PUBLISHED: March 04, 2024

Your wedding day is one of the most significant moments of your life, symbolising the beginning of a lifelong journey with your partner. At Love & Co., we believe that every couple deserves to celebrate their love story with the perfect set of matching wedding bands, regardless of their budget. From understated elegance to timeless sophistication, our collection of his and her wedding bands offers a wide array of options to suit every taste and price point.

Wedding Bands Under S$1000

If you're keen on shopping for wedding rings below $1000, Love & Co. has got you covered. Our LVC Tresor and LVC 9IN collections feature exquisite designs crafted with precision and attention to detail while remaining under the one grand price tag – so you have more to spend on other wedding essentials.

For something a bit more unique, consider the LVC Tresor Wedding Band in White Gold with Rose Gold Band at $799 and its other half, the LVC Tresor Brilliant Diamonds Wedding Band in White Gold with Rose Gold Band at $740. Both feature a stunning two-tone 14K White and Rose Gold design that adds visual interest to your ring stack while representing the joining of two hearts and lives into a single journey ahead. The women’s ring also comes with 8 miniature round diamonds totalling 0.04 carats, adding an unmistakeable shine to your bridal trousseau.

For those looking to enhance their Si Dian Jin, bridal jewellery, or engagement gifts with an additional everyday-wear ring, consider selections from our 9IN collection. The LVC 9IN Classic Bloom 999 Gold Ring, priced between $309 and $339, and LVC 9IN Flowerette 999 Gold Ring, priced at S$749, boast charming floral motifs. Perfect for couples who appreciate nature-inspired designs, let these rings symbolise how your relationship will undoubtedly grow and flourish in time to come. Our 9IN jewellery pieces are also made from a unique 5G 24K/999 gold that’s treated for extra durability, making it better able to withstand everyday wear.

Certain Love & Co. designs can even be matched with other halves from other collections, allowing you greater versatility in your choice of wedding rings. For example, the curved details of the LVC Tresor Leif Curved Diamond Wedding Band at $799 are echoed in the LVC Petit Precieux Eternity Curved Diamond Wedding Ban at $899, with both white gold rings featuring delicate diamond accents for added sparkle and sophistication.

Wedding Bands Above S$1000

If you're looking to splurge on something truly special, Love & Co. offers a selection of exquisite wedding bands priced above S$1000. Crafted from the finest materials and adorned with dazzling diamonds, these rings are a testament to your enduring love and commitment.

In our LVC Purete collection, the LVC Purete Classic Wedding Band with Glossy Finish in Platinum and LVC Purete Trust Wedding Band with Diamonds in Platinum are timeless choices at $1199 and $1149 respectively, exuding understated elegance and sophistication. Made from naturally white platinum, these bands are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for lovebirds with skin sensitivities. Simple yet stunning, they’re timeless classics that will age gracefully alongside you and your partner while also seamlessly matching with custom engagement rings and other everyday jewellery.

Couples who are looking for plainer bands – be it for workplace practicality, everyday styling, or simply personal taste – won’t have to sacrifice style for simplicity either. The LVC Classique Wedding Band with a Glossy Finish and LVC Classique Diamond Tension Wedding Band in Rose Gold have an understated charm, remaining effortlessly classy and timeless even as the decades tick by.

For another simple yet luxurious option, consider the LVC Purete Bliss Wedding Band in Platinum at $1529 and LVC Purete Intertwined Wedding Band in Glossy Finish in Platinum at $1919. Both bands feature an intricate intertwined design symbolising the joining together of two lives and the lifelong commitment that you and your partner are making.

Couples who prefer a two-tone look can look to our LVC Eterno collection, featuring the LVC Eterno Joy Wedding Band in Duo Tones at $1329 and the LVC Eterno Joy Diamond Wedding Band in Duo Tones at $1809, both offering a contemporary twist on a classic design. For a touch of romance, consider the LVC Eterno Harmony Wedding Band in Rose Gold with Diamonds at $1809 as an alternative women’s wedding ring to pair, featuring delicate diamond accents for added sparkle and glamour.

Lastly, in our LVC Promise collection, the LVC Promise Interlocking Wedding Band at $2679 and LVC Promise Interlocking Wedding Band with Diamonds at $2409 stand for symbols of eternal love with their interlocking nut-and-bolt-inspired design. Both male and female rings also come in a romantic rose gold, providing a vibrant pop of colour to your outfits alongside their distinct, bold silhouette.

Commemorate Your Pledge to Eternal Love with Love & Co.

Your wedding bands are more than just pieces of jewellery – they're symbols of your eternal love and commitment to each other. At Love & Co., we're dedicated to helping you find the perfect his and hers wedding rings to celebrate your special day, regardless of your budget. With our diverse range of options and expert craftsmanship, you can trust us to make your wedding day truly memorable. 

Visit us online or at a Love & Co. boutique near you to explore our full collection of branded wedding bands and classic wedding ring sets today.