PUBLISHED: September 30, 2022

Planning for the big day begins as soon as you become engaged - it's time to start looking for the ideal wedding gown after you've flaunted and posted your stunning engagement ring!

When a bride thinks of an engagement ring, the chances are that they would begin questioning whether they’d like to match it to their wedding ring. But your wedding ring isn't the only thing you can match with your engagement ring - you could also match your ring to your wedding dress! Certain brides have a specific sense of style in mind and want their engagement ring and wedding dress to reflect that style. But with the opportunity to visit a variety of shops and try on a seemingly endless range of designs, how would a bride know if their ring fits the dress they have fallen head over heels for?

To achieve the ultimate bridal look, we have curated a few nifty tips below to match your ring to your dress flawlessly.

1. Reflect on the significance of the ring

Reflect on the significance of the ring

Many brides-to-be wear rings that once belonged to their significant other's parents and grandparents. Alternatively, the style your fiancé specially picked out for your perfect engagement ring may also hold meaning. It would be great if you could find its purpose and match it to the elements or style of your gown!

For instance, diamonds with a centre emerald cut are contemporary and bold. Hence, a stylish wedding gown with a sheer flowing fabric, delicate fit-and-flare silhouette, and a sweetheart neckline may be the perfect fit for the modern bride. A sophisticated approach to do it without drawing attention away from your ring is through embroidery.

Alternatively, consider picking a dress with a flowy mermaid silhouette and soft sheen if you have a timeless, understated solitaire ring. For a sleek appearance, a silky sheath dress would look stunning. Most brides who wear solitaire engagement rings go for simple wedding outfits, but if you want to up the ante a bit, consider subtle details like pearl straps or sparkly jewellery pieces from Love & Co.'s wedding jewellery collection in Singapore.

2. Think about the ring’s style

Think about the ring’s style

If you are unsure of the style of your proposal ring, it can be tricky to match your gown to it. Hence, it would be best to define your ring's style to make the process of matching it with a dress more simpler.

A statement ring with a round diamond, for example, is a classic. The dreamy look of a sheer mermaid dress is the ideal accompaniment to the brilliant-cut round diamond. You can also choose lacy fabric to go with your ring's classic style. As another option, the timeless aesthetic that high collars and sleeves can offer might appeal to women with round diamonds. All in all, choosing a round diamond ring requires striking a balance between a formal appearance and some drama.

3. Opt for the glam 

Opt for the glam

Even traditional rings might occasionally have a unique flair that empowers brides to select a more glamorous attire. A seasonal long train or bridal cape would look stunning with a princess cut diamond in the centre of a studded band. Emerald-cut diamonds sparkle beautifully with shoulder straps or bodices that are also set with diamonds. A gown as alluring as your diamond ring paired with a few wedding jewellery pieces could just as well help you achieve the perfect look for your special day.

4. Take your cues from coloured gemstones 

Take your cues from coloured gemstones

A distinctive ring calls for a unique wedding dress. Coloured gemstones, just like our exclusive blue lab diamond, will look splendid with an unconventionally coloured gown. Find materials in soft blue details that stand out, like the colour of your ring. Make a statement by wearing two-piece gowns or one with feathered skirts - perhaps you can even start your wedding dress search here! If you're a bride with a coloured engagement ring, you may also want to choose metallic and fringe accents. Choose a ring that is as unique as your love story!



Finding the ideal wedding gown could seem daunting if you are unsure of the style you want. When scheduling your first gown visit, matching your dress to the engagement ring could be a terrific place to start! Talk about all the reasons you admire your ring, and we're sure your qualified stylist will offer tips to assist you in finding your perfect look.

Once you have your ring, you can begin your search for the perfect wedding dress! Our friendly jewellers are more than ready to assist you in selecting the best engagement ring, depending on your personal style. Book an appointment and visit us in-store if you have any queries about the engagement ring of your dreams.