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8 Care Tips For Keeping Jewellery Brilliant And Scratch-Free

Fine jewellery is precious – no one can argue about that. Not only are they costly purchases, but many also hold special meanings, especially those like engagement rings, wedding rings, family heirlooms, or bridal jewellery. Because of that, keeping your jewellery in good shape should be a priority!

If cleaning your jewellery is something that never occurred to you, or you are the type of person who has never taken off your rings and earrings in forever, this guide is for you. Keep your precious bling-bling in tip-top condition with these 8 nifty jewellery care tips!


Always remember: Jewellery should be put on last, and taken off first. Putting your delicate jewellery last in your dress-up routine will ensure you don’t spritz perfume, cosmetics, or other skincare products onto your accessories – as these may contain chemicals that could stain or damage the precious metals and gems. At the end of the day, take off your jewellery first before getting into the shower, or before putting any other products on.



Taking care of your jewellery means not putting them in peril. Be sure to take them off before engaging in highly physical activities or before doing any washing or cleaning, to protect them from snagging, becoming scratched, or suffering from knocks. Store them away in a safe spot that you won’t forget after completing your activity!



Apart from chemicals, the biggest culprits for causing damage to jewellery are heat, light, and moisture. So, minimise these elements when choosing a storage space for your precious jewellery.

Store them in a closed drawer or box, away from sunlight and other heat sources (including air vents and large electrical appliances). You can use airtight resealable bags and squeeze out the air before zipping them, or use a dry box or dehumidifier to keep moisture at bay.



From a space-saving point of view, dumping all your jewellery items into one box could be a good idea. But if you want to protect your jewellery – don’t! Doing so could cause scratches to softer metals like gold. Instead, you can store jewellery in the boxes they came in, or in jewellery boxes with soft, cushioned dividers. If you have none of those, wrap them individually in soft tissue or cloth.

A well-organised jewellery storage will also save you time untangling your necklaces from your bracelets, and minimise snagging and breakage!



Storage is an important factor, but what you do before storing your precious items away also matters. You don’t want to let accumulated moisture, grime, and chemicals have its chance to wreak havoc on your jewellery while they are sitting in your dresser. Make it a habit to give your jewellery a quick wipe before stashing them away.



Frequently-worn jewellery can rack up a lot of dirt and contaminants, which make metals and gems lose their shine. Restore their lustre with a quick rinse right at home! Good for a weekly or fortnightly rinse, all you need is mild soap and warm water.

A soft toothbrush can help you nudge out dirt from the crevices, while a soft cloth can be used to buff the item to regain its shine! A word of warning, though: Be careful not to use rough cloths or hard-bristled toothbrushes, as these could cause scratches in your beloved jewellery instead.



It sounds like common sense, but it’s worth a mention. Losing an exquisite gem to the drain can be devastating, so avoid this altogether by rinsing your jewellery in a bowl, glass, or small pail. Never wash it under running water with the sink unplugged, or in the shower, or you might risk never seeing it again!


While the above 7 tips are easy, general tips that work well for most jewellery, you have to remember that jewellery comes in a vast spectrum of materials and types.

Different metals and gemstones require different care. For example, pearls don’t do well with soaking – instead, you can clean them with a soft, damp cloth.

Familiarise yourself with what your precious jewellery are made of, and consult a jeweller on the best care tips for them.

If all else fails, or if you simply have no time or patience for detailed jewellery care, don’t fret! There are also professional jewellery cleaners you can bring your gems to for some tender loving care. Chances are, the jewellery store you bought them from will have a service centre you can contact.

At Love & Co., we provide guidance on how to select and care for your diamond rings and accessories. We also help our customers to wash the jewellery that are bought from us. This service is complimentary. Visit our jewellery shops today to talk to our friendly jewellers!

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