-be-married couple taking their relationship to the next level, you’ll want to immortalise your gorgeous ring in all its breath-taking glory. And how best to do so? It’s time to capture the moment with a meaningful photo that signifies the monumental day of your proposal. Your diamond engagement bling deserves its moment in the spotlight – after all, it’s a beautiful symbol of the forever love and life-long commitment between you and your fiancé.

However, herein lies the big question: how do you frame your beloved engagement ring in a photo that truly encapsulates the love and excitement you and your partner share? At Love & Co., we’ve curated a handy guide to inspire you with how to capture the perfect engagement ring selfie!

1. Set a self-timer to capture candid, intimate moments of your proposal

Proposal Ring, Proposal Ring Singapore


Crafting proposal ideas can be a daunting task, especially so for boyfriends. Things can get stressful for your fiancé with many factors to bear in mind, such as nailing down a romantic venue to pop the big question and sieving out the right ring. Yet, just by witnessing the sheer bliss and happiness play out on your face upon surprising you with a sparkling diamond ring makes the entire pre-proposal planning journey worth it!

As such, you’ll want to capture the magic of this intimate moment through videos and photos. A beautifully shot photograph of your proposal scene evokes raw emotions that eventually becomes a page in your love story. For boyfriends in the midst of charting out a proposal for her, we suggest packing along a camera switched to self-timer mode to record that big moment when you get down on one knee! Plus, the camera easily captures the blissful expression of your significant other, as she flaunts her sparkling engagement ring!

2. Highlight your beautiful engagement ring with a sweet couple selfie

Proposal Ring, Proposal Ring Singapore


You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to snap brilliant shots of your glistening diamond ring – you, too, can hold a fun DIY photoshoot with your other half in the comforts of your home! If you’re clueless about which pose highlights your ring best, how about going along with the flow and posing as you like? After all, nothing beats capturing raw, candid shots of you and your partner spending quality time together.

Set your camera mode to continuous shoot and get creative with your poses! For instance, you can layer your ring hand over your partner’s arm or even proudly flaunt it in front of the camera. Here’s a tip to boost the brilliance of your engagement ring: you’ll want to capture a close-up image of your ring while ensuring that the photo looks like a candid shot.

3. Accentuate the beauty of your stunning ring with a classic close-up shot

Proposal Ring, Proposal Ring Singapore


You may be all wrapped up in your soon-to-be husband, but all eyes are on your ring for that remarkable engagement shot! How about proudly showing off your ring’s glorious shine with a classic close-up shot of your bedazzled left hand? With the proper lighting and backdrop, no matter the size of your gemstone, your engagement bling will look like a million bucks.

As your ring is the star of the show, you may want to dedicate time to find the perfect angle that magnificently accentuates the prestige of your luxurious engagement ring. Beyond that, since your ring is a symbol of eternal love and more, why not play up the romance by starring your beloved in the background of your photo? Snapping a shot of your engagement ring is much more sentimental with the love of your life included in it.

4. Show off your beloved ring with your adorable fur babies in the photo

Proposal Ring, Proposal Ring Singapore


Pets are a part of the family, so why not include them in your exciting engagement ring photoshoot? Being able to commemorate the day that you received a life-changing proposal alongside your adorable furry friend is an incredible experience to have – it’s yet another milestone accomplished as a family.

Furthermore, roping your pets into your photography session allows the entire photo to look much more natural. Snapping shots while feeding your fur baby treats, holding its paw, or giving it well-deserved pats are all cute ways to subtly flaunt your ring to your loved ones – plus, your four-legged friend gets to be a part of the surprise! 

5. Incorporate a scenic backdrop to flaunt your engagement bling

Proposal Ring, Proposal Ring Singapore


When it comes to engagement ring photo shoots, location is everything. You’ll want to choose a scenic backdrop, preferably one that holds utmost significance for you, that can bring out the radiance and beauty of your dazzling engagement ring. For example, the venue where your other half got down on one knee makes for the perfect setting to flaunt your engagement bling in a photo.

If you fancy yourself as a sentimental individual, perhaps you’ll want to hold your photoshoot where you and your soon-to-be husband first met, or even at the spot where the both of you shared your first kiss! While your diamond ring may be the focus in your photo, remember that your engagement is also about the both of you, and you also want those around you to be privy to your love story.

6. Rope your friends or photographer in to snap breath-taking shots of your engagement scene

Proposal Ring, Proposal Ring Singapore


Your wedding proposal is equally as important as your wedding day. It sets the right tone, mood, and expectations for what’s to come; it’s also the start of your new journey together as a soon-to-be-married couple! Hence, as a major milestone of your life, you may want to hire a professional photographer, or even friends, to document the moment you say, “I do”.

