PUBLISHED: August 03, 2023
In the exhilarating journey of lifelong commitment and partnership, there's a special joy in finding the perfect engagement gift to celebrate a major milestone in your love. From sentimental keepsakes to the glistening allure of diamond jewellery, giving your significant other an engagement gift can be a thoughtful way to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.


Choosing the Right Engagement Gifts

Wondering what is a good engagement gift or what’s the best engagement gift to buy for your future wife or husband? In truth, selecting an engagement gift should be all about celebrating your unique bond – so there isn’t one single gift idea that stands out above the rest.


In every shared smile, laugh, and memory lies an inspiration for a gift that truly resonates. Consider the following:


  • Personal Touch: Does the gift reflect your journey or hold a special significance in your relationship? It could be something reminiscent of your first date, a memento that commemorates a shared passion or an inside joke.
  • Sentimentality: Opt for gifts that speak to the heart. Jewellery pieces, for instance, are not just ornaments but timeless symbols of love and commitment.
  • Incorporating Tradition: Singapore's diverse culture brings with it beautiful engagement gift traditions. Be it the Chinese custom of Guo Da Li, the Malay hantaran, or the Indian practice of offering gold, these traditions can be modernised in creative ways.


Here are some suggestions to help you find a special something for your special someone:


1. Personalised Jewellery or Accessories Box

A thoughtful engagement gift that serves both form and function, a personalised jewellery or accessory box can be a lovely place for your fiance to store their new ring, jewellery, watches, or even spectacles. Every time they put on an accessory before leaving the house, they’ll be reminded of this special milestone.


2. Custom Illustration or Portrait

A unique, creative engagement gift idea is a custom illustration or portrait of you and your spouse-to-be. It could be a drawing based on their picture, show, or hobby, or a stylised portrait in an art style they love. You can also attend a couple’s art class together and be the other’s muse for the day.


3. Matching Watches

Watches are a classic gift that stands the test of time, much like your love for each other. Choose matching watches for a subtle style match, or pick out timepieces that suit each person's taste for a truly personal gift.


4. Spa Package or Wellness Gift Set

After the engagement comes the wedding planning, and any married couple will tell you it’ll be one of the most stressful periods in your life. Indulge each other in a solo wellness gift set, or share in a couple’s spa package and reconnect with each other as you destress.


5. Handwritten Love Letter

This timeless, cost-effective engagement gift never goes out of style. A handwritten letter expressing your love and excitement for the future can be a very touching and memorable gift, especially if the person writing it isn’t always as expressive of their love. You can even revisit the love letter during your first wedding anniversary and see how much has changed since then.


6. Gift Certificate for a Couples Experience

Think of an experience you both will enjoy, such as a wine tasting, cooking class, or a private tour for your honeymoon. This type of gift not only celebrates your engagement but also creates more unforgettable memories to look forward to together.


Discover Timeless Engagement Gifts at Love & Co.

If you want to go down a more traditional route, jewellery is always an excellent choice for an engagement present. 


For the lady who appreciates a touch of whimsy, consider the LVC Charmes Love Journey Carita Mini Ring Diamond Pendant. Featuring heart-shaped prongs that hold the centre diamond in place, it’s a sweet, subtle, and sentimental way for her to hold your love close to her heart at all times. Alternatively, pick out a charm bracelet featuring charms that allude to shared jokes between the two of you, or to her favourite hobbies and activities.


Meanwhile, men and ladies alike will endear to the LVC Promise Signature Large Diamond Pendant with its bolt and nut-inspired design. The distinct grooves add a bold edge to the necklace, while the two full rows of side diamonds represent everlasting love. Both elegant and masculine, it’s an ideal couple’s accessory for everyday wear.  


If you don’t want an additional item to worry about during your post-engagement planning, why not just buy each other your wedding bands? You’ll check one wedding essential off your to-do list while getting to spend some quality time as a couple. Love & Co. has a wide array of couple wedding bands to choose from in our online store or physical boutiques, with designs to suit each and every client. Go sleek and subtle with matte wedding rings, or celebrate the joyous glow of the sun with the LVC Soleil collection. Channel classic glamour with a set of eternity bands, or visualise a charming tying of the knot with the LVC Noeud collection.


Remember, the best engagement gifts are those that reflect your knowledge of your partner and the bond you share. The cost isn't the most important aspect - it's the thought and sentiment behind the gift that truly counts.