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How To Get Your Bridal Jewellery Right For Your Big Day

  • July 27, 2021
  • Love Stories

Your wedding day is one of life’s most memorable occasions where you take centre stage. With the walk down the aisle as such a defining moment, the bridal jewellery you don for the big reveal should radiate both your style and personality. However, choosing the perfect, most stunning set of bridal jewellery could prove to be more difficult than it seems, especially if you are looking to get your bridal jewellery online.

Traditionally, brides have preferred to wear larger beautiful pieces on their wedding day. But moving forward, trends seem to suggest that more brides are leaning towards a simpler yet equally gorgeous set of bridal jewellery.

When choosing their bridal jewellery, our best advice for brides-to-be would be to find a set that complements or even elevates their dress. With that, here are some tips you could use to nail that bridal jewellery that will match up to your dress perfectly!

Pick jewellery pieces to suit your gown neckline

Many brides would tell you that their most daunting purchase during the preparations would be their wedding gown. But once you have selected your dress, the hardest decision-making process is probably behind you; it’s time to have some fun stacking and styling your brilliant jewellery to accentuate your look.

Here’s where it might get a little tricky. Every dress flaunts a different and unique style that is, of course, more than gorgeous. So here’s a quick tip: similar to your bridal hairstyle, your wedding jewellery would have a lot to do with your gown’s neckline.

But with an array of jewellery you could wear with the various dress necklines, how could you possibly decide what works best for your dress? Fret not, let’s break down the different accessories to match each different neckline, all for the right fit.

For strapless dresses: (statement earrings & delicate necklace)

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery Image Source: https://www.selinadress.com/products/a-line-strapless-satin-white-thigh-split-wedding-dresses-cbd083?variant=39331513860179

LVC Eterno Line Diamond Earrings In White Gold

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

Strapless dresses offer you space for a bold and treasured heirloom necklace to sit beautifully across your neck! To complete your clean neckline with a dramatic element, pair your gown and necklace with statement earrings. Perhaps a pair of luxurious simple and luxurious diamond earrings will do the trick – these are sure to draw everyone’s attention to your beautiful bridal makeup.

For off-shoulder dresses: (simple hoop or stud earrings)

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/801148221217210056/

LVC Eterno Diamond Hoop Earrings

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

Another category of bridal dresses with a similar neckline would be the off-shoulder dresses. Although some brides might try to pair them with statement earrings, this results in a slightly cluttered look. Instead, balance is crucial for this unsymmetrical neckline; you’d want to pair your off-shoulder gown with simple yet exquisite earrings.

For high-neck dresses: (necklace with solitaire diamond ring / elegant bracelet)

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

Image Source: https://amsale.com/collections/little-white-dresses/products/lw162

There are also wedding gowns with enough fabric to draw attention to the neck area. As such, high-neck dresses should be paired with smaller, more muted earrings that would not clash but accentuate the gown’s design. In this case, rope in a wonderful pair of classic studs or drop earrings that wouldn’t take the attention away from your stunning high-neck dress.

LVC Destiny Infinity Diamond Bracelet

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

Afraid that’s not enough to complete your one-in-a-lifetime bridal look? Then pair your lovely muted earrings with the LVC Destiny Infinity Diamond Bracelet for that minimalistic look that’s not too over-the-top.

For boatneck necklines: (necklace with solitaire diamond ring or one main pendant)

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

Image Source: https://www.lunanovias.com/en/coleccion/wedding-dresses/

LVC Joie Millennium Diamond Pendant

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

For boat neck styles, a solitaire diamond necklace would suffice. If you’re already carrying a brilliant solitaire diamond ring as your engagement ring, then this necklace piece is sure to complete your bridal look! While the glamour of the diamond would most definitely illuminate your style, sticking to a smaller solitaire diamond necklace is recommended so the attention is kept on your face.

For sweetheart necklines: (pendant with drop)

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

Image Source: http://www.fashionactivation.com/wedding-dress-trends/

LVC Joie Centuries Diamond Pendant in White Gold

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

As for sweetheart necklines, pendant necklaces have been observed to pair perfectly. And for you to wear this piece effortlessly, the pendant should end two to three inches above the neckline. This will easily create some height to your look and allow the attention to be directed to the radiant smile on your face.

Choose a metal type according to your dress colour

Remember, the end goal is always to get your accessories on board with the look of your dress! That’s why a minimalistic approach to jewellery has been gaining popularity, all to accentuate the features of that perfect dress you’ve spent months looking for. With that in mind, another key tip to piecing together your bridal jewellery would be to complement the colour of the dress.

For the classic white gowns

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

If your dress is classic white, look into platinum or silver jewellery pieces to effortlessly match this pure shade. Avoid playing with too many colours for your jewellery – stick to either platinum or silver to stride down the aisle in elegance.

For the traditional ivory or modern champagne dresses: LVC Joie Diamond Bracelet in Rose Gold 

Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

If your dress is more of an ivory shade, gold accessories can play up its creamy colours exceptionally well. For champagne gowns, it may depend on the look that you want to go for. To create an antique look, burnished silver rings or necklaces would do the trick. But if you prefer a more vibrant look, then picking gold pieces are also excellent to complement the warm tones of this dress.

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Bridal Jewellery, Singapore Bridal Jewellery

The proliferation of choice can make it hard to discern which jewellery suits you best. Especially for the big day, every bride wants to look dazzling for those picture-perfect moments. So the first step is to ask yourself how you imagine yourself to look as you float down the aisle. Follow the simple rule of minimalism: less is more, let your accessories accompany and not overpower your dress. You only need a couple of perfect pieces to let yourself shine!

At Love & Co., whether you prefer to go bold or simple, we want you to find the jewellery pieces that you absolutely adore and would love to wear in your own style! Our passionate and experienced consultants are here to seek out bridal jewellery to make you feel beautiful and radiate with bliss. Finally, if you’re a diamond seeker, be sure to check out our LVC Eterno collection to celebrate your everlasting love with the endless rows of dazzling diamonds!


From bridal accessories, wedding bands to everyday accessories, Love & Co. is the one-stop for all your jewellery needs. Our extensive gifting collection will spoil you with choices for every occasion and every milestone. Running low on ideas to style your jewellery pieces? Then, book an in-store consultation today and we will be happy to sieve out the perfect accessories for a look to call your own.

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