Capturing the scene where your significant other gets down on one knee and surprises you with a divine engagement ring is incredibly touching – it seals the lifelong love and promise between the both of you. As a wedding proposal only happens once, you’ll want to ensure that a trusted individual records the entire process. Even long after your wedding has passed, this will be a beautiful picture that you can fondly look back upon.

Additional tips to note:  

1. Consider timing – lighting can make or break your photography session

Proposal Ring, Proposal Ring Singapore

The timing in which you hold your proposal ring photoshoot plays a dominant role in affecting the ambience lighting. Lighting is, after all, the most critical factor in allowing your ring to sparkle and shine. The new jewellery sitting atop your ring finger is the star of the show, so you’ll want to capture a photo that perfectly flaunts its many brilliant facets and show-stopping hues.

When the sun starts to set, that’s the golden moment for you to snap a beautiful shot of your engagement ring. The warm, soft shades radiating from the sunset lend an intimate, gentle feel to the overall vibe of your photo. On the other hand, if you prefer pictures taken at night, then take advantage of the starry sky or twinkling city lights to add a pop of glow to your proposal ring photo!

2. Match your dazzling engagement ring with a gorgeous manicure Proposal Ring, Proposal Ring Singapore


After receiving a proposal from your partner, the next step to tick off your pre-wedding checklist is to pamper yourself with a manicure. When it comes to engagement ring pictures, your nails are the supporting actresses of the show, whereby they help to complement the elegance of your ring. A gorgeous set of well-groomed nails can accentuate your ring’s beauty, further enhancing the glow and radiance of the gemstone. To allow your diamond to appear brighter, you can even pick a white polish or neutral tones – it’s bound to bring out the brilliance of your gem!

3. Find the dream engagement ring for her to say YES to a lifetime with you

To dial up the sweetness of those engagement ring photos, you’ll have to make her heart melt with the perfect ring! Getting a ring that fits her ideals can be a tall task, but it’ll definitely be rewarding when she says a big yes after one look at it. Proposal rings also stand as a commitment of a lifetime, so it’s worthwhile to find the right one to speak for your love story.

LVC Endear Lab Diamond Engagement Ring in Heart Shaped Setting 

Proposal Ring, Proposal Ring Singapore

Commemorate your everlasting love with a lovely ring that is sure to steal the heart of any romantic. Touting luxurious 18K white gold, this swoon-worthy ring from the LVC Endear collection carries an abundance of stunning, delicate diamonds that offer you pure elegance and glamour to go with any outfit! Its gorgeous heart-shaped frame also speaks volumes about the love and affection you and your partner harbour.

LVC Promise (Slim) Lab Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold in 4 Prongs

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Discover our Signature wedding band, Promise collection. this engagement ring is a coveted hot seller amongst couples gearing towards donning classic engagement rings. LVCPromise collection symbolise the solid integration of a loving relationship between two different individuals, like a bolt and nut.

Five grooves of the wedding band – represents the promise of love, devotion, commitment, togetherness, and bond. These five grooves are made with absolute precision and accuracy, only through CNC technology which allows extreme precision in design with seamless setting that creates an extremely comfortable fit to be worn for a lifetime.

Customise your promise solitaire wedding band with a glittering lab-grown diamond, this 18K rose gold ring is a statement piece intricately crafted for unparalleled radiance and shine guaranteed to wow your partner. The contemporary design on this solitaire ring is chic in its simplicity – capturing the essence of celebrating everything precious and worth cherishing.

LVC Pre-Engagement Ring

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But if you’re not certain about her visions of the perfect ring, then perhaps it might be a wiser choice to go with the LVC Pre-Engagement Ring. This pre-engagement ring is perfect for you to hold onto that sacred element of surprise, focus on nailing that proposal first before hunting down her dream ring!

Meaningfully crafted with 925 sterling silver and topped with a brilliant 1 cubic zirconia stone, let this thoughtful pre-engagement ring do its magic during the proposal! Each purchase of this ring also comes with a complimentary, compact ring box. Say goodbye to bulky ring boxes: with the ability to fit into your pocket perfectly, the exclusive pre-engagement ring box offers the best way to conceal the ring. The whole proposal moment becomes swift – you’ll get down on one knee, whip out the ring box, and sweep her off her feet instantly!


Proposal Ring, Proposal Ring Singapore

Wedding proposal rings are the embodiment of a lifetime of romance and commitment to your soulmate. Being able to immortalise the moment you put a seal on your love with your beloved makes the whole proposal so much more meaningful.

If you’re searching for heartfelt diamond rings to propose to your loved one with, Love & Co. is here to accompany you on your pre-wedding journey. Be it bridal accessories or bespoke wedding bands, we have an extensive collection of jewellery that you’re sure to fall in love with each time you don it! When you’re ready to realise the romance you’ve always dreamed of, be sure to book an in-store consultation with our experienced consultants and let us help you attain the perfect wedding jewellery today.