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Engagement Ring Vs Wedding Ring: What Are Their Differences?

  • August 12, 2022
  • Engagement Rings

Ever wondered what the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring is? Is having both really necessary? If you have those questions on your mind, you’re in the right place!

For first-timers who are soon shopping for their engagement rings and wedding rings, let us explain the differences between the two types of rings and what they mean.

What does the engagement ring symbolise?

As some couples may be thinking about doing away with the engagement ring, it’s worth taking a pause to ponder what it means to you. Traditionally, the engagement ring is a visible symbol of the promise of marriage, and represents that the wearer is beloved by the giver.

To put it simply, it is saying “You’re mine”! Except that with a ring, it is recognisable to everyone. When others see the ring, they will understand that you are ‘off the market’ and in a committed relationship.

The classic design for engagement rings is the solitaire diamond ring – a ring adorned with a centre diamond. As if to say “you are my one and only”, the solitaire diamond ring remains a popular choice of engagement ring. These days, there are also a multitude of ways to style this love ring with diamonds, including having side stones, a coloured gem instead of a diamond, a fancy-shaped diamond, and more.

Lovemarque Armor Heart Diamond Ring

Lovemarque Armor Heart Diamond Ring

Here’s a lovely example of a solitaire diamond ring that takes the romance one level up! The centre diamond rests within a dazzling heart, further emphasising the message that the receiver is beloved and precious. Overall, the design stays loyal to the classic silhouette, drawing all attention to the centre stone, a stunning Lovemarque diamond exclusive to Love and Co.

Lovemarque Classic Entwine Diamond Ring

Lovemarque Classic Entwine Diamond Ring

Like your two lives entwined, the Lovemarque Classic Entwine Diamond Ring features gentle curves that meet in the centre, signifying the unity and inseparable bond you share. Effortlessly minimalist and modern, it pairs easily with almost any style of a wedding band while adding an enviable shine thanks to the signature Lovemarque diamond.

Lovemarque Love Journey Diamond Ring

Lovemarque Love Journey Diamond Ring

Classic solitaire shape, but even shinier: The Lovemarque Love Journey Diamond Ring raises the dazzle factor with not just the centre diamond but also side-channel diamonds that give the ring a sophisticated glow. As the cherry on top, the ring setting contains a hidden heart only noticeable from the side view – totally sweet and romantic!

What does the wedding ring symbolise?

What does the wedding ring symbolise?

Exchanged during the wedding ceremony, the wedding ring or wedding band is a sign of love and commitment between the couple. Eternity, completeness, and perfection – these are some of the things the ring symbolises, owing to its seamless shape with no beginning or end.

Wearing a wedding ring is akin to letting the world know you are married, even long after the wedding day has passed. Your beautiful love story is celebrated and commemorated through the wedding rings, which is why many couples love the idea of choosing rings that incorporate special aspects of their relationship.

Interestingly, the classic wedding bands are simple and often unadorned bands, a stark contrast to the solitaire diamond engagement rings. While this is still a popular option, many couples today are exploring diverse styles of wedding bands, including eternity rings, crossover rings, and more intricate or bold looks.

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

As their names suggest, the engagement ring is given during the marriage proposal – the point at which the couple is engaged to each other – and the wedding ring is exchanged by the couple during the wedding itself.

Usually, only the one being proposed to will receive the engagement ring, whereas there will be two wedding rings, one for each person. However, many couples today are reinventing and creating their own traditions: Some do without the engagement ring entirely, some choose to exchange engagement rings in addition to wedding rings, and some go shopping for matching ring sets that include all three rings in matching styles.

At Love and Co., we curate an extensive catalogue of matching engagement rings and wedding band sets in Singapore to suit various styles and fancies. If you are going for a more unique configuration, let our jewellers know, and we will recommend our picks that will best fulfil your desires!


With a clearer understanding of what engagement rings and wedding rings stand for, it’s now time to begin your search! Ease the process with matching his-and-her wedding ring sets, or go for a bridal set which may include other jewellery for the bride, including diamond bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

If you have any other queries about rings and diamonds, our team is more than happy to answer them and provide you with the best recommendations. Simply arrange a visit to our showrooms to speak to our friendly jewellers today!

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