Graduation Gifts

Graduation is a testament to years of hard work and a leap towards new beginnings – so what better way to commemorate this significant milestone than with a timeless piece of jewellery? At Love & Co. Singapore, we ensure that each jewellery piece serves as a cherished memory of this special day.

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Our Thoughtful Graduation Gift Selection

As graduates step into a new chapter of their lives, it's the perfect occasion to gift them something that will last a lifetime. Love & Co.'s jewellery collection for graduation is timeless and significant, serving as a lasting token of love and pride.

  1. Diamond Earrings: A sparkling pair of diamond earrings, ideal for the modern graduate, subtly accentuates their features and complements any outfit.
  2. Diamond Bracelets: Representing strength and endurance, our graduation bracelets for her are a luxurious reminder of the triumphs achieved and the challenges overcome.
  3. Diamond Rings: Elegant and timeless, our diamond rings are a nod to the bright future that lies ahead for the fresh graduate.
  4. Diamond Necklace: A radiant symbol of accomplishment, our diamond necklaces beautifully capture the essence of her graduation journey.
  5. Gold Necklaces: Whether it's a graduation necklace or a simple chain, our gold necklaces symbolise the journey ahead and the connections made.
  6. Gold Bracelets: A versatile addition to any wardrobe, gold bracelets from Love & Co. represent enduring beauty and potential.

At Love & Co., we take personalisation a step further. Through our bespoke services in Singapore, you can add a heartfelt engraving or tailor design elements, ensuring your graduation gift for her is truly unique.

Frequently Asked Questions About Graduation Gifts

What types of graduation gifts does Love & Co. offer?
At Love & Co., we pride ourselves on our extensive range of graduation gifts, including diamond earrings, gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more, ensuring that you find the perfect jewellery piece for your loved one's special day.
How do I choose the perfect graduation gift based on the graduate's style?
Consider their personal style. For those who lean towards minimalistic designs, our delicate bracelets or necklaces might be perfect. If they prefer bolder styles, a diamond ring or chunky bracelet could be the way to go. Our in-store consultants can also guide you to make the best choice.
What is the price range for Love & Co.'s graduation gifts?

Our graduation jewellery collection features pieces available from S$229 to more elaborate pieces that go over S$1000. We also offer curated gift guides with selections for gifts under S$300 and gifts under S$500, ensuring you find the perfect piece within your budget.

What materials are used in Love & Co.'s jewellery pieces?
At Love & Co., we meticulously select the finest materials for our creations, including 18k gold. This commitment ensures that our pieces are as durable as they are elegant, making them exceptional choices as graduation gifts for her.
How do I ensure the right necklace, bracelet and ring size for her?

Selecting the correct size is vital to ensure her comfort and the jewellery's optimal presentation. For necklaces, consider her preferred length and where she'd like the pendant to rest. Bracelets should be chosen based on her wrist size; a flexible measuring tape can help. When it comes to rings, you can discreetly borrow one of her existing rings or refer to our detailed ring size guide. At Love & Co., our in-store experts are on hand to help, ensuring her graduation gift is a perfect fit for her.