Bridal Shower Gifts

Celebrate this significant occasion with a gift for the bride. Bridal shower gifts are not just material tokens; they signify the cherished moments leading up to the bride's new journey. Such gifts stand as pillars, reminding the bride of the love and support that surrounds her.

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Elegant Choices for Bridal Celebrations

In the months leading up to her wedding, a bridal shower celebrates the bride's journey and the new chapter ahead. It is a memorable occasion, one deserving of a gift that speaks volumes. At Love & Co., our selection of bridal gifts caters to every bride's unique taste. 

Choose from necklaces adorned with intricate pendants – from majestic crowns to the romantic Eiffel tower to the symbolic key and mini ring pendants. Bracelets featuring cupid and star motifs offer a touch of whimsy, while bangles with delicate ribbon diamonds leave a charming impression. Pair these with heart-shaped ear studs and hoops for added classic elegance. 

Crafted from distinguished metals like 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K gold, our bridal necklaces, bracelets, and earrings showcase meticulous attention to detail. These jewellery pieces are available in shades of rose gold, dual-toned, white gold and yellow gold.

For those who love a hint of tradition, you may find our LVC 9IN selection appealing. Crafted from exquisite 24K gold, this collection features an array of stunning 999 gold pieces.

Selecting the right gift is a reflection of the bride's persona.  Here’s how you can build a matching jewellery set for her. To ensure that each jewellery you choose fits her perfectly, refer to our handy size guide located on the specific product page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bridal Shower Gifts

Is a bridal shower gift necessary?
Bringing a bridal shower gift is a cherished tradition and a gesture of heartfelt congratulations. It's not only a sign of support for the bride-to-be on her special day but also a meaningful way to celebrate her journey towards marriage. Each jewellery piece can signify love, joy, and lasting memories.
How do I know which is the right size to purchase for bridal shower gifts?
We understand the importance of choosing the perfect size for your bridal shower gifts. To help you determine the right fit, we provide a comprehensive sizing guide to assist you in making the best selection. You can find this on each product page. In addition, you may also resize selected ring designs at our stores.
Can I personalise the bridal shower gifts I purchase from Love & Co.?
Yes, you can customise your bridal shower gift with us. With a minimum spend of $500, you will receive an exclusive Love & Co. gift card. This card allows you to add a personalised message for the bride-to-be, making your gift even more special and meaningful. It's the perfect way to show your love and best wishes at her bridal shower.
How do I determine the right bridal shower gift?

To select the perfect bridal shower gift, start by observing the bride's personal style and the jewellery she frequently adorns. If she leans towards minimalist styles, a small pair of earrings might be ideal. However, if she's more adventurous with her accessories, consider unique pieces like a luxurious statement necklace with an elaborate diamond pendant or a ring with intricate designs. Always prioritise her personal preferences to ensure the wedding gift is both meaningful and cherished. We encapsulate these sentiments in our jewellery recommendations for brides here.

How do I ensure the right ring size for the bride?

If you want to keep the gift as a surprise, you can enquire about her ring size from her family members and close friends. Alternatively, request from them a ring that fits her perfectly. Then, use a piece of string or threat and trace the inner circumference of the ring. After which, compare the dimensions against our ring size chart.

How do I ensure the right necklace, bracelet and bangle size for the bride?

For necklaces, consider the preferred length based on her personal style. A standard 40cm chain is typically flattering for most Asian ladies, making it a safe bet. However, if she enjoys layering her pendants, consider opting for a longer chain, such as 45cm or more. When it comes to bangles and bracelets, the size is vital for a comfortable fit. An average Southeast Asian lady's wrist circumference falls between 5 to 5.5 inches. Thus, a bracelet measuring 16 to 17cm should suffice. For a precise fit, take a measurement just above the wrist bone, adding 1 to 2cm to the reading. Moreover, many of our bracelets have adjustable features for a snugger fit. As for bangles, they're sized by wrist diameter. To determine the correct bangle size, measure the distance between the furthest knuckles using a string or tape while making a fist. This ensures the bangle will slide on smoothly yet stay secure on her wrist.

How much should I spend on bridal shower gifts?
The amount you should spend on bridal shower gifts can vary widely based on factors like your relationship with the bride, your budget, and local customs. Typically, a thoughtful and meaningful gift is more important than its monetary value. On Love & Co, you can find beautiful bridal shower gifts at various price points, allowing you to choose something that fits your budget while conveying your best wishes and support for the bride-to-be.
Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your bridal shower gifts?
While Love & Co. does not offer specific warranties for our jewellery products, we prioritise authenticity and supreme quality in every piece. Should any issues arise within 30 days of receipt, we offer a complimentary item exchange for the bridal shower gifts you have purchased with pieces of similar value. Please refer to our returns and exchange policy for more details.
Am I able to pay for Love & Co.’s bridal shower gifts in instalments?
Yes, Love & Co. offers flexible payment methods to cater to your needs. You can opt for four monthly payments using Grab or select a three-instalment plan with ShopBack to spread the cost over time. You can also opt for Buy Now Pay Later with Atome, Shopback Paylater and Grab Paylater. These alternatives ensure that purchasing a thoughtful gift for your cherished bride-to-be is both manageable and financially comfortable